Halo 4: Spartan Ops Guide

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Chapter 5: Gagarin

    1. Move forward through the corridor and continue down the next tunnel in the corner ahead on the left to reach the chamber at the end, then approach the nearby objective marker and climb one of the ramps on either side of the room to reach the station above.
    2. Use the indicated terminal to download the audio log and wait for the next two objective markers to appear, then drop back to the level below and approach the nearby hologram console to deactivate the piece of tech.
    3. Back away from the tech to start fending off the approaching enemies and fight your way back through the corridors ahead, then climb the incline on the right in the next room and take control of the turret at the front of the platform.
    4. Fire the turret to clear out the enemies on the surrounding ledges ahead and eliminate the flying machines first to prevent them from regenerating other hostiles, then climb the one of the ramps across the room and move along the jungle path leading to the right.
    5. Sprint forward in the direction of the next objective marker ahead to encounter the scientists and turn around to defend the area from the enemies pouring into the room, then stay close to your team to survive this onslaught and use grenades to clear out the larger hostile groups.
    6. Climb the ramps that lead to the bridge above the center of this area and approach the mechanical sphere device at the top, then eliminate the surrounding enemies and continue battling until the next objective marker appears.
    7. Fight your way back towards the opposite end of this area and approach the objective marker to deactivate the next piece of tech, then head towards the indicated room and turn around to fend off the approaching wave of enemies with a sniper rifle.
    8. Head towards the next objective marker that appears on the left to download another audio log and return to the bridge above that houses the mechanical sphere, then use grenades to help you eliminate the hostiles that surround it and deactivate the four pieces of nearby tech.
    9. Stay close to the rest of your team on the bridge and turn in a continuous circle to fend off the enemies approaching from all sides, then drop to the ground below to finish clearing the area and wait for the next wave of hostiles to be marked.
    10. Use the jungle trails running along the sides of the metallic structure to enter the adjacent cave areas and eliminate the remaining enemies to complete this episode.

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