GTA V Leaks Everywhere, Rockstar Dropping Banhammer

Grand Theft Auto V reviews are starting to appear online, and there are plenty of unauthorized leaks to go with the official reviews.

GTA V pre-release leaks start, as they do with most games, with copies of Three Men and a City being sold early all over the place. From Amazon shipping pre-order copies early in the UK, to the smaller, local Mom & Pop video game shops selling stock as it comes in, there seems to be a healthy number of legitimate copies of GTA V out in the wild.

With early copies out in the world, there are, of course, early streams up and running. Or at least there were, before Rockstar started throwing down the Ban Hammer of Might, and the Copyright Infringement Cloak of Destiny. r/GTA has a running list of streams, but most of the links are offline or down due to Rockstar’s influence. Most of the streams popping up are taken down within the hour (see the above photo), with Rockstar proving that Resistance is Futile.

Reddit is proving to be the best source of unofficial information, per usual, with r/GrandTheftAutoV being named the Subreddit of the Day, and the aforementioned r/GTA subreddit being a more casual space for GTA conversation (expect tons of OMG I GOT IT posts on there tonight).

There is some interesting official-but-not-review-related content out in the wild as well. Digital Foundry is sounding the alarm on GTA V installations, saying that players should avoid installing the second Xbox 360 disc to the console’s hard drive. Rockstar has confirmed the pop-in problems outlined in the DF video below, saying they do not recommend doing a two-disc install. If you really want to go disc-free, DF suggests installing the second disc on a flash drive, and not the internal hard drive.

Much of what’s leaked has been handled swiftly, but sometimes there’s no getting around it for Rockstar. In late August, the official track list for GTA V leaked online after information was gleaned from pre-install files via the PlayStation Network.

Expect leaks to quickly turn legitimate, especially after GTA V goes on sale in the UK tonight. Until then, if you want to stream, leak, and conspire, do it on the PS3, because Microsoft has officially made the Xbox 360 a No Leak Zone.

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3 Comments on GTA V Leaks Everywhere, Rockstar Dropping Banhammer


On September 16, 2013 at 8:17 pm

Could be worse for Rockstar. Look at halo 4, that game was pirated before the release, at least these guys are selling the game despite of it being so prematurely.


On September 16, 2013 at 11:27 pm

Rockstar has lost it ways. back in the day it cared about the consumer. but now there no better then EA, Actvision, Ubisofy, Ect. I am really disappointed by them for actin in such a manner. Hell if someone did this to my company I could care less. you know why? I know the fans are excited and happy for the game. But money has to ruin everyone. Im just waiting for Mojang to become the next monster in the Gaming industry… it saddens me so. I have lost ALL respect for Rockstar. I will NOT buy another game from them new or used. I made a pact back on 07 with the same thing as EA.


On September 17, 2013 at 4:35 am

Sense < $