Guild Wars 2 Level Cap Raise Confirmed for Future

Speaking on Reddit, ArenaNet co-founder and boss Mike O’Brien addressed player concerns regarding the developer’s apparently renege on its no-gear-grind philosophy of Guild Wars 2 due to the introduction of the Ascended armor type, which is statistically more powerful than other end-game armor. In doing so, O’Brien officially confirmed that ArenaNet plans to eventually raise the game’s level cap.

Mike O’Brien wrote:

“I hope we’ve been clear that GW2 is not a game with virtually no stat progression in it like GW1 was. That’s why GW2 shipped with a higher level cap, and with a hard separation between PVE and PVP.

“In GW1 we never advanced the level cap through four campaigns/expansions. The game design didn’t allow for it. But GW2 was designed without those restrictions, and we’ve always expected that we will someday raise the level cap in GW2.”

O’Brien went on to admit that the team could have handled Ascended gear better:

“We made some mistakes with the way we introduced Ascended gear, [but] I don’t think they invalidate the fundamental concept that GW2 can have gradual stat progression without being a gear treadmill game.”

What’s your take on Ascended gear?

via Eurogamer

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2 Comments on Guild Wars 2 Level Cap Raise Confirmed for Future


On November 28, 2012 at 5:06 am

It would be a seriously boring game if we had everything handed to us after our first few hours of playing. Some grind and character progression is perfectly acceptable, all Ascended armour does is fill in the gap between attaining Exotic and Legendary. To say that Ascended introduces grind is perposterous because grind has always been present to one degree or another, especially in regards to Legendary items. Grind itself is not bad, though a disproportionate balance between grind and the value of reward is.

Arena Net’s two problems with Ascended armour, first was with releasing it after the game went live, if it was included at day of release no one would have complained as it would have been accepted as normal The other problem was not releaseing it game wide, currently it can only be obtained through a specific dungeon instance, if it was obtainable through every other aspect of the game, it would greatly eliminate the grind aspect. It is impossible to change the first point but Arena Net said they see the problems and will be addressing it in the future by having other avenures for obtaining Ascended items.

Increasing the level cap does not mean much beyond needing a new set of level appropriate armour. Attaining levels is super easy and PvP automitically sets you to the maximum level.

As for the company, they are amazing, almost every month since going live they have released large ammounts of free content, The Mad King, The Lost Shores, next is Wintersday and they even have more planned for January. Best value for money I have ever spent.


On November 28, 2012 at 6:16 am

As long as there is never some sort of gear-check scenario that would preclude people from enjoying content, I don’t see the problem. Even the new dungeon can be enjoyed for quite some time before ascended gear becomes necessary.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of grind of any kind. Grind is a timesink, nothing more. I understand why timesinks are necessary, but I prefer skill-based rewards over time-allotted rewards. Legendaries for instance just require obscene amounts of time to earn, nothing epic or special has to be done to get them.