Halo: Reach Datapads

Introduced in Halo: Reach as a replacement for Halo 3′s notorious skulls, the datapads are, at this early date, still quite mysterious. Seemingly serving no other purpose than providing bragging rights, they give completionists a reason to scour the game‘s single-player levels with a fine-toothed comb.

Two datapads are available for each level, one which will appear on Easy/Normal/Hard difficulty, and the other on Legendary. Check back soon for information about where and how to find each and every one!

02: Winter Contingency

Datapad 1: Towards the beginning of the section entitled “Rebels Don’t Leave Plasma Burns,” in a building marked “02,” which you come across soon after crossing the bridge.

Datapad 2 (Legendary): As soon as you start the mission, run straight for the path that leads away from the structure up ahead. There’s an invisible elite that looks like a weird floating white shape, and he’s carrying the datapad. He runs down the hill away from you. You have to find him, shoot him as you run, and chase him down. He runs away down the path and it’s incredibly easy to fail to stop him. Speed is the key!

03: ONI

Datapad 1: In the section called “Minimum Safe Distance.” Look for a group of marines standing in a room, shooting up a ramp at a white elite. The pad is in that room – you’ll know it because it will have a walkway out front and three big square windows on the right of the opening. Go in there, kill the elite, and walk to the back wall. You should see a ramp leading up to the next level to your right. Go under that to find the Data Pad.

Datapad 2 (Legendary): In the section entitled “The Comms Relay.” Standing on the roof of the Comms Relay building, facing away from the button, you’ll see a wooden platform on the edge of the building on the left, and a corresponding platform on the cliff across from it. Using Sprint, jump from the building to the cliff. Run along the cliff’s right side toward the water. You’ll see the rock rising up on your left and the cliff side on your right. The Data Pad is right at the base of where the rock rises above you.

04: Nightfall

Datapad 1: Right at the beginning of the level. You start on an empty cliff, following the narrow path to the right. Keep an eye on the wall to your right and look for an opening. Step inside to find the Data Pad

Datapad 2 (Legendary): In the river bed, towards the end of “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.” You’ll need the Sprint ability for this one from back at the compound. When you enter the river bed, you’ll see green glow sticks illuminating the path. Count the first five – when you get to the fifth, look right for some rocks you can climb. Climb up and you’ll get up on a ledge along the right wall of the canyon. Keep moving until you hit a flat part with a tree. Now you’ll have to sprint from this flat part and jump to the ledge across from it, on the left wall of the path. Make that jump and you can walk along that ledge until you see a rock bridge below. Drop down to that and cross it, past the tree, then look right. There’s ANOTHER ledge you can jump to. Hop across to that – it’s green – and snag the Data Pad.

05: Tip of the Spear

Datapad 1: In the garage in “Hand Over Fist.” Turn around from the door that leads out of the garage, the one you just chased the Zealot through. You should see two metal shelves along the far wall. Check the right shelf for the Data Pad.

Datapad 2 (Legendary): On the far side of the broken bridge, also in “Hand Over Fist.” Drive your vehicle down and park it beside the broken bridge column on your left. Jump on top of the vehicle for a boost, then up to the column. Use it to jump to the broken portion of bridge to find the Data Pad, plus some DMR ammunition.

06: Long Night of Solace

Datapad 1: Towards the beginning of the level, in a room with a blue holographic display in the middle, and red lights on the sides. Go up alongside the holo display and turn left. You’ll see stairs. Go up the steps into the slightly raised area and spin 180 degrees so you’re facing the consoles. The Data Pad is on the ground beside a body.

Datapad 2 (Legendary): Soon after the point where you find the normal Data Pad, by a pair of staircases, near the Sabre. Climb only the first flight – the second leads right up to the ship, and turn left so you’re facing the gap. Jump across to that platform with the light on it. Go around the light so you’re beside the slanted piece of metal leading upward. Use a grenade to give yourself a boost in your jump and reach the edge of the ledge. Follow that section to the Data Pad. It’s a pain, but it’s there.

07: Exodus

Datapad 1: Near where you kill the Brute Chieftain in “Too Close to the Sun.” Stand where you killed the Chieftain. If you’re facing what was forward when you first flew up here, then you should see a scaffold and walkway above to your left. Fly up to it and you’ll find a body and the Data Pad. It’s in the back left corner of this area. It’s also directly before the doorway with the arrow pointing up (forward) above it.

Datapad 2 (Legendary): Also in “Too Close to the Sun,” in the building that you’ve ascended vertically using the jetpack. After you clear out all the enemies, including the two suicide grunts, look up the building and turn right. You should see two roundish vents sticking out from the wall. They’re gray with fans and grates on the front. The data pad is up there. To get there, go as far right as possible, then jump out and fly to the inset part of the wall with the vertical beams going across it. Jump out and fly up to the next horizontal beam, then up to the next one. When you get to the top, look for the vent. You’ll have to very carefully fly between it and the overhang just above it, because you can’t land on it from above. It’s tough, but the Data Pad waits right there.

08: New Alexandria

Datapad 1: At the beginning of this mission. Board the Falcon and scan the New Alexandria skyline. You’re looking for a building whose top terminates in a sharp triangular shape, jutting into the sky. It’s the only building like that around. To the left of that building is another, more squarish high-rise, with a rounded, slightly sloping roof, and a gap in its center running vertically. You’ll see it as you fly closer to the spear-looking building. When you’ve identified the right one, fly around the back of the roof and carefully land on the side of the building, on an air conditioning unit or something. You want to make sure you’re on the back side. Hug the left wall until you find the Data Pad in a doorway.

Datapad 2 (Legendary): Also right after the beginning of the mission. Lift off in the Falcon and turn so that you’re flying over your building. Immediately past it is another building – you’ll recognize it for what look like ribs or ridges running down the side. Approach the closest side – the vertical ribs should be on the right – and descend until you see a wider horizontal black or dark gray portion. The game will warn you to pull up, and the altimeter on the right side of your reticule will say something around -130 or so. This wider horizontal portion on the building is actually a thin ledge, and if you go to the far left corner, you’ll see the Data Pad. Fly your Falcon so that you’re pressing the left side of the ship against the building, above the ledge, and hop out. You’ll land on the ledge as you get out on the left side of the Falcon – it will fall. Walk along the ledge to the Data Pad, then call an Emergency Evac with Down on the D-Pad.

09: The Package

Datapad 1: Found during “Latchkey,” inside Sword Base, right before the elevator. As you go through the doorway toward the elevator button, don’t touch it! Instead, whip around and check the corner behind you, to the left of the door as you enter.

Datapad 2 (Legendary): In “This Cave Is Not a Natural Formation.” Head over to turret C with the jetpack equipped and use it to fly onto the rocks behind it. Walk all the way until you’re standing on a metal, squarish-looking structure just beyond the rocks, and turn to look over the gap to the south. You’ll see a building across from you. It’s northeastern edge is a sheer cliff into the abyss below – except it’s not sheer, there’s a ledge there. Jump across the gap and carefully burn your jetpack so that you land on the tiny ledge on the northeastern wall on the other side. The Data Pad is on the ledge. Fly up to the ledge just above you to get back across.

10: The Pillar of Autumn

Datapad 1: Inside the second building you enter during “Shipyard.” Go to the second window you pass and break it in. Jump through and go to the back left corner to find the Data Pad on a shelf.

Datapad 2 (Legendary): Found during the “Shipyard” section. From outside, facing toward your next objective, look left for a big orange structure with stairs. Climb it and it puts you on the roof of the building. Turn right from there and walk along the roof to the far right, or south, end. Pass the covers over the skylights and hop onto the platform above, then turn the corner to the left to find the Data Pad.

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