Gunpoint Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Rooke and Jackson

The Plant

  1. First, climb to the other side of the building and disable the camera. Once inside, re-enable it and activate it. Quickly hide on the ceiling and drop down onto the incoming guard.
  2. Rewire the switch to turn off the lights and open the security door. Once you hit the switch, make sure the guard can’t turn the lights back on. Disable him in the dark.
  3. Head down to the basement level and disable the first security camera. Move forward, but do not step into the second camera. Activate the yellow circuit box, then disable the second camera. Take out the guard from behind.
  4. Before moving up to the top floor, rewire the yellow security camera to turn off the lights on the top floor. Make sure the guard cannot turn them back on. Grab the laptop next to the elevator and make your way up.
  5. Maneuver around the armored guard in the dark. Activate the blue circuit box to the right of the elevator. Next, disable the alarm and rewire the camera to open the door ahead.
  6. Open the door and continue to the terminal. Hack it and begin your escape. Make sure you don’t run into the guard on the way out.

The Killer

  1. Move to the top of the first building. Charge up your jump and wait for the guard to walk underneath the glass ceiling. Time your jump just right so you will land on top of the guard.
  2. Use the switch to disable the lights on both the top floor and the floor below you. Furthermore, open the red door below you and drop through the glass. Hide on the wall because there will be a guard incoming.
  3. The guard will unlock the second door. When he is not looking, drop through the next piece of glass to the ground floor. Hide so the guard does not see you. When he is not looking, activate the green circuit box.
  4. Use the green switch to open the green doors on the floor above you. After, you will be ready to move to the next building.
  5. Stand in front of the stairway on the ground floor. Wait for the guard to walk passed the stairway above you. If you head up the stairs when the guard is in front of you, you can confuse him and force him to switch floors.
  6. Move into the alley between the buildings. Use Hushcracker to silently dive through the two sets of glass in the second building. Activate the blue circuit box.
  7. Use the motion sensor to open and close doors in this building. Make sure all of the doors are open except the one directly in front of the professional. This must remain closed so you do not get shot.
  8. Head down a floor and activate the purple circuit box. You can rewire the switch to open the door to the outside. Now it’s time to hack the terminal.
  9. Run back to the alley and stand in front of the red security camera. Rewire it so it will activate the power socket. Use the power socket to disable the armored guard.
  10. On the top floor, rewire the switch to open the door blocking the terminal on the bottom left. Once this is open, you will have a clear path to the terminal. Hack it and run to the subway.

Come and get me

  1. Before accepting this mission you must purchase the Resolver and Gatecrashers. It is also recommended that you upgrade your character before starting. After purchasing these items, begin the mission.
  2. No stealth will be required at first. Simply kick the doors down and charge in. The large flying doors will act as a sidekick, and will take the professionals out for you.
  3. At the first stairway, time your ascent so the professional will be facing away. Take him out, and continue your door rampage.
  4. On the next floor, use the sound detector to activate the trap door. Wait until the professional is on top of it, then drop him down. Head up and activate the yellow circuit box.
  5. Move back down to the second floor and silently dive out of the window. Dive back into the third story window and turn on the green circuit box.
  6. Exit the building and climb up the left side. A few floors up, you will come across an open door next to a distracted professional. Tackle him from behind.
  7. Ride the elevator to the next floor with three professionals, not very tactically, walking in a straight line. When they start to walk away, exit the elevator and take all of them out from behind. Head forward and activate the blue circuit box.
  8. Before taking the elevator to the next floor, rewire the sound detector to open the vault door. Ride the elevator up and dive through the closing door. This part is much easier if you have upgraded your charge and speed abilities.
  9. Finally, head up to the top floor. Walk into Gessler’s office like a big-shot with your Resolver equipped. Either kill or disable him.

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