Gunpoint Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Collins Case

  1. Dive into the Rooke building. While you are on the ground floor, you should plan your escape. Rewire the two doors and leave them open.
  2. Take the elevator to the third floor to draw the guard’s attention. Do not get out. Instead, go back down to the second floor.
  3. Activate the green circuit box and open the doors blocking your path. Take the stairway to the third floor and neutralize the guard from behind. To complete the main objective, grab data from the camera at the top right of the third floor.
  4. If you choose to complete the optional objective, activate the yellow circuit box. Rewire the switch to open the locked door on the top floor. Hack the laptop and make your escape.

The DataSec Recording

  1. Start off by diving through the glass on the second floor using Hushcracker. Neutralize the first guard. Rewire the motion sensor so it will open the locked door on the right side of the room.
  2. Next, use the motion sensor to unlock the front door. Jump back down to ground level and activate the green circuit box. Take the stairway to the bottom level.
  3. Rewire the switch next to you so it will call the bottom elevator. Before activating it, rewire the sound detector to unlock the door in front of you.
  4. Using the same technique, rewire the sound detector once more so it will call the elevator on the top floor. Before activating the elevator, rewire the blue sound detector so it will open the door on the top floor.
  5. Call the elevator once more to unlock the final door. Hack the terminal and climb over the building to escape.

The Morgue

  1. Start by scaling the building. Climb to the opposite side of the top floor and enter through the open door.
  2. Rewire the switch to open the door in the center. While the guard isn’t looking, open the door and tackle him.
  3. Take the stairs down one floor an turn off the lights. The guard will try to turn them back on and will open the door. While he is not looking, neutralize him.
  4. Activate the green circuit box. Rewire one of the devices so it will turn off the lights in the room below you. Attack the guard while he is distracted. Next, activate the blue circuit box.
  5. Rewire the red sound detector on the floor below you so it will activate the open door. Get in the elevator and ride down to the next floor. Turn off the lights and rewire the switch to open the door.
  6. While the room is still dark, maneuver around the armored guard to the stairway. On the next floor, rewire the switch to open the door ahead of you. Neutralize the guard and take the stairway to the final floor.
  7. Rewire both security cameras to activate the red vault door, and the switch near the stairway above to open the blue door. Hit the switch and quickly run into the vault.
  8. While you are in-between the doors, rewire the switch to the blue door. You can now move in-and-out of this area. Hack the terminal and escape the building. Be careful not to let the vault door fall on you.

The Suspect

  1. First, take notice of the guard on the bottom floor walking back and forth. While he is facing away from you, jump to the black ledge between the first and second floors.
  2. Draw the attention of the first and second guards by quickly moving into their line of sight and then out of it again, but do not move from the black ledge afterwards. They will soon become bored and head in the opposite direction. While they are not looking, move to the next ledge.
  3. Repeat the process to distract the third guard. When no one is looking, dive through the apartment window on the other side of the alley. Grab the bullfrog gear at the back of the apartment and escape the area.

The Room

  1. Climb the building and stand on top of the trap door. The guard will step through the motion detector and you will fall. The guard will not be a problem.
  2. Drop down and activate all of the circuits in-between the security cameras. Rewire the green security camera so it will call the elevator. Next, rewire the sound detector so it will open the trap door. Call the elevator.
  3. Reach the trap door and fall through when it opens. Hack the terminal and escape through the trap door again. You will need to ride the elevator to reach it.
  4. While you are on the bottom floor in the elevator, you can easily grab the optional objective. Rewire the sound detector to open the door between the laptop and you. Ride the elevator to activate the sound. Grab the laptop and head back up.
  5. Escape the middle box and use the sound detector to unlock the front door. Once you are outside, head to the subway.

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