Halo 4: Spartan Ops Guide

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Chapter 5: The Didact’s Gift

    1. Move forward to drop to ground on your left and enter the structure behind you to acquire a scoped rifle, then move towards the next objective marker to ascend the structure ahead and enter the room at the top on the right.
    2. Take cover by the windows in the room and look out through them to start mowing down the enemies that arrive in the area below, then toss grenades to destroy the Ghosts or snipe the drivers out of their seats.
    3. You can acquire a rocket launcher on the rack across from the open doorway in the corner for eliminating the enemy vehicles.
    4. Make your way to the right across the room and exit through the opening in the corner, then descend the ramp to continue eliminating hostiles and commandeer one of the abandoned Ghosts below.
    5. Finish clearing out the first wave of enemies and take cover inside one of the buildings to avoid the gunfire from the transport ship that arrives next, then use the Ghost you commandeered to help clear out the next group of ground forces deployed or return to the structure above to regain the advantageous high ground.
    6. You can also use a scoped rifle to pick off the enemies manning the turret on the transport ships that arrive and reduce friendly casualties.
    7. Toss grenades or fire your rocket launcher into the clustered groups of enemies deployed at once and use a scoped rifle to eliminate any survivors.
    8. Acquire a sniper rifle to pick off the shielded enemies that are deployed at the top of the structure in the distance and stay on the move to avoid the hostiles that approach at close-range.
    9. Return to the rack where you first acquired the rocket launcher to now collect a shotgun, then travel around the bridges connecting the structures together and eliminate the enemies occupying these areas.
    10. Stay close to other members of your team and sweep the area as a group to increase the chances of survival.
    11. Use your map to locate the enemies hiding inside the structures or firing down on you from distant perches, then continue approaching the transport ships that arrive to eliminate the groups of hostiles before they have a chance to scatter into various hiding places.
    12. Commandeer another Ghost or use explosive weaponry to eliminate the larger hostiles that arrive, then approach the next objective marker that appears to activate the indicated console and reroute power to the base defenses.
    13. Equip your rocket launcher to finish clearing out the remaining ground forces and wait for the base’s defense system to destroy the transport ships in the air above, then approach the next objective marker that appears to reach the indicated console and clear out the enemies in the room with grenade tosses.
    14. Approach the indicated console to activate the reactor and exit the room, then commandeer a Ghost to track down the remaining enemies in the area and eliminate them to complete this mission.

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