Guild Wars 2 World vs. World Battles Can Contain over 300 People on One Map

Guild Wars 2‘s server vs. server (vs. server) PvP is being developed to support over 300 player on one map, and is shaping up to be an engaging experience for all players.

ArenaNet systems designers Mike Ferguson said:

We have amazing PvE gameplay and intense competitive PvP in Guild Wars 2, but we also offer huge, open-field, server-versus-server warfare the likes of which you’ve never seen. We call it world vs. world or WvW.

We knew right away that we wanted three teams fighting against one another on a series of huge maps in the Mists (our world vs. world battleground) and that each team would be composed of an entire server full of players. Including three forces in world vs. world acts as an excellent balancing factor, preventing one team from growing too powerful and ruining the competitive balance of the game. Two teams can gang up to counter a more dominant third team, a dynamic that simply isn’t possible with only two opposing factions.

This dynamic sounds similar to Realms Online, a game in which the three-faction dynamic worked rather well.

Ferguson alluded to the 300 simultaneous players figure by stating:

These are the largest maps we can make in Guild Wars 2, and we use as much space as we possibly can in order to accommodate over a hundred people from each server fighting on every map.

Battles will see players conquering and defending keeps, with the ability to create siege weapons or upgrade keep defenses. Best of all, anyone can jump in at any time:

We wanted to make WvW fun and easy to get into, so there’s no level grinding required—you can just hop into the battle using your normal PvE character, regardless of what level you are.

When fighting in the Mists, you’ll be using your regular PvE character and the gear you’ve acquired in your adventures through Tyria. In the Mists, players all fight at the same level. Any character below level 80 will be adjusted so they are roughly equivalent in power to what they would be at level 80. This makes combat among characters of any level not only possible, but actually fun!

If you’re a PvP lover, you don’t even have to PvE to level up:

Even better, you continue to gain experience and new items while playing in the Mists. Players you kill will drop loot for you just like slain monsters in PvE. The player that was killed doesn’t lose any of their own equipment—that would suck—so you’ll never need to worry about losing your favorite rare weapon if you are defeated in WvW. Even better, any gear that is dropped for you will be level appropriate. You can improve your character’s weapons and armor as you fight!

The more I hear about GW2, the more I can’t wait to play.

Are you waiting for GW2?

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3 Comments on Guild Wars 2 World vs. World Battles Can Contain over 300 People on One Map


On February 17, 2012 at 1:59 pm

Waiting is an understatement.


On February 18, 2012 at 6:52 pm

It’s funny because that’s what they said last time. lol.

Brandon J. Clark

On February 20, 2012 at 5:04 am

“The more I hear about GW2, the more I can’t wait to play.”

My interest level has long since peaked for this game. Every day it isn’t released my desire to play it drops -1. They’ve taken WAYYYYYYY to long on this game.