Halo 4: Spartan Ops Guide

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Chapter 5: Core

    1. Head forward down the walkway to enter the cavern below and take a right at the next fork in the tunnel, then continue along the path to reach the outside area at the end.
    2. Take cover behind one of the energy shields ahead and target the turret on the ledge above in the distance to destroy it first.
    3. Move with your team across the area ahead and fight through the next wave of enemies to approach the ramp on the right.
    4. Climb the ramp and clear out the hostiles in the back right corner on the platform above with the help of your grenades, then use the indicated console nearby to cause structural movement.
    5. Make your way across towards the opposite end of the structure and fight past the next wave of enemies that have appeared by firing down on them from the balcony to the left or right.
    6. Use the consoles on the balconies to open the doors ahead and drop to the next level below, then make your way forward into the base and mow down another wave of hostiles with an automatic weapon.
    7. Head up the ramp on the left to take out the enemies at the top and collect munitions from the nearby gun rack, then approach the edge of the incline ahead to snipe another wave of hostiles below and on the ledges in the corners.
    8. Continue moving forward to approach the next objective marker above and use the console to deactivate the shields, then make your way across to the opposite side of the area and pass through the holes in the rock wall.
    9. Take out the flying enemies above first to prevent them from regenerating other hostiles, then continue clearing the area ahead and approach the next structure in the corner to the right.
    10. Eliminate the enemies in front of the structure and at the top of the ramp on the right, then make your way up the incline and approach the next objective marker to use the indicated console.
    11. After revealing the artifact, stay close to it and your teammates to fend off the next wave of invading enemies.
    12. Look down into the area you came from below to continue fighting off the hostiles with the help of grenades and target the flying enemies first to prevent them from helping the others.
    13. Use the weapons provided in the surrounding area to guard the artifact from the approaching hostiles and pick it up after the evac ship arrives to complete this chapter.

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