Halo 4: Chief Smash Achievement Guide

The Gravity Hammer returns in Halo 4, and one particular achievement will task you with crushing three special enemies at once. If you’re familiar with Halo, you’ll know enemies usually don’t just sit around in large groups waiting for you to kill them. Unless you’re talking about grunts.

Here, you’ll need to hunt down and destroy three wily Promethean Crawlers with the Gravity Hammer to unlock this achievement. Check out our suggested crawler location below, and use these tips to unlock yet another challenging achievement.

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Achievement Unlocked

  • Chief, Smash! (20 points):
    Killed 3 Crawlers in one hit with the Gravity Hammer in mission 8.

Chief Smash Achievement Guide

  • To complete this achievement, you’ll need to load Mission 8: Midnight. There is no difficulty requirement, to give yourself the best possible chance we advise players to begin the mission set to Easy.
  • If you’ve already completed the mission, load Rally Point Bravo and begin from there. Otherwise, you’ll need to play all the way to that rally point.
  • The weapon you need, the Gravity Hammer, is located in a small armory area just as you pass through Rally Point Bravo. To unlock the achievement, you’ll be hunting for Crawlers — Promethean dog-like creatures that’ll appear in packs past this point.
  • Use the Gravity Hammer to kill three Crawlers in one hit. That’s no easy task, and the achievement can be glitchy. Just keep at it, the achievement will eventually unlock.
  • After taking the Hammer, travel through the portal and push forward. Eventually you’ll reach a catwalk looking over a massive chamber. Three Crawlers will jump onto the platform with you and attack.
  • Don’t kill the Crawlers yet, instead try to avoid them and take cover. If you can manage it, shoot some of the Crawlers a few times to weaken them, but try not to kill any of the Crawlers yet.
  • If you last, three more Crawlers will attack. Now that three are attacking you at once, you’ve got a much better chance of killing three Crawlers at once. Even more will show up, too.
  • Now, you just need to wait until three Crawlers are standing next to each other in a single area. When three are more or bunched up, use the Hammer’s lunge to attack. With luck, you’ll kill three at once.
  • If you fail, or the achievement glitches out, just restart from your previous checkpoint.
  • While playing on Easy difficulty, you’ll be able to absorb an absurd amount of punishment. Try to coax the Crawlers into close-combat where they’ll charge you, or hide behind cover and let the Crawlers bunch up as they try to flank you.

Source: [Game Front Video Walkthrough Youtube Channel]

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