Halo 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Dawn
  • Mission 2: Requiem
  • Mission 3: Forerunner
  • Mission 4: Infinity
  • Mission 5: Reclaimer
  • Mission 6: Shutdown
  • Mission 7: Composer
  • Mission 8: Midnight
  • Mission 4: Infinity

    1. Move left along the jungle path and continue in the direction of the next objective marker, then check the dead bodies to review their tags and head down the trail to your left.
    2. Eliminate the creatures in the next clearing below and turn down the path leading towards the left, then take out the next wave of hostiles on the ground and in the trees above.
    3. Continue fighting your way forward through the jungle and destroy the flying hostiles first to prevent them from forming shields, then move towards the next objective marker to pick up the Promethean Vision off the ground and turn it on to see through the fog ahead.
    4. Snipe the enemies hiding across the area covered in fog below to safely drop into the next clearing and continue moving forward along the jungle path, then fight your way past the numerous waves of hostiles by climbing into the trees above to use them as cover and by tossing grenades at the larger groups.
    5. Climb higher into the trees on the right at the end of the path and make your way around the branches to reach the next objective marker on the metallic crash site above, then collect the surrounding munitions and review the IFF tag to activate a cut scene.
    6. Afterwards, move through the next door ahead to exit the ship and take cover immediately to start clearing out the enemies that surround the area.
    7. Stay close to your teammates and focus on eliminating the hostiles one-by-one as they approach, then toss grenades to take out the ones clustered together and collect supplies from the crates around you.
    8. Use a sniper rifle to keep the enemies in the distance at bay for as long as you can, then switch over to a shotgun if they get too close.
    9. Activate Promethean Vision to hunt down and eliminate the remaining enemies ahead, then collect the autosentry and move left to climb the inclined path against the dirt wall.
    10. Turn around at the top to continue following the path through the jungle and use grenades to eliminate the enemies around the next corner, then head forward along the trail and take cover with the soldiers pinned down in the area ahead.
    11. Move behind the sandbags on the left to pick up the railgun and start taking down the group of enemies ahead, then deploy the autosentry to continue clearing out the hostiles and advance up the path in front of you on the left.
    12. Take cover behind the next stack of sandbags ahead and eliminate the flying machines to prevent them from regenerating the other enemies, then fall back to evade the laser turrets that appear and snipe them from a distance.
    13. Fight your way forward to reach the metallic structure ahead and detach one of the nearby turrets to carry it as a weapon, then approach the next objective marker to insert Cortana into the device and turn around to start defending the area.
    14. Set up another autosentry and use the detached turret to fend off the approaching wave of enemies coming from below until you run out of ammo, then move along the ridge to your right and commandeer another turret to continue the assault.
    15. Continue defending the area until all of the enemies have been cleared out, then detach the turret and approach the objective marker to retrieve Cortana.
    16. Move through the door that opens in front of you to enter the cavern and continue forward to encounter the enemies at the next fork in the path, then toss a grenade into this group of hostiles and exit the tunnel into the open cave area ahead.
    17. Pick up the railgun on the right to continue sniping the enemies ahead in the distance and on the ridge above to your right, then open fire on another group of hostiles that are dropped off by a transport ship and finish clearing the area.
    18. Approach the Pelican that arrives to travel to the next area and drop into the Scorpion tank below, then move back and forth between the cover of the surrounding rock formations to evade enemy fire while eliminating the hostiles ahead.
    19. Drive forward through the cavern and use the Scorpion’s cannon to clear out the Ghosts and ground enemies that block your path, then continue following the path around to take down the next series of guard towers ahead on the left and right.
    20. Open fire on the next Wraith tank you see ahead before it can score a hit on your Scorpion, then continue firing the cannon into the enemy vehicle until it explodes.
    21. Continue using the Scorpion to blast your way along the path ahead to reach the next objective marker and clear out the wave of enemies that surround it, then drop into the indicated tunnel and drive onto the elevator platform at the end.
    22. Ascend on the elevator platform to reach the level above and use the cannon to clear out the nearby groups of hostiles, then drive forward through the metallic structure to destroy the tower ahead and wait for the next objective to appear.
    23. Exit the tank to move through the indicated doorway and use the console above on the right to raise the Mantis, then enter the mech that ascends to take control of it and use the machine guns to blast a hole through the door in front of you.
    24. Walk forward through the corridor ahead and use the Mantis’ weaponry to clear out the wave of enemies in front of you, then make your next right to destroy the turrets above and proceed forward into the next open area.
    25. Fight your way up the next incline to clear out the surrounding enemies and make a left at the top, then continue eliminating the hostiles that block the path ahead to enter the elevator at the end and ride it to the level above.
    26. Turn around to exit the elevator and move through the doors that open in front of you, then use the Mantis’ weaponry to destroy the three indicated jammers and the surrounding hostiles.
    27. Move to the rear end of the platform you’re on and turn around to defend the pair of mounted missile launchers, then alternate between looking upwards to destroy the incoming Banshees or transports ships and looking down to clear out the ground forces.
    28. Walk back and forth across the platform to defend the two missile launchers until the area is completely cleared, then approach the next objective marker and exit the Mantis to use the indicated console.
    29. After activating the Mac network, re-enter the Mantis to continue fighting off the Banshees and activate the next cut scene to complete this mission.

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