Halo 4: Spartan Ops Guide

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Chapter 1: Land Grab

    1. Unless you’re playing with a reliable teammate, ignore the Warthogs and commandeer one of the Ghost ahead to start driving forward through the canyon.
    2. Take a left at every fork in the path ahead and stay close by the rest of your team to quickly eliminate the hostiles blocking the road in front of you, then swerve back and forth between the walls of the canyon to dodge the enemy Wraiths’ gunfire.
    3. You can eliminate the enemy Ghosts more quickly by focusing your gunfire on the driver, rather than trying to destroy the entire opposing vehicle.
    4. Open fire in unison with the rest of your team to destroy the enemy tanks before they can do much damage, then continue driving forward through the canyon ahead and eliminate the sniper in the hover tower above.
    5. Finish clearing the immediate area of all enemies, then turn your Ghost’s gunfire on the indicated power core to destroy it and complete the first objective.
    6. Continue towards the next red objective marker on the right and approach the enemy turret with another member of your team to confuse its targeting ability, then move around the mounted gun in a circle while firing repeatedly to eventually destroy it.
    7. Destroy the second power core and continue driving along the canyon path ahead to approach the next closest objective marker, then fight off the invading wave of enemy forces by sticking close to your group of allies.
    8. Aim for the driver inside the next Wraith you encounter to disable it, then dismount from the Ghost to take control of the more powerful enemy tank and use it effectively during the ensuing battle.
    9. Follow the Covenant flying through the sky above to eliminate the ground forces it deploys as soon as they touch down, then destroy this enemy airship with the help of a Wraith you’ve commandeered or repeated fire from a Ghost.
    10. Should you find yourself on foot at any time during a battle, equip a scoped weapon to hide up on the surrounding cliffs or at the top of canyon walls and snipe any enemy driver to commandeer his vehicle.
    11. Destroy the third power core and wipe out the invading enemy forces to complete this chapter.

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