GW2 Director: ‘Responsible’ Devs Give Free Updates

Ready to be shocked by a random act of being awesome? If you worry that Guild Wars 2′s spectacular sales might turn ArenaNet and NCsoft into nouveau riche jackasses who ride around in diamond plated cars* and commence to bilking their customers out of every last cent just because they can, you may now relax. You bought the cow? They’re giving you even more milk free of charge.

That comes direct from Guild Wars 2 director Colin Johanson, who chimed in on a discussion of GW2 updates on the game’s official forums with this rather excellent statement of principles:

No need to buy [updates], Gw2 will feature consistent free content updates and in-game events going forward. Our goal is to make it so you get more from Gw2 for free than you get from a game you pay a subscription for.

On top of a large amount of free bonus content, we will be expanding on offerings in the Black Lion Trading Company going forward, as well as be doing large-scale expansion content down the road.
We’ll cover a lot of the details on the kind of support and plans we have in place over the next month or so on the Gw2 blog and with our press partners.

We do appreciate that you’d like to buy lots of new content, but we’d prefer to give a lot of it to you for free, cause that’s what we think a responsible MMO company does!

This puts them in extremely good company, and comes as a tremendous breath of fresh air, especially compared to some developers we could mention. I’m not much of an MMO gamer, but this puts me squarely on Team ArenaNet for the foreseeable future. Who knows, maybe this hilarious graphic may yet be obsoleted!

* Maybe that’s just what I’d do.

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2 Comments on GW2 Director: ‘Responsible’ Devs Give Free Updates


On September 14, 2012 at 12:21 pm

Not that Im doubting them or anything, but companies say alot of things and make alot of promises. I say, less talk and more action.

Quite frankly, not only is this something they didnt need to say, but I think this might actually hurt them. Yeah they might be releasing free content but does that mean all their content is going to be free? Of course not, and I think when they release the first official expansion and expect people to pay for it. People will point to this article and say “but you said you wouldnt be charging for extra content”.


On September 14, 2012 at 3:32 pm

That’s actually a good point Axetwin. I read it with the assumption that he meant the normal content updates that MMO’s usually have, but I fully expect to have to pay for expansions (much like the first Guild Wars). But anyone who is new to MMO’s, or just misconstrued what he was saying may take this the wrong way.

Then again, maybe we’re both wrong and they really do plan on making expansions free as well hoping that the microtransactions will cover development costs. If that’s the case, then that’s quite amazing.