Halo 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Dawn
  • Mission 2: Requiem
  • Mission 3: Forerunner
  • Mission 4: Infinity
  • Mission 5: Reclaimer
  • Mission 6: Shutdown
  • Mission 7: Composer
  • Mission 8: Midnight
  • Mission 3: Forerunner

    1. Make your way forward through the next door to cross the bridge ahead and insert Cortana into the console at the end to activate a cut scene, then enter the portal that has appeared below on the left and teleport to the First Pylon.
    2. Move through the tunnel ahead and follow the canyon path around at the end, then use grenades to clear out the enemies crawling down the surrounding walls and activate the next light bridge.
    3. Cross the light bridge to continue along the canyon path and encounter the new breed of enemy that drops from above, then make a left around the next corner and clear out another group of smaller hostiles by throwing grenades.
    4. Take cover behind the nearby rock formations to eliminate the larger flying enemies that appear in front of you by scoring headshots, then approach the blue objective marker to pass through the doors that open next and move forward down the corridor.
    5. Collect supplies along the way as you continue down the corridor and move through the next door that opens at the end, then eliminate the enemies on the other side and travel along the path leading towards the right.
    6. Fight through another wave of enemies to turn the next corner in the path and reach the glowing platform at the end, then climb the small ramp on the left and turn around to start eliminating the hostiles that descend.
    7. Collect whatever ammo or weaponry you can and move back down the ramp to turn left at the bottom, then snipe the enemies that occupy the surrounding canyon walls and the ground below.
    8. Drop to the canyon floor below and make a right up the rock ledge above, then enter the cave at the top to move through the next door ahead and follow the corridor in front of you.
    9. Make your next left to collect supplies and return to the previous corridor to exit through the door at the end, then snipe the enemies on the ground below and on the structure across from you.
    10. Move down into the structure below and approach the on-screen objective marker to find the first power core, then destroy the ball of energy with a few quick shots and continue fighting your way forward across this facility by using your shield effectively.
    11. Approach the back right corner of this structure to locate the next power core and destroy it, then fight your way over to the opposite corner of the facility and destroy the final power core.
    12. Head towards the blue on-screen objective marker near the center of this facility and climb the ramps within the small structure to reach the ledges above, then continue moving up the outer ramps to cross the light bridge at the top and press the button on the other side to activate the elevator.
    13. Ride the elevator upwards to reach the top of the beam and use the indicated control panel to shut it down, then move forward into the portal that appears ahead and teleport to the next pylon.
    14. Move through the door ahead to cross the bridge and enter the next portal you see below on the right, then collect supplies from the surrounding walls and make your way forward into the tunnel.
    15. Make a left along the canyon trail to fall through the next opening in the ground and exit the enclosure to encounter the drop pods, then move right to fight across the battlefield using your shield and an automatic weapon.
    16. Continue across the canyon battlefield and climb onto the upper rock ledges to the left, then fight your way back towards the opposite end of this area and follow the path around to the right.
    17. Clear out the enemies around the corner to commandeer a Ghost and drive it forward across the next canyon area ahead, then mow down the hostiles blocking the path to enter the yellow-lit cave tunnel at the end.
    18. Navigate the Ghost around the cave tunnel ahead to exit out the other side and clear out another group of enemies, then drive through the front entrance of the next structure and make your way up the inclines to reach the door at the top.
    19. Exit the structure to destroy the Banshee on the other side and make a right to approach the next on-screen objective marker, then clear out the enemies guarding this area and use your Ghost to destroy the first power core.
    20. Continue driving across to the rear end of the facility and approach the next on-screen objective marker to destroy the second power core, then navigate over to the opposite side of the area and destroy the final core.
    21. Look towards the light bridge above and enter the structure at the center of this facility that leads up to it, then fight past another wave of enemies and dismount from the Ghost to continue climbing the inclines.
    22. Cross the light bridge above to activate the elevator on the other side, then ride it upwards to reach the top of the beam and use the indicated console to shut it down.
    23. Enter the portal that appears in front of you to teleport and move through the door ahead, then cross the bridge to enter another portal and continue making your way forward to encounter the next wave of enemies.
    24. Use grenades to quickly eliminate the hostiles in front of you and continue moving towards the massive sphere ahead, then turn left to open the next door and make your way up the incline on the other side.
    25. Climb the ramp in the left corner at the top and eliminate the hostile ahead by striking him from behind with a melee assault, then continue moving forward around the walkway and open fire on the enemies below to clear the area.
    26. Continue around the upper ledge to eliminate the next wave of enemies and make a right up the incline to approach the massive sphere, then use the console at the top to open communications and activate a cut scene.
    27. Afterwards, sprint forward across the canyon to commandeer a Ghost and continue driving it towards the beacon of light in the distance ahead.
    28. Boost the Ghost consistently to clear gaps in the road and navigate around the rock formations that continually burst from the ground, then ignore the enemies scurrying across your path and don’t stop until you reach the portal at the end to complete this mission.

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