Halo 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Dawn
  • Mission 2: Requiem
  • Mission 3: Forerunner
  • Mission 4: Infinity
  • Mission 5: Reclaimer
  • Mission 6: Shutdown
  • Mission 7: Composer
  • Mission 8: Midnight
  • Mission 2: Requiem

    1. Make your way forward through the wreckage to reach the area below and turn left to search the surrounding debris for supplies, then continue around behind the structure lit up by orange flames and follow the path ahead to see the blue exhaust engines in the distance above.
    2. Jump over the pieces of wreckage ahead to land in the trench below and make a left to enter rock tunnel in the corner, then continue following the path through the narrow canyon and exit into the daylight above at the end.
    3. Move left along the dirt trail that overlooks the massive structure in the distance below and approach the Warthog ahead to flip it back on its wheels, then enter the driver’s seat and accelerate down the path in front of you.
    4. Take your next available left to enter the tunnel of wreckage and continue driving the reach the narrow canyon ahead, then navigate the dirt trail that eventually becomes a grassy one and make a right upon exiting the enclosure.
    5. Drive downhill to encounter the group of enemies below and enter your vehicle’s turret to start opening fire on them, then pick off the surrounding hostiles and remove them from the Ghosts without destroying the craft.
    6. Commandeer one of the abandoned Ghosts to finish off the remaining enemies in the area and collect the supplies left behind, then continue down the hill to take out another group of hostiles and use the surrounding rock formation as cover.
    7. Use the Warthog if necessary to approach the enemy on the elevated platform and enter the vehicle’s turret to finish clearing the area, then collect supplies from atop the ridge in the back right corner and make your way up rocky path ahead by staying to the left.
    8. Eliminate the enemies in your path to navigate the path through the narrow canyon and exit out the other side to continue approaching the structure in the distance, then take cover to snipe the next group of hostiles that appear in the grassy area and atop the ledges ahead.
    9. Climb atop one of the larger rock formation ahead to snipe or grenade the remaining enemies below and on the ridges to your right, then drop back to the ground and make a left in front of the large metallic structure.
    10. Move to the left around the metal structure and eliminate the enemies blocking your path, then head up the next ramp you see on the right and turn at the top to clear out the hostiles in the nearby enclosure.
    11. Make a right around the front of the structure and climb the next ramp on your left to eliminate the enemies at the top, then move forward to finish clearing the area with the help of grenades and approach the rear door to wait for it to open.
    12. Enter the structure through the large doors that open for you ahead and climb the next ramp to encounter the swarm of enemy aircraft, then jump down into the area below and make your way across to the opposite side of the room.
    13. Head diagonally towards the left to reach the next area and climb the second ramp on your right, then approach the objective marker at the top to access the cartographer and activate a cut scene.
    14. Afterwards, make your way forward up the ramps in the left corner ahead to approach the console around the corner and activate the light bridge.
    15. Cross the light bridge to reach the next ledge and drop into the area below, then use a sword if possible to clear out the surrounding enemies and climb the ramps on the other side to make a left at the top.
    16. Approach the indicated console around the corner to activate another light bridge and cross it to press the button in front of the orange energy beam, then turn left to reach the next ledge and open fire on the enemies in the area below.
    17. Move along the left side of the room to collect additional ammunition and climb the next ramp on the right to clear out the enemies at the top, then move forward to eliminate another group of hostiles in the brightly-lit area below.
    18. Turn left to climb another ramp and eliminate the group of enemies on the next level above, then finish clearing the area and approach the indicated console to access the cartographer again.
    19. Following the next cut scene, approach the triangle of laser beams in front of you to pick up a shield and exit the room through the door that opens ahead.
    20. Activate your shield as you descend on the elevator platform to protect yourself from oncoming fire and take cover on the left side of the bridge, then peek out to snipe the wave of enemies ahead and continue moving forward.
    21. As you cross the bridge, jump to see above the obstacles in your path and open fire or throw grenades to continue clearing out the enemies ahead.
    22. Approach the edge of the bridge section ahead and snipe all the enemies below, then drop down to continue moving forward up the ramps on the other side and turn around to commandeer the Banshee aircraft.
    23. Turn the Banshee around to continue across the bridge and execute a barrel roll to dodge any incoming fire, then keep a constant distance from the other enemy aircraft to shoot them out of the sky.
    24. Fly back and forth across the second half of the bridge to mow down the wave of enemies below, then land the Banshee at the opposite end to move through the door that opens and make your way along the next corridor ahead.
    25. Move through the next door with your shield up to approach the group of enemies ahead and eliminate them with melee strikes or a scoped weapon, then approach the left side of the area to collect new weaponry and use it to pick off one of the Ghost drivers.
    26. Commandeer a Ghost and use it to clear the surrounding area of all enemies, then continue driving it forward to reach the next structure ahead and navigate the vehicle through the front entrance.
    27. Dismount from the Ghost to climb one of the next narrow ramps in the corners ahead and turn around to make your way up onto the level above, then clear out the enemies in front of you and move right around the balcony at the end.
    28. Fight past the group of enemies ahead, using explosive rounds and grenades, then turn the corner at the end to continue eliminating hostiles at climb the next ramp in front of you to make a right at the top.
    29. Snipe the enemies in the distance ahead to continue moving forward and climb one of the next ramps you see on the left, then use the surrounding obstacles to keep a safe distance from the larger hostile above and move around behind the enemy to kill it with a sword strike to the back.
    30. Repeat the previous tactic to eliminate the second larger enemy that appears and approach the indicated door to enter the next structure, then continue moving forward across an orange-lit walkway and climb the ramp at the end.
    31. Move around the circular walkway to jump onto the platform that descend from above and ride it upwards to complete this mission.

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