Halo 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Dawn
  • Mission 2: Requiem
  • Mission 3: Forerunner
  • Mission 4: Infinity
  • Mission 5: Reclaimer
  • Mission 6: Shutdown
  • Mission 7: Composer
  • Mission 8: Midnight
  • Mission 8: Midnight

    1. Follow the on-screen prompts to learn the flight controls and navigate the Broadsword through the trench ahead, then destroy the next turret in front of you and steer around the moving walls in the next tunnel below.
    2. Continue flying through the openings, navigating around the moving walls and destroying the turrets ahead, then open fire on the orange energy shields to remove them from your path.
    3. Travel through the structure without crashing to reach the bowl-shaped area at the end with the Didact at its center and circle around to approach the indicated structures guarded by red forcefield, then fly towards their exposed sides from a distance to destroy the energy cores within.
    4. Fly in a continuous circle around the outer edge of the bowl to approach all four energy cores from the side and destroy them on-by-one to activate the next cut scene, then proceed around the corridor in front of you on foot and pass through the two doorways ahead.
    5. Fight your way forward across the room by starting with the flying machines and make a left to move through the next door, then clear the area ahead and turn right to continue towards the current objective.
    6. Eliminate the flying enemies on the right and exit through the open doorway behind them, then use grenades and sniper shots to help you clear the next area ahead.
    7. Move through the next doorway on your left to drop down through the shaft below and proceed forward down the corridor ahead to enter the open area at the end, then insert Cortana into the console beside you and wait for a portal to appear.
    8. Enter the portal to teleport to the next area and eliminate the enemies at the top of the incline ahead, then fight your way forward to pass through another portal and take cover to pick off the hostiles above.
    9. Climb the ramp ahead to continue clearing out the enemies and move left to pass through the next portal above, then pick up the Gravity Hammer in front of you and enter another portal that appears ahead.
    10. Eliminate the enemies in the next area with your gravity hammer and approach the objective marker to pass through another portal, then move forward to clear the room ahead and take cover.

    11. Use your map to anticipate the arrival of the oncoming enemies and remove them quickly with the help of the gravity hammer to defend this area, then retrieve Cortana from the indicated console and move to the left from it drop to onto the bridge below.
    12. Cross the bridge that is protected by the surrounding turrets that Cortana has activated and fight past the next wave of enemies to enter the portal on the other side, then move through the door ahead and ride the blue gravity beam upwards.
    13. Approach the objective marker in front of you to enter the Conveyor Lift and launch yourself towards the Composer in the distance ahead, then land on the next ledge and move forward to pass through the door at the top of the incline.
    14. Make your way down to the objective marker below and insert Cortana into the device at the bottom, then watch her multiply before she disappears and locate the nearest launching device.
    15. Enter the blue launching beam to launch yourself towards the next objective marker and fight past the enemies on the next platform you land on, then climb up through the structure to reach the indicated console at the top and activate the light bridge.
    16. Cross the light bridge beside you to continue fighting through the wave of enemies ahead and make a right towards the orange forcefield, then insert Cortana into the next console ahead and turn left to drop down to the level below.
    17. Use the indicated launcher to reach the next platform across the gap and fight your way up through the structure to destroy the turret at the top, then drop down to the level below on the left and use another launcher on the ledge below.
    18. Land on the next platform across the gap and fight your way up through the structure ahead to reach the objective marker at the top, then activate the light bridge beside you to cross it and insert Cortana into the indicated console to activate a cut scene.
    19. Afterwards, drop of the edge on your left to use the launcher below and fly across the gap to land on the next platform ahead.
    20. Fight your way up through the structure to reach the next objective marker above and enter the gravity launcher that appears to land on the light bridge, then move forward across it to activate another cut scene.
    21. Follow the on-screen prompt to climb back onto the light bridge and plant the grenade in Didact’s back, then crawl towards the nuclear device in front of you and press the indicated button to complete the game.

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