Halo 4: Spartan Ops Guide

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Chapter 1: The VIP

    1. Make your way forward to enter the quarry and use a scoped rifle to snipe the enemies in the area below, then use the rock wall beside you as cover and continue clearing out hostiles to proceed towards the objective marker.
    2. Fight your way forward into the area below and take cover behind the surrounding UNSC crates, then head over to the bridge structure on the right and commandeer one of the turrets above.
    3. Detach the turret and drop back to the ground below, then remove the remaining enemies in the nearby vicinity and acquire one of the indicated sniper rifles that have been deployed for you.
    4. Use a sniper rifle to pick off the enemies on the cliffs above and continue to the left through the canyon, then find the dirt path leading uphill on the right and use it to continue in the direction of the objective marker above.
    5. Arm the turret to fight your way up the side of the cliff and take cover to start tossing grenades at the groups of enemies being dropped off by the transport ships, then switch back to the skier rifle as you proceed forward and keep a safe distance from the hostiles ahead.
    6. Take cover behind the surrounding obstacles to continue mowing down the enemies blocking the path and stay close to the rest of your team to survive this onslaught, then finish clearing the top of the cliffs and drop back to the ground below to start moving in the direction of the next objective marker.
    7. Use a sniper rifle to scope out the indicated area through the canyon ahead and pick off the enemies that arrive from the left in the distance, then take cover behind the surrounding UNSC crates and eliminate the hostiles in the guard towers.
    8. Make your way around the corner of the canyon ahead to continue in the direction of the next objective marker and locate the facility in the quarry below, then snipe the enemies in the area beneath you.
    9. Move along the ridge to the left that looks down on the quarry facility and use the rocks as cover to continue picking off the hostiles in the surrounding area below, then fight your way down towards the next objective marker and enter the nearby Scorpion tank.
    10. Should the tank you’re in come under too much fire, jump out of the driver’s seat to avoid being killed and find another Scorpion inside the nearby structure.
    11. Swivel the tank’s cannon around to clear the surrounding area of enemies and drive around the quarry to destroy the guard towers, then wait for the next objective marker to appear and look towards the skies above.
    12. Use the tank to shoot down the oncoming enemy transport ships and back the Scorpion up onto one of the surrounding sand hills to fire at hostiles from a safe distance, then clear out the ground troops that are deployed and destroy the Wraith as soon as they appear.
    13. If your Scorpion is destroyed during the battle, enter the another one located around the structure at the center of quarry or climb atop the building and use the turrets above to continue protecting the area.
    14. Should the turrets or Scorpions be occupied by teammates, acquire a scoped weapon and position yourself on the ridges that surround the area to pick off the enemy ground troops that are deployed continuously.
    15. Approach Wraiths on foot, when their cannons are pointed away from you, and execute a grenade attack to destroy these enemy vehicles.
    16. Finish clearing the area of all remaining enemies and approach the Pelican when it lands to complete this mission.

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