Halo 4: Give Him the Stick Achievement Guide

As you progress through Halo 4′s campaign, you’ll have to face down multiple armored Covenant Hunters — and we’ll show you how to unlock a tricky achievement by using a new weapon against the ugly aliens. The Hunters have been giving players headaches since the first Halo, and if you want to avoid tearing your hair out trying to bring these brutish aliens down check out our video guide and tips below.

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Achievement Unlocked

  • Give Him the Stick (20 points):
    Took out both Hunters using only the Sticky Detonator in mission 7.

Give Him the Stick Achievement Guide

  • To unlock this achievement you’ll need to use the Sticky Detonator to kill both Hunters in Mission 7: Composer.
  • It’s recommended you turn the difficulty down to “EASY” before attempting this achievement. It doesn’t matter what difficulty level is set, lowering the difficulty will make this challenge much less of a hassle.
  • Select “Rally Point – Alpha” as your checkpoint to start further in the level, if you’ve already completed the mission.
  • Later in the level, you’ll find a scientist amid the chaos. She’ll give you a Thruster, making it much easier to flank the Hunters and shoot at their more vulnerable backsides.
  • In the next room, you’ll come face to face with the Hunters. Dash for the gun rack on the opposite side of the room, past the shield-wielding and armored Hunters. It’s past the circular lowered area, and up the ramp. You’ll have a choice of multiple weapons, but you’ll want the Sticky Detonator.
  • If you rush ahead fast enough, you should be able to catch the two Hunters unaware and shoot at their backs. To conserve ammo and succeed at killing these two, you’ll want to aim for their backs with each shot. Fire, then detonate.
  • Move in close and use the thruster to swivel around the slower Hunters, landing sticky grenades on their backs before retreating to a safe distance and detonating the explosives. On easy, it should only take three to four hits to kill each Hunter.
  • Watch out, your marine allies can steal your kills here. If they manage to kill even one of the Hunters, you’ll need to restart at the previous checkpoint and try again.

Source: [Game Front Video Walkthrough Youtube Channel]

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