Posted on December 26, 2007,

Guillermo Del Toro’s Comments Concerning Halo (The Movie)


Will there ever be a Halo movie? Who really knows at this point? We know that multiple scripts have been written and deals have been made and un-made. Odds are, it probably will become a movie. At this point, it would be retarded to actually state that we really know anything beyond rumors. Guillermo Del Toro recently made some comments concerning Halo (movie):

It would have been beautiful and I must tell that’s a… of anything in my life that I look back and wish it could have happened is that project, because it is such a powerful experience. People talk about it and say “it’s ALIENS or it’s a retread of this or that,” I don’t think so. I think there are angle to that game that are far more epic and far more complex as a cosmology than that. It’s not just about grunts in space. It’s much more than that. It’s a whole epic.

The director of Pan’s Labyrinth and Blade II is right. I feel that there is certainly a ton of depth behind the Halo story. I just hope that Hollywood doesn’t wait too long. I also hope that they don’t screw it up. Hopefully, a director such as Peter Jackson would still be involved, but even Del Toro might not be a bad choice. We’ll just have to see what happens in 2008.

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2 Comments on Guillermo Del Toro’s Comments Concerning Halo (The Movie)


On January 5, 2008 at 3:56 pm

I hope Del Toro gets to do it after he finishes Hellboy II. The 8 minute choppy video style that is Neill Blomkamp’s vision is garbage. I’m not sure if what I saw was the real deal, but seriously, why does a ground team need to ‘paint’ Master Chief’s re-entry with a laser for location when they have air support which could do the same or chase it down anyways?

Mentioning ‘Master Chief’ three times ands a goofy line like ‘What’s the situation?’ insulted the intellgence of the Halo gamers. Give it some thought, some smarts and most importantly some great visuals. I could see why the studios bailed on NB’s vision as who wants that dark fuzzy video in the age of HD? I’d bail too.

So Bungie/MGS/Wingnut, admit the mistake, fix it and get on with it. Hell, go all web and allow micro-venture-capitalists into the movie production realm and let the gamers in on this and the decision making. Now I would front some cash for a good effort if there was one in the offing. I think before long there will be something like this out there. What better way to reduce movie piracy, than to give the general public a financial stake in the production. So if it’s backers you need, re-think the current model and let’s get the stuff going.

milky joe in a wig

On June 11, 2008 at 11:25 am

:mrgreen: i cant believe that those guys are thinking of makin one in 2008 :?: i hope they do as a experienced halo 1.2 and 3 gamer i also think halo4 should be made no there is an :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: