Halo 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Dawn
  • Mission 2: Requiem
  • Mission 3: Forerunner
  • Mission 4: Infinity
  • Mission 5: Reclaimer
  • Mission 6: Shutdown
  • Mission 7: Composer
  • Mission 8: Midnight
  • Mission 7: Composer

    1. Move forward across the damaged hallway to reach the room at the end and make a left through the next door, then navigate the corridor on the other side to reach an open hangar area at the end and take cover to eliminate the enemies on your right.
    2. Pass through the orange-lit doorway in the corner above to eliminate the enemies within and exit out the other side to defeat another wave of hostiles on the ledges to your left, then use the crate in the corner to jump onto the upper balconies and continue clearing the area.
    3. Clear the gap around the corner to enter the next corridor above and pick up a scoped weapon, then move through the open doorway on the left to eliminate the next wave of enemies below with grenades and sniper shots.
    4. Continue clearing the area below and drop down to finish off any remaining enemies until the next objective marker appears, then approach the right side of the hangar and detach a turret to help you fight your way over towards the indicated area.
    5. Use the console to raise the barricade and turn around to approach the next objective marker, then eliminate the enemies waiting behind that door that opens and move through it to continue mowing down the hostiles on your left,
    6. Take out the enemy in control of the plasma cannon first, then finish clearing the area and climb the next set of steps in the corner to make a right at the top.
    7. Detach the plasma cannon and turn around to eliminate the enemies through the opening in the floor below, then drop down into the next level beneath you and make your way up the nearby ramp to enter the room at the top.
    8. Eliminate the enemies coming down the stairs ahead, then climb the steps yourself to defeat the remaining hostiles at the top and continue up the next staircase to continue using the plasma cannon for maximum kill efficiency.
    9. Approach the objective marker to move through the door that opens on the left and navigate the corridor on the other side to collect a thruster pack from one of the scientists, then enter the next room behind her and turn right to encounter the large Hunter enemies.
    10. Keep your distance from the larger enemies and use the thruster pack to jump away from their fire, then shoot them continuously with a scoped weapon until they are both defeated.
    11. Make your way over towards the next objective marker to open the door and exit the room to activate a cut scene, then make a right through the corridor to reach the outside area at the end and wait for instructions to follow.
    12. Cross the open area by moving in the direction of the next objective marker and climb the ramp on the other side to enter the doorway that opens at the top, then wait for the soldier to activate the nearby console and turn left to exit the current room.
    13. Move up the next ramp to turn right at the top and mow down another wave of enemies, then continue towards the door ahead to witness the lockdown and exit the area through the open passageway on your right.
    14. Follow the corridor around to eliminate more enemies and continue through the door that opens in the corner, then fight your way across the hall on the left to detach the plasma cannon at the end and use it to clear the room behind you of all hostiles.
    15. Approach the next objective marker to exit the room and descend the stairs to reach the corridor below, then make a right to eliminate the enemies ahead and turn left at the end of the hall to clear out more hostiles at the top of the ramp above.
    16. Turn back down the hall to enter the room on the right occupied by multiple scientists and approach the objective marker in the next area to collect an autosentry, then climb the previous ramp at the end of the corridor and enter the room at the top filled with enemies.
    17. Set down the autosentry and use grenades to help you clear the room of all surrounding enemies, then pick up an energy sword and take out the smaller hostiles that arrive from the doors on the right that line the area.
    18. Jump onto the obstacles to reach the ledge above on the left and move through the next indicated door ahead, then continue forward to reach the room lined with windows and eliminate the enemies that approach from the left.
    19. Approach the indicated console to reactivate the defenses and wait for Cortana to complete her mission, then retrieve her from the device and move left through the next open doorway in the corner.
    20. Continue through the door at the end of the corridor and fight past the next group of enemies you see ahead, then enter the room that opens on the left and eliminate the surrounding hostiles to climb the steps on the right.
    21. Enter the corridor at the top to use grenades and sniper shots that help you clear it of all enemies, then continue moving forward to pass through the pair of doorways ahead and make a left in front of the windows to pick up the nearby Spartan Laser.
    22. Move through the open doorway in the corner to reach the outer area again and take control of the Mantis in front of you, then walk forward to start clearing out the waves of enemies below and on the ridges above.
    23. Make your way up onto the dirt ridges leading to the right and destroy the Ghosts you encounter around the corner, then continue taking out the ground forces below to the left and approach the enemy transport ships that arrive to eliminate the enemies within them before they can enter the battle.
    24. Keep your distance from the Wraiths and move in a circle around them to destroy these enemy tanks without taking too much damage, then use the surrounding rock formations as cover to repair your Mantis in between each conflict.
    25. Stay on the move and keep your guns pointed in the air to shoot down the wave of Banshees that fly above you, then commandeer a new mantis whenever necessary and continue fending off the various waves of enemy forces until the you receive the next objective.
    26. Make your way over to the next objective marker and exit the Mantis to pass through the indicated door on foot, then move through the corridor ahead to reach a control room on the left and use the console to activate the elevator.
    27. Ride the elevator upwards to witness the devastating attack on the station, then approach the next objective marker to exit the room and complete this mission.

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