Guild Wars 2′s ‘Living Story’ to Become Permanent

Guild Wars 2‘s so-called “Living Story” has, thus far, been largely inconsequential to the overall set-up of the game. That may well be about to change.

Speaking in an interview with US Gamer, ArenaNet Director Colin Johanson explained that the Living Story will play a larger role in the personal story of each player character and have a much bigger impact on the world at large. Earlier this month, Johanson elaborated upon their plans for the rest of the year.

The developer said that the team is responding to feedback by working to make the living story matter more to the player with more serious stories that will “blend” with the player’s own personal story, which plays out based on the options the player chooses during character creation and later when the player is tasked to join one of three factions.

Johanson reiterated ArenaNet’s plans to use the living story to shape the future of Tyria, Guild Wars 2′s world. “There is now, and certainly will be a lot larger focus on ensuring that the content we’re building is creating experiences that people can permanently have when they come back two years later,” said Johanson. “Instead of saying, ‘I see something that happened two years ago but I can’t experience it,’, we want players to say, ‘I’m playing this and I’m playing it as a result of something that happened two years ago.’”

In the same interview, the developer also brought up his intention to overhaul the game’s dungeons, which have remained, thus far, something of an afterthought. Johanson says that the team intends to make the dungeons “more exciting, more fun, more compelling, and also more rewarding.” He didn’t rule out the possibility of replacing dungeons in their entirety for the sake of improving the game.

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7 Comments on Guild Wars 2′s ‘Living Story’ to Become Permanent


On July 29, 2013 at 1:27 am

Sorry, unless they revamp the whole system I still wont touch it. Loved the first and all its extra content. They changed it way too much and it really doesn’t resemble the guild wars I came to love. Tried the beta and quickly fell out of love with the new version. Still play the original, but wont play the new stuff. Just like coke and coke zero. The original wins out. They can keep their guild wars zero.


On July 29, 2013 at 3:07 am

The living story has been immense fun so far, but it has lacked that personal touch that can be found within the games main storyline. I have to say I am glad they are taking a more permanent approach and making the living story more personal.

I can only see this getting better and better with time, they have even increased the living story team size and are able to deliver substantial updates every two weeks. I know of no other MMO that comes close to this kind of value for money, with no monthly fee to boot!

That all said I am quite the fan, ever since the Guild Wars I beta, Arena Net are in my opinion one of the best developers around.


On July 29, 2013 at 3:22 am

Not wanting to start an argument with you, but that may be just nostalgia speaking thedog. Guild Wars II is a massive improvement over the original, come on, we did not even have Z axis movement in the original!

I log in Guild Wars I and the place is a ghost town, I log into Guild Wars II and I am pushed into an overflow server due to packed servers. If what you said was true the opposite would be in effect. The analogy is not fitting either, as that would mean the majority of people would be coke-zero drinkers, which is not the case.

Still so long as Guild Wars II is successful and profitable, then Guild Wars I will remain up and active. It is probably best you support the new game in order to continue support for your preferred original. Basically if GWII were to go down so would the first.


On July 29, 2013 at 9:19 am

How can it be nostalgia? I played the beta. None of my friends like it either, and they all play GW. No a lot of people don’t like the way 2 went. You say the servers are empty on one. Funny, not when I play. At times yes, but also look how old it is, and two (as bad as it is ) still took the young and impressionable away. They are trying to force people together whether they want it or not. They’ve flat out said a lot of content wont be available to people who like single player, and that’s me.
You want to talk about over flow servers, Old Republic has cram packed servers going on as well and we all know what a lot of people think of that game.
I know it’s on the minority side that someone goes on an MMO and wants a good single player, but there are a lot of us believe me. I’ve beaten every GW original game single player style and loved it. Trust me, I wanted to love two. I pre bought two, then got my money back after playing the beta. I don’t have the patience to deal with idiots anymore. I’ve wanted to break my monitor on a number of occasions after dealing with certain people. As I tell my daughter, I have a very low tolerance for stupid.
I still compare it to coke and coke zero, and coke zero still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, no matter how many times I drink it. As far as my analogy, it fits perfect. Coke was the original as is GW. Fad drinks come along and last for awhile then disappear. Ok maybe not perfect for you, but right on the money for me. I’m glad you like it. For me It’s just a bad fit. If liking one and hating two is nostalgia, well I’ll stick with the old times thank you.


On July 29, 2013 at 5:09 pm

Seems to me you miss the instanced combat, the major change with GWII was that it became a fully fledged MMO and other players in the world is part of that. This is not to say you can not play the game solo, it is entirely possible with the exception of dungeons, but even then that is a fraction of the game.

I do enjoy a single player experience (The majority of my games are singleplayer.) and the personal story excels at this. I am not sure how you find that aspect so dissatisfying as it is essentially the same as Guild Wars I but with a different story, updated combat, graphics with the ability to jump and swim.

Perhaps the problem was with you buying an Massive Multiplayer Online game rather than a single player offline. No MMO lets you remove other players from the gaming world, they are always there, Guild Wars I was heavily instanced and not a true MMO.

Out of interest, you said you have a `low tolerance for stupidĀ“, was it other players that bothered you? Part and parcel of the internet, just have to find a community you fit in, I have met some great people on Piken Square.

Anyway, I will accept your analogy of GWI being Coca-Cola and GWII being Coke-zero, so long as that Coke is an open ten year old bottle and the Coke-Zero is fresh out of the fridge. ;)


On July 29, 2013 at 11:00 pm

Sorry, it’s not even close to the same game. I have over two dozen friends in my area that are just like me. They loved the first but don’t want the second. I’ve seen plenty of people online who feel the same way.
Never said that I had to be alone in the world. Had plenty of friends in GWs. See the biggest problem for me is I game the way I game. Been doing it for many, many years, and I have the style that I like. I’m a grinder. My daughter can’t stand my style of play. When I play Old Republic, I like to play alone, but will join up with others if they need help or if I could use it, but once it’s done, our goals reached I prefer to part ways till I find another needy soul to work with. I don’t want to stay with others for the most part. We all have our different ideas of what needs to be done and how to do it, and well, that’s one part I don’t have patience for. So I prefer to lone it. No arguments, no spitting loot, and no hard feelings. When I die, I know it’s because I screwed up, not someone else. I’m the same way in sports. I’ll play the team sports but I much prefer the individual sport, like track and wrestling. I don’t loose because of anyone else but me.
I’m good at what I do and win probably 90 – 95% of my duels. I don’t challenge others, but will except when challenged. You are right when you say GW wasn’t a true MMO. Guess that’s why I liked it so much. Don’t play WOW, never played Evercrack. I do play Old Republic off an on. So no, I don’t play the true MMO’s. Didn’t like the single player (if you can call it that) of GW2. It felt wrong, not to mention every thing they did was designed to push people together. Didn’t like it.
Actually I drink diet coke of pepsi (which ever is on sale) so I don’t mind if the regular coke is old and flat cause so is the zero. Just as long as my diet is cold and fresh. :)


On July 30, 2013 at 7:12 am

Well, I respect your opinion even if I do not agree and Guild Wars I is still to this day a great game. I would probably still be playing it if they had kept going with Guild Wars Beyond content.

Still you have missed a lot of amazing content in GWII since you cancelled your order during beta, Super Adventure Box was especially good in my opinion. And with the Queen’s Jubilee update out on the 6th, things just get better and better.