Halo 4: Spartan Ops Guide

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Chapter 3: Spartan Mountain

    1. Make your way forward through the valley and pick off the snipers on the surrounding rocks, then follow the paths or streams ahead to reach the crash site on the ridge above.
    2. Stay close to your team to approach the downed ship and use a scoped rifle to eliminate the wave of approaching hostiles, then take cover beneath the crash and toss grenades to wipe out the larger groups of enemies.
    3. Wait for your next objective to be issued and head back down the previous path to approach the shield generator beside the turret you cleared earlier on the hill above, then deactivate the indicated device and wait for the blue forcefield on the left to disappear.
    4. Approach the next transport ship that arrives to deploy enemies and toss grenades into the hostile group that descends to start clearing them out, then make your way towards the current red objective marker and destroy the indicated comm jammer.
    5. Equip a rocket launcher if possible to defeat the larger enemies that arrive and approach the next transport ship that descends in the field nearby, then climb atop one of rocks overlooking that area and snipe the new wave of hostiles.
    6. Wait for your next objective to be issued, then drop down into the battle in the field below and commandeer a Ghost to help clear out the surrounding hostiles.
    7. Drive your Ghost towards the next objective marker to approach the tower in the near distance and take cover behind the surrounding rocks to avoid the enemy tank fire, then sprint over to the Wraith on foot and use a grenade to destroy it.
    8. Approach the indicated consoles against the mountainsides on either side of the tower and use them to deactivate the structure’s forcefield, then move through the building’s rear entrance and descend the ramp to eliminate the hostiles in the room below.
    9. Retreat while firing to eliminate the enemies armed with swords that rush towards you and make your way onto the upper level next to wipe out another group of hostiles, then move around the outside of the tower and finish clearing the area.
    10. After the last enemy is eliminated, return to the bottom floor of the tower to approach the next objective marker and wait to activate the indicated device.
    11. Exit the room through the doorway on the right to approach the next objective marker by the waterfall and turn around to watch the ball of energy launch into the air, then return to the upper level of the tower and aim your sniper rifle towards the transport ship that lands in the field across from you.
    12. Use your sniper rifle to pick off the approaching wave of enemies and toss grenades the closer they get to eliminate the clustered groups or the larger more heavily-armed hostiles, then finish clearing the area and approach the next objective marker that appears at the previous crash site to complete this mission.

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