Halo 4: How to Find the Conan O’Brien Easter Egg

The gaming world and Conan O’Brien go together surprisingly well, if this hidden cameo is anything to go by. Below, we’ll tell you how to find Conan in Halo 4, and a full transcription of all three conversations between Conan O’Brien and his sidekick Andy Richter. Hopefully, this will lead to Conan invading more famous gaming franchises — think of the possibilities and tell us where you want to see Conan’s voice next in the comments.

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How to Find the Conan O’Brien Easter Egg

  • Conan’s voice-over can be found in Mission 6: Shutdown. You’ll find two marines standing near a forklift in the large loading bay, past a row of Warthogs. You’ll be on the search for a Pelican Dropship, don’t board it just yet.
  • When you find the two masked marines, they’ll remain silent. Just wait, they’ll eventually start talking!
  • The first speaker is always Conan O’Brien, a celebrity late-night talk show host. The second voice is always Andy Richter, Conan’s sidekick and announcer.
  • Conversation #1:

    • Conan: This is a pretty sweet union we’re in.
    • Andy: It’s fantastic.
    • Conan: Stand near the crates, but don’t ever move ‘em.
    • Andy: Right, right, if anyone even looks at the crates… that’s a violation.
    • Conan: Ah yeah.

    Conversation #2:

    • Conan: Don’t you think rugs would warm this up a little bit?
    • Andy: Absolutely, absolutely.
    • Conan: Like, literally I’m not talkin’ wall to wall, just five area rugs.
    • Andy: Mmhmm.
    • Conan: Or some oriental rugs, and y’know what? Suddenly it’s a whole different vibe in here.
    • Andy: Right.

    Conversation #3:

    • Conan: I think somethin’s up.
    • Andy: What?
    • Conan: I think there’s gonna be a war with an alien they awoke from an ancient slumber.
    • Andy: Ooooh, the- wha- that is stupid.
    • Conan: I know.
    • Andy: I mean, I don’t know much, I mostly just load crates, but that is stupid.
    • Conan: Y’know, there’s one thing my grandpa told me, “Never awaken an alien from an ancient slumber.”

    Source: [TorJearroGaminG], [TeamCoCo]

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