Guild Wars 2 “Great Migration” is on

NCSoft and ArenaNet want you to renounce subscription MMOs (you know who you are) forever, and they’re dangling a nice carrot to convert players to Guild Wars 2.

It’s being called the “Great MMO Migration,” which sounds a bit presumptuous, because, well, it could end up being a small trickle or an average shift by the time it’s over. Regardless, it begins today and runs through December 3, and the big hook is Guild Wars 2 is 40% off its regular price. Pick up the MMORPG at the official Guild Wars 2 site during the promo and you’ll pay $30 for the standard game (normally $50) or $42 for the Digital Deluxe Edition (normally $70). After you purchase the core game, GW2 is free to play with no monthly subscription. Not to mention bi-weekly free content updates.

Is saving $20 and cancelling your sub enough to get you to leave your level 100 dwarven death knight blacksmith behind for good? Tough call, but ArenaNet is also trying to make the transition easier by giving all new players a Letter of Influence. Not sure of the specifics, but the devs describe it as a “valuable in-game item that will allow the player to reward any guild that welcomes him/her into their ranks.”

Then there’s this: if you really are ready to cut the subscription cord forever, ArenaNet welcomes you to take the Guild Wars 2 Oath. Recite the below passage on video, upload it to YouTube, and submit it to the Guild Wars 2 Great MMO Migration, and you could win a free copy of the game.

Guild Wars 2 Oath:
I, [name], renounce [adjective] games and pledge my allegiance to Guild Wars 2.
I likewise declare my freedom from [noun] subscription fees!
That I turn my back forever on [noun] which is/are totally [adjective].
That I will take up arms to defend the [noun]  and crush evil with my [noun].
I take this oath to Guild Wars 2 freely, without [noun]  because I am [noun].

No word on how many free copies ArenaNet will give away, but if you do win, you’ll find out via email by December 10.

Have fun migrating!

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4 Comments on Guild Wars 2 “Great Migration” is on


On November 27, 2013 at 10:29 am

This would be great if the game were any good, but it’s not. I preordered the game and played in the beta. I loved GW1, so I was expecting to love 2. Boy was I wrong. They took everything I loved about one and got rid of it and turned 2 into something I didn’t like nor wanted. It’s like a cook, baking up some cookies and substituting the sugar with garlic. Garlics great for some things, but not cookies.
Nope. Will never go back. I prefer sugar to garlic.


On November 27, 2013 at 7:02 pm

Have you tried macadamia garlic chip cookies? They go great with ranch fudge. :)

But in all seriousness, I wasn’t that impressed with GW1, so I wasn’t really surprised to hear GW2 wasn’t that great. The big drawing point for GW1 for me was being able to recruit NPCs to serve as a party so you didn’t have to go looking for a group. After Guild Wars was released, suddenly several other online games started doing that (DDO, for instance).


On November 28, 2013 at 12:04 pm

Tell me what the “everything” is that they removed on you Thedog. I am hard pressed to think of anything that GW1 has that GW2 does not include or improved upon.

GW2 is a fantastic game and well worth picking up, especially with Wintersday coming around the corner. I too am a GW1 veteran, played the beta, own all the addons and racked up thousands of hours playtime between the two games.

GW2 is a vast improvement over the original, GW1 was essentially a single player game with multiplayer elements, no Z axis so it had no jumping, no underwater combat, limited dye and character style options, only one race and a fairly static world with traditional quest system.

GW2 improves the franchise in almost every aspect it even has large scale world vs world vs world battles, the difference in games is like night and day. I have a feeling TheDog is just nostalgic, if GW1 was so superior then people would be still playing it, GW1 is a ghost town and GW2 is stuffed with players.

GW1 is light instanced cookie Thedog, GW2 is a hearty MMO meal.

Guild Wars 2 Player

On November 29, 2013 at 6:43 pm

This will backfire. The game is fun but limited compared to most subbed and established game. The loot is identical across the line with choices of what stat to up and there is no real random set drop system many like ala Diablo II. Elite gear is grinded and again, all stock same. Warrior by far dominates in all aspects in the limited class selection. Again, pretty much cookie cutters but for not too differentiating traits. Level 80 content is limited and areas are not typically expanded much. Even dated games like Asheron’s Call and Everquest have more to offer in many areas. They took a good game that’s fun and can grow into something solid and embarrassed all players by this stupid, turn-off, almost occultish, lifetime oath of allegiance to a… game.