Halo 4: Spartan Ops Guide

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Chapter 5: Hunting Trip

    1. Make your way forward up the path in front of you and use a scoped rifle to start picking off the enemies jumping towards you in the distance, then take cover behind the rocks on the right and eliminate the hostile manning the turret atop the rock ahead.
    2. Continue forward through the canyon to eliminate the enemy in the tower to your left and eliminate the approaching enemies to approach the right side of the structure ahead.
    3. Eliminate the turrets on the ledges above as you climb the ramp and stay with your team to continue taking out the hostiles on the next level above, then approach the next incline at the front of the structure and disable the turret at the top with grenades.
    4. Move up the incline to reach the area above and toss a few grenades to clear out the enemies ahead, then hop into the nearby turret and use it to continue eliminating the hostiles marked with a red icon.
    5. Finish clearing the area and search the surrounding area to refill your supplies, then return to the top of the previous incline and use a scoped rifle to zoom in on the enemies deployed by the transport ship in the distance ahead.
    6. Make your way back down the incline as you snipe the oncoming wave of enemies and throw grenades the closer they get to clear them out more easily, then hop into one of the nearby turrets to save on ammo and watch the tower to the left for ascending hostiles.
    7. Fall back with your team to hold off the enemies that manage to reach the upper levels of the structure you’re on and maintain an elevated position over the hostiles to keep the advantage during battle.
    8. Repeat the previous steps to continue fighting off the invasion as more transport ships arrive to deploy enemies and refill your supplies on the uppermost level of the structure to avoid running out of ammo.
    9. Open fire as a unit with the rest of your team and toss grenades consistently to eliminate the larger enemies that are deployed, then prepare for the next invasion by dropping to the ground below and acquiring one of the indicated rocket launchers that have been left for you.
    10. Return to the top of the structure to refill your ammo and use the rocket launcher to clear out the larger hostiles that arrive next on the level below, then switch back to a rifle for eliminating the smaller enemies and toss grenades into the groups clustered together.
    11. Pick off enemies as they are launched onto the upper levels of the structure and refill your ammo as much as possible throughout the battles, then use a rocket launcher to shoot down the transport ships hovering on either side of the building and finish clearing the area from an elevated position.
    12. Evacuate the structure and approach the Pelican that lands ahead in the distance to complete this chapter.

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