Gunpoint Walkthrough

Table of Contents


Collins Mission #1 & Dessler Mission #1

  1. Move to the security camera. Rewire it to activate the front door and step into the camera. The front door should automatically unlock.
  2. Enter the building and take notice of the green circuit box at the bottom right. Head down the stairs and activate the green circuit.
  3. Move back up to round level and open up the locked door by rewiring a light switch. Take the elevator to the next floor.
  4. Optionally, you can grab the laptop on the left of the second floor. Disable the connection between the door and the motion sensor and grab the laptop. Head back to the elevator.
  5. Ride the elevator to the top floor and eavesdrop on the conversation. When you have everything you need, go back down to the main floor.
  6. Rewire the light switch to open up the locked door on the right of the ground floor. Run to the subway.


Collins Missions #2 & #3

  1. Quietly move to the front door and disable the first guard from behind. Activate the green circuit box directly ahead of you.
  2. Rewire a red light switch to open the red door at the top left of the building. Head up the stairs once it is opened.
  3. Turn off the lights using the switch at the top left of Intex. The second guard will start walking over to turn the lights back on. Allow him to succeed in turning on the lights.
  4. Once the guard starts to walk back, rewire the green switch to open the door between you and him. Open it and the guard will become curious and walk over to where you are. Hide on the ceiling and get the drop on him.
  5. With the guards disabled, activate the yellow circuit box on the top floor. Next, rewire the security camera to unlock the door between the terminal and you. Open the bottom right door and step into the camera to unlock the final door.
  6. Head back to the top floor and disable the terminal. Once you have your information, make an escape.

The Recording

  1. Scale the Rooke building and reach the roof. Jump high enough to break through the glass ceiling and land safely on the right wall at the top.
  2. A guard will come over to investigate. While he is standing on the glass floor, pounce on him VERY CAREFULLY. Do not break the glass floor with your jump. You can do this by not charging your jump.
  3. Next, break through the second set of glass to distract the armored guard. You cannot disable this guard, so this is meant to distract him. When he runs to investigate, drop down to the second floor.
  4. A third guard will come to investigate. Draw his attention and hide on the ceiling or wall. Jump on him and disable him. Now, you can activate the yellow circuit box on the second floor.
  5. Next, rewire a red switch to activate the locked down on the left of the third floor. Open it, and take the elevator to the blue circuit box. Enable it.
  6. Once the blue circuit is enabled, rewire the switch next to you so it unlocks the blue door on the top left which is currently blocking the terminal.
  7. Make sure the yellow circuit box is activated, and rewire the switch on the top right of the building so it opens the final door. Hack the terminal and make your escape. Be sure that the final guard does not spot you on your way out.

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