Halo 4: Easter Eggs Guide

Welcome to the Halo 4 easter eggs list, dedicated to collecting every hidden joke, reference, and secret in this blockbuster title. 343 Studios had to step up their game to match Bungie’s lauded efforts in every way — and that includes easter eggs. See our expansive list below, and leave us a comment if we’ve missed anything.

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Easter Eggs & References

Keep checking back as we update this page with new entries.

Red vs. Blue in Spartan Ops

  • Found in Spartan Ops; Episode 1, Chapter 5. Eventually you’ll need to press a button, when you do, look right of the switch down into the lava below. Switch to a scoped weapon to spy on a closed chest. Shoot it, and you’ll find this easter egg.
  • Check out the video above for more instructions, and a glimpse at the secret.

Source: [1]

Double Rainbow

  • On Mission 5: Reclaimer, you can find what looks like the rainbow made famous by this youtube video.
  • To find it, you’ll need to have already destroyed the alien ship and landed on the barren desert below. Push on with a vehicle, like the Covenant Ghost, and watch left. You’ll eventually pass a large dark ravine on your left while moving through the canyons.
  • Get off your vehicle, and look down. Zoom in and you can spot the double rainbow in the distance.

Source: [1]

Who Inverted the Stick?

  • Find this conversation in Mission 7 off the main path. Two marines are working on a Mantis Mech when they discover “someone” has changed the controls to inverted.

Source: [1]

Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter: Crate Loaders

Check out the video above, or clink the link for full transcriptions of Conan’s in-game dialogue.

  • Conan’s voice-over can be found in Mission 6: Shutdown. You’ll find two marines standing near a forklift in the large loading bay, past a row of Warthogs. You’ll be on the search for a Pelican Dropship, don’t board it just yet.
  • When you find the two masked marines, they’ll remain silent. Just wait, they’ll eventually start talking!
  • The first speaker is always Conan O’Brien, a celebrity late-night talk show host. The second voice is always Andy Richter, Conan’s sidekick and announcer.
  • Source: [1]

    T-Bagging Holograms

    • In Halo 4′s multiplayer, summoning a hologram over the fresh corpse of an enemy will lead to the time-honored tradition of the customary teabagging.

    Source: [1]

    Dancing Grunts

    • Found in Mission 7: Composer, you can spy on dancing grunts in the distance while on the “Defend the Composer” objective.

    Source: [1]

    In-Game Collector’s Edition

    • While on the Dawn in the first mission, you can discover a collector’s edition of Halo 4 — unsurprisingly, it looks exactly like the real collector’s edition.

    Source: [1]

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    2 Comments on Halo 4: Easter Eggs Guide


    On November 20, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    you forgot one, you shoot a box high up in a tree, at the begining of either the 1st or 2nd spartain ops missions, and cabbose and the gang bring you “giant robots!” as caboose says


    On December 13, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    That wasn’t Caboose who said giant robots. The conversation was between Simmons and Griff, and it was Griff who said giant robots.