Gygan File Transfer Utility Review

Sometimes you just need to move big files. Home movies, photos of your last LAN orĀ  footage of your last Counterstrike or TF2 match, whatever it may be we all know e-mail just won’t cut it and not everything we share is suitable for Youtube. There are a number of websites and products out there to help with this dilemma like RapidShare, Megaupload, Pando or bittorrent. Recently another option materialized thanks to Gygan.

Gygan is a file transfer that advertises faster download speeds than bittorrent, IRC or P2P. The program recently entered beta and we had a chance to give it a spin and see if it measured up too the claim.

Gygan is a Windows based thin client that features search as well as upload functionality. The service uses a premium pricing scheme which determines the size of the data per month you can download through the service. Free or paid users however have unlimited bandwidth for uploading to Gygan while downloads are capped at 4GB per month for the free side and those who subscribe to the service for $5 a month gain an additional 6GB of capacity – up to 10GB a month.

The applicationĀ  supports upload of any type of file and files of apparently any size. I tested the application using a free trial copy. The client itself is fairly lightweight and while it was running int he background under Windows 7 it did not take up an appreciable amount of system resources even while downloading multiple files. Once I had the program installed I noticed that there was a search feature so I typed in a subject at random and Gygan displayed a number of results.

gygan-1My uploads appeared in my search as well so it was easy to give directions to someone to download my files without having to send a complex link or directions. Simply naming the file in an easy to find manner worked pretty well. Unfortunately it also means that those who decide to use Gygan should be aware that the network is searchable by anyone with the client or on the Gygan website and your uploads could potentially be downloaded by any Gygan user unless you take precautions. Luckily, Gygan has some ways to protect your uploads as well. Users can create a private file and this will add a link that you can send to your intended recipients in email.

Uploading files into the Gygan network is simple using the client. Simply clicking on upload files I could then drag the files I wanted to publicly post into the window on the client, fill out some information and then I simply told the program to execute and I watched as the file populated to Gygan. A typical green progress bar told me how progress was going and in about 1:50 I had uploaded a 60MB Photoshop file.

Once the file was uploaded to the network Gygan displayed it in my “uploaded files” for quick recall and offered a link button so I could copy the text to my clipboard and point others to it quickly. Uploading to Gygan was pretty smooth and simple compared to some of the other clients I’ve used and the prominent link button is a nice feature as well.

gygan-2Downloading using Gygan was similarly easy. Since I was testing the service I decided to do a search for “Iron Man” and I was surprised at the number of results I got back. I was not shocked at all to find that Gygan apparently is a good service to share illegal files on and this is not something the company can control strictly in the modern digital world since piracy is running rampant for all digital media like movies, games and music.

Obviously Gygan is just another tool and is not encouraging illegal behavior but that fact aside it does work very well as a method of sharing large files with others. I am likely to use Gygan with my raw podcast audio and video in the future and its a good way to bundle and share home-made videos and images that you don’t necessarily want in the public space. I’m not sure I’d use it enough to buy the subscription service but the monthly charge is reasonable for 10GB of downloads.


  • No upload limit on file type or filesize
  • Small client footprint
  • Easy to install and uninstall


  • All uploaded files are public by default
  • Lots of people using it to steal intellectual property

Verdict: Use It!

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1 Comment on Gygan File Transfer Utility Review


On December 16, 2010 at 4:29 pm

This app is great. Fast speed and high quality videos.