Halo 4: Spartan Ops Guide

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Chapter 2: Galileo

    1. Move down the trail on your left and use a scoped rifle to open fire on the enemies in the surrounding buildings ahead, then enter the first structure on the left and clear the first floor with the help of a few grenade tosses.
    2. Approach the power generator in the back right corner of the room to deactivate it and turn back around to defend yourself from another wave of approaching enemies, then exit the building and move towards the next nearest objective marker.
    3. Use an automatic rifle and grenades to fight past the enemies that guard the surrounding structures, then search the buildings for gun racks and refill your munitions to continue the battle throughout.
    4. In order to eliminate the groups of enemies inside each building quickly and safely, move as a unit with the rest of your team to even the odds and travel across the area without much difficulty.
    5. Continue clearing the rooms around the facility to safely access and deactivate the remaining generators in the area, then climb one of the ramps inside the buildings to reach the level above and use the connecting bridges to reach the surrounding structures with more ease.
    6. Use a scoped rifle from a distance to help clear out the last building with an active generator inside of it and enter this structure via one of the upper level bridges, then approach the objective marker and shut down the last power source in the area.
    7. Stay on the upper level bridges to fight past another wave of enemies dropped off by transport ships and wait for the next objective markers to appear, then approach the sides of the indicated buildings and climb onto their roofs.
    8. Clear the enemies from the marked rooftops and approach the indicated defense turret to activate it, then repeat this action on another building or help clear out the remaining hostiles in the area.
    9. Stay on the rooftops to defeat the last wave of enemies deployed below by firing on them with a rocket launcher or scoped rifle to complete this mission.

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