Halo 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Dawn
  • Mission 2: Requiem
  • Mission 3: Forerunner
  • Mission 4: Infinity
  • Mission 5: Reclaimer
  • Mission 6: Shutdown
  • Mission 7: Composer
  • Mission 8: Midnight
  • Mission 5: Reclaimer

    1. Move through the cave tunnel ahead and enter the massive vehicle on the other side, then climb the stairs within and turn around at the top to make your way up the next set of steps on the left.
    2. Climb the outside steps to reach the top of the massive vehicle and approach the indicated objective marker to speak with Lasky, then drop back to the level below and collect the jetpack off the wall.
    3. Ride atop the Mammoth as it drives forward around the mountain path ahead and watch as the Pelicans in front of you are blown out of the sky, then take control of the turret on the left and use it to clear out the wave of enemies on the ground below.
    4. Continue using the turret to eliminate the hostile enemies and vehicle after the Mammoth comes to a stop, then drop to the ground below and make your way towards the next objective marker ahead.
    5. Commandeer a Ghost and use it to clear the surrounding area of the enemy vehicles that remain, then approach the next objective marker on foot to equip the Target Designator and point it towards the transport ship flying above to have the Mammoth destroy it.
    6. Get a line of sight on the Phantom orb in the distance past the edge of the cliff and use the target designator to have it destroyed as well, then re-enter the Mammoth to collect more ammunition and have back onto the top of this massive vehicle.
    7. Ride the Mammoth along the mountain path and use the target designator to clear out the enemy ships ahead, then move under the overhangs that surround the top of the massive vehicle to fire at the Banshees from the safety of cover.
    8. After the Mammoth comes to a stop again, equip a sniper rifle and drop to ground below to pick off the enemies guarding the three generators ahead.
    9. Commandeer a Ghost and use it to destroy the three shield generators, then re-enter the Mammoth to continue riding it along the path ahead and target the hostile orb in the distance to have it destroyed by railgun.
    10. Use the mounted turrets on the Mammoth or a sniper rifle to eliminate the next wave of enemies on the right, then drop to the ground below and commandeer a Ghost to continue protecting the massive vehicle.
    11. Use the Ghost to fight off the continuous assault of enemy vehicles or return to the turrets on top of the Mammoth, then ride the enormous vehicle through the canyon and jump onto the mountainside above to approach the next objective marker.
    12. Enter the green tractor beam to ascend into the covenant ship above and immediately open fire to clear the enemies from the surrounding area, then climb the nearby incline to eliminate another group of hostiles at the top.
    13. Approach the indicated purple button and change it to green with a melee strike, then open fire to destroy the entire device and jump out the open window ahead on the right to land on top of the Mammoth below using your jetpack.
    14. Ride the Mammoth along the mountain path ahead to experience Cortana malfunctioning and wait for the vehicle to be stopped by an obstruction in the road, then equip a sniper rifle and drop to the ground below.
    15. Make your way towards the next objective marker to enter the rock maze and pick off the enemies you see standing on top of the surrounding boulders or approaching from down the path ahead.
    16. Move back and forth behind the rock formations or energy shields within the maze to evade taking enemy fire, then continue fighting your way forward by using the jetpack to get on top of the walls and jump between them while sniping.
    17. Zoom in on the enemies perched on the highest cliffs above and approach the metal structure at the end of the path ahead, then take out the hostiles on the next series of ledges in front of you and climb the ramp on the left.
    18. Take cover at the top to fight your way forward and use the jetpack to land on the bridge high above, then eliminate the enemy that’s perched her and snipe the rest of the hostiles that appear beneath you.
    19. Drop back to the ground below and continue moving towards the next objective marker, then climb the ramp ahead to eliminate the enemies at the top and fight your way through the indicated door that opens in the left corner above.
    20. Wait for the second door in front of you to open and navigate the next green-lit corridor ahead to enter the elongated chamber at the end, then destroy the robot that appears and make a left across the room.
    21. Move through the next two doorway that are opened for you to approach the objective marker ahead and descend on the elevator platform, then exit into the corridor at the bottom and navigate around it to reach the room at the end.
    22. Make your way through the door that is opened directly across from you and take the right turn ahead to enter the room with the Particle Cannon Network inside of it, then continue moving forward to approach the next objective marker and transfer Cortana to the indicated console.
    23. After Cortana vanishes, turn around to head back the way you came and cross the next light bridge that suddenly appears on your right to move through the door at the opposite end.
    24. Move through the narrow corridor to make an immediate left turn ahead and the next right turn following that, then drop down onto the bridge below and approach the large door on your right to enter the room with blue energy beam at its center.
    25. Enter the blue energy beam to activate a cut scene, then move forward across the bridge ahead and eliminate the next wave of enemies using your grenades to clear a path.
    26. Use an automatic weapon to eliminate the enemies on the platform ahead and turn around the climb the ramps leading to the next objective marker above, then collect Cortana from the device and return to the previous platform below.
    27. Cross the platform to move through the doorway at the opposite end and hit the button on the right to download the terminal, then turn around to enter the next room beside you and ride the elevator down.
    28. Exit the elevator at the bottom to turn right and enter the portal ahead to teleport to the next area, then enter the Scorpion tank in front of you and use it to start clearing out enemy vehicles from the surrounding area.
    29. Follow the path that wraps around the corner of the rock formations ahead on the right and continue using the tank to clear enemies from your path, then aim left to take out the ground troops and drive uphill.
    30. Make a right to approach the opening in the rock wall and turn left through it, then destroy the Wraith tanks in front of you and drive up the path ahead in the left corner.
    31. Destroy the two shield generators above by driving inside the forcefields around them and turn back down the path to move into the area previously blocked off to you, then exit the Scorpion to approach the next objective marker on foot and collect the target designator.
    32. Use the target designator to have the ball of orange energy in the distance destroyed and complete this mission.

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