Halo 4: Find Every Red vs. Blue Easter Egg in Spartan Ops

We’ve already found one Red vs. Blue easter egg in Halo 4 but rumor is, that was just the start. Join us as we hunt down every Red vs. Blue secret in Spartan Ops as 343 Industries releases more episodes and chapters. We’ll continue to update with new videos and explanations for finding these hidden gems on your own, or if you’re just curious. Get all the details below.

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Find Every Red vs. Blue Easter Egg in Spartan Ops

Keep checking back as we update this page with new Red vs. Blue easter eggs. Did we miss an easter egg in Spartan Ops? Let us know in the comments.

Easter Egg #1 – Part 1

  • Location: Episode 1 – Chapter 5
  • Description:
  • To find this secret, you’ll need a scoped rifle. Grab the DMR at the beginning of the chapter if you can’t find another scoped weapon.
  • Clear out the first group of enemies, then rush ahead up the ramp to face a mix of physical and energy barricades.
  • From the barricades, run straight forward and hop up onto the ledge. Look down into the lava below.
  • Stuck in the rocks, you can find a small chest-like object. Shoot it, and you’ll hear a short soundbite from the Rooster Teeth logo.
  • Players have reported finding multiple boxs throughout the chapter. Let us know if you find a sound-box anywhere else in Chapter 5.

Easter Egg #1 – Part 2

  • Location: Episode 1 – Chapter 5 (Again)
  • Description:
  • To find this special cameo, you’ll need to first shoot the box described in the first easter egg. Check out the details in the entry above.
  • Now, just play through the level, and eventually a Red vs. Blue character will chime in during the regular dialogue.
  • Cameo #1:

    • Caboose: Um, the regular radio guy isn’t here right now. Umm… sorry.

    Cameo #2:

    • Caboose: Seriously, the regular guy said he would be right back. He’s in the bathroom.

Easter Egg #2

  • Location: Episode 2 – Chapter 5
  • Description:
  • At the beginning of the level, turn left to find a sloping path into a forest area. Stay left, until you enter an area with yellow bags hanging from the walls and ceiling.
  • Hidden behind some leaves, you can find a very well hidden box. Shoot it, and you’ll get that same RvB chime.
  • Just like the previous easter egg, continue on in the mission, and the Red vs. Blue gang will chime in through the radio, usually after completing an objective.
  • Cameo #1:

    • Caboose: What does this button do?
    • Church: Caboose, don’t touch anything.
    • Caboose: But I’m great at buttons. Hey look at that explosion.

    Cameo #2:

    • Church: Oh great! You broke it.
    • Caboose: The fire broke it! Oh see. Oh great, now I’m on fire, too now. Awesome.

    Cameo #3:

    • Griff: Hey Simmons, what do you think this machine does?
    • Simmons: How would I know? It’s a forty-foot seamless monolith with one massive holographic button. It could be anything, from a giant microwave oven to a weapon with enough power to-
    • Caboose: [Background screaming!]
    • Simmons: Hey, is that Caboose?
    • Grif: Probably. He’s on fire.

Easter Egg #3

  • Location: Episode 3 – Chapter 4
  • Description:
  • At the beginning of the chapter, there should be a small base to your left, with trees straight ahead.
  • Look upward into the trees, right of the base, to find a small box similar to the previous two at the very top of a tree.
  • Shoot the box to get a familiar RvB cue, then continue the level as normal to hear more audio easter eggs.
  • Cameo #1:

    • Simmons: Hold tight ground forces, we are in tight with reinforcements. We don’t want to say exactly what, but you’ll like ‘em!
    • Grif: It’s just giant robots.
    • Simmons: What?! Grif! You ruined the surprise! You have no flair for the dramatic.
    • Grif: They’re in battle, idiot. How dramatic do you want it to get?


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7 Comments on Halo 4: Find Every Red vs. Blue Easter Egg in Spartan Ops


On November 20, 2012 at 9:52 pm

LOL, “I’m on fire!! Oh gosh… it’s such a horror! It does nothing.” Wait, what – fire does nothing? What does Caboose mean?


On November 23, 2012 at 7:22 am

me and my buddy just found one in episode 3, Ch. 4…right at the start go up to where the man cannon would be, and look up and to the right, there is a box at the top of one of the trees to shoot…


On November 28, 2012 at 11:15 am

On Episode 3 on level 4 when you spawn which is by the canyon base go to the left and look up at the trees, there is a radio box at the top of the tree. Simmons and Grif comment when the mantis’ are being dropped off :)


On November 28, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Rob779r: Im pretty sure hes saying something about the armor doing nothing.

“It touched the armor! It does nothing!!”

Kevin Thielenhaus

On November 29, 2012 at 10:54 am


Thanks for the comment! The page is now updated with the Episode 3 RvB Easter Egg.


On December 10, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Episode 4 Chapter 2: Right side of far tower most of the way up.


On January 31, 2013 at 5:41 pm

Does anyone else notice that in Ep 3 Chpt 4 when you get the RvB easter egg, the pelican that drops of the Mantis in the cutscene says “RED” and is actually Red?