Gunpoint Walkthrough

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  1. After you are thrown from your apartment window, talk to Selena on the top floor of the Rooke building.
  2. She will, unfortunately, be brutally murdered by a man who comes out of the elevator. Selena will be thrown from the window on the top floor. Quickly move up the stairway to the third floor.
  3. Call the elevator and ride it to the top of the building. Dive out of the window to Selena’s body. Immediately escape to the subway.
  4. When you start the flashback to your apartment, charge your jump and throw yourself out of your window into the Rooke building.

Caught on Camera

  1. Run towards the building ahead of you. Climb onto the roof and make your way to the other side of the building. Enter through the front door and ride the elevators to the top floor.
  2. Hack the computer near the window, then quickly dive out towards the subway to exit.


  1. Enter the next building through the front door. Use your jump to pounce on the guard when he isn’t looking. Punch him repeatedly until you are satisfied or simply bored of it.
  2. Once the guard is disabled, take the stairway to the bottom floor. Use the switch to the left of the stairway door to turn off the lights. When the curious guard opens the door, jump on him.
  3. Hack the terminal then make your way to the ground floor again. Exit to the subway.

Crossed Wires

  1. Before you start the mission, go to the shop and purchase a Crosslink. Once you acquire it, accept the mission from Rooke.
  2. Move towards the front door and activate the Crosslink using your mouse wheel or the ALT key. Click on the light switch and rewire it to open the door blocking the terminal.
  3. Move up the stairs and hack the now-accessible terminal. Head back down to the ground floor and dive through the glass to the subway.


  1. Upon starting the mission, pounce on the first guard to knock him out. Take notice of the second guard above, and use the Crosswire to rewire a light switch to activate the power socket behind him.
  2. Electrocute the second guard by pressing the switch. Once he is disabled, move to the terminal and hack it.
  3. For a quick escape, rewire a switch to activate the door on the bottom right of the building. Quickly run towards the subway.

Three for All

  1. Charge your jump and use it to reach the second floor of the building.
  2. Rewire a switch on the second floor to turn off the lights on the top floor. Head up the stairway to the dark section.
  3. When the guard gets curious and starts to move, disable him with your rapid punches. Distract the second guard and disable him also. Hack the terminal on the top floor.
  4. Make your way down to the second floor using the elevator. The guard will immediately look at the elevator, but will not see you unless you exit. When you are ready, exit the elevator and immediately pounce on the guard before he shoots.
  5. Hack the second terminal and take the elevator down once more. Disable the next guard in a similar manner. Hack the final terminal and take the elevator back up to the second floor.
  6. Rewire the light switch to open the locked door to your right. Make a quick escape to the subway.

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