Halo 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Dawn
  • Mission 2: Requiem
  • Mission 3: Forerunner
  • Mission 4: Infinity
  • Mission 5: Reclaimer
  • Mission 6: Shutdown
  • Mission 7: Composer
  • Mission 8: Midnight
  • Mission 1: Dawn

    1. Look up to pull the emergency release and exit the cryo-tube, then move forward through the corridor ahead to reach the orange-lit room at the end and use the console to review the weapons system.
    2. Continue holding the indicated button down to review the gravity controls, the ship’s propulsion, the hull integrity and the life support.
    3. Exit the room through the open doorway on the right and make your next available left to climb the steps at the end, then turn around at the top and enter the next room across from you.
    4. Make a left into the next room beside you and approach the hologram at its center to witness the orange wave of energy pass through, then exit through the open doorway behind the hologram and turn right into the corridor below.
    5. Use the corridor to reach the indicated set of doors at the end, then tap the indicated button to pry them open and allow the air pressure to suck you into the next room.
    6. Follow the on-screen prompts to climb upwards along the elevator shaft and jump to the left side of the area, when you see the tumbling debris coming your way, then leap forward again and to the right after that.
    7. Jump forward again and onto the wall directly beside you, then continue climbing forward and drop back to the surface on your left to avoid the next cluster of oncoming debris.
    8. Crawl up onto the ledge above to encounter the Elite and press the indicated button to eliminate this enemy, then move through the next open doorway on your left to enter the flight deck and climb the stairs across from you.
    9. Sneak up behind the elite across from you at the top of the steps and strike the enemy in the back of the head with a melee strike, then turn around and open fire on the hostiles below to your left or right.
    10. Drop onto the floor below to collect new weapons and ammunition, then move in a circle around the area to finish clearing the room of all remaining enemies and climb back up the previous staircase.
    11. Approach the consoles across the platform at the top and press the indicated button to override the blast shield controls, then drop down to look through the large window that’s been uncovered and wait for the elite to spot you.
    12. Retreat to the back of the room, before the elite ships pass through the surrounding windows, and turn around to start opening fire or throwing grenades at the enemies that drop into the area next.
    13. Take cover in the area beneath the platform at the center of the room and continue eliminating the enemies that appear on both sides of this area, then exit the flight deck through the open doorway across from the steps and turn left.
    14. Move through the set of doors that open for you to enter the elevator and ride it to the next area, then exit the car and make a left into the adjacent corridor.
    15. Enter the next room that opens for you in the left corner ahead and eliminate the enemies inside, then continue moving forward around the corridor to take out another hostile and activate the door at the end.
    16. Back up to use the corner behind you as cover and eliminate the enemies in the area ahead, then move forward to descend the next staircase on the right and take out the hostiles below.
    17. Take cover behind the wall on the right at the bottom of the staircase and eliminate the enemies ahead, then fight your way forward through the next few corridors and use grenades to quickly eliminate the shielded hostiles on the left.
    18. Move through the open door that was being guarded by the shielded enemies and make a left to enter the next open area, then make your way into the rounded room ahead and clear it of enemies.
    19. Continue into the orange-lit back area to eliminate the elites and exit using the rear open doorway, then make a left through the next two corridors to reach the outside area and turn right to take out the hostiles that are dropped off by the ship.
    20. Take cover and use your rifle to zoom in on the enemies scattered across the area below, then pick them off until you can safely drop off the edge and turn left to eliminate the shielded hostiles by aiming for their exposed body parts.
    21. Use the surrounding obstacles as cover to peek out and snipe the enemies blocking your path to the next objective marker, then cross to the opposite side of the area and make a right up the nearby ramp to ascend onto the level above.
    22. Turn left at the top of the ramp to eliminate the nearby enemies and make your way around the ledge to collect additional ammo or weaponry, then turn around to continue towards the objective marker and enter the yellow-lit corridor above.
    23. Fight your way past the next group of hostiles ahead and approach the indicated console on the right to initiate manual launch, then move back through the yellow-lit corridor and turn left to start sniping the enemies that have appeared on the level below.
    24. Clear the area below until it is safe for you to drop off the edge and make your way forward to approach the next objective marker, then move between cover to continue picking off the hostiles ahead and reach the malfunctioning missile door.
    25. Approach the indicated device to trigger the magnetic accelerator and activate a cut scene, then turn around to sprint back across the area and climb the ramp ahead to re-enter the ship.
    26. Make your way through the door that opens at the end to navigate the orange-lit corridors ahead and drop through the floor in the rounded area you enter next, then climb the nearby set of steps to reach the room collapsing in on itself and avoid the numerous explosions.
    27. Cross to the other side of the collapsing room to jump over the next hole in the floor ahead and make a right to push past another group of enemies blocking your path, then take your next available left to approach the doors at the end and activate a short cut scene to complete this mission.

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