Halo 4: Spartan Ops Guide

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Chapter 3: Hacksaw

    1. Move forward across the dunes in the direction of the structure ahead to collect a shield and shotgun from the weapons cache, then make your way through the entrance to the maze on the right.
    2. Navigate the maze of buildings by sprinting towards the openings in the structures and use your shotgun to take out the surrounding enemies at close-range, then take cover inside and eliminate the hostiles that approach from a distance.
    3. Head towards the next objective marker to encounter the Hunters and toss grenades or use an automatic rifle to defeat them with the help of your team, then snipe the Ghost driver to commandeer this enemy vehicle.
    4. Turn the left corner ahead to discover the group of trapped marines and take cover to open fire on the enemies that drop from the transport ship above, then finish clearing the area and equip a scoped weapon to pick off the hostiles on the ledges above.
    5. Sprint towards the next area of enemy activity and approach the Wraith tank at close range to destroy it with a grenade., then climb one of the nearby ramps to walk along the upper ledges and fire down upon the hostiles you see below.
    6. Stay on the move with your shield up to fend off the constant invasion of enemy forces and open fire them at close range with a shotgun or at a distance from behind cover, then search the surrounding area to collect high-powered weapons off the ground.
    7. Move in close formation with the rest of your team to wipe out the enemy forces more efficiently and head towards the next objective marker that appears to climb the ramp inside one of the larger surrounding structures.
    8. Pick up one of the indicated rocket launchers or laser cannons on the structure’s outer ledge and aim it towards the sky in the direction of the red objective markers, then wait for the Phantoms to hover momentarily above a single area and open fire repeatedly on the enemy vessel.
    9. Fire in front of the Phantoms as they move across the sky to score successful hits and eventually destroy them or you can guard the entry points leading into this area from approaching enemies on foot to protect members of your as they fire rockets of their own.
    10. Finish clearing the area and approach the indicated landing zone to complete this chapter.

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