Hard Reset: Focused on Singleplayer, Suitably Old School (INTERVIEW)

GF: We got very little of the story behind Hard Reset in the preview build we played. Obviously, there’s a conflict between the machines and the people, but there’s very little detail there. Can we expect to see more of that story when the game is released, and can you tell us anything about it now?

MS: In few days we will release new materials that will shed some light on our story. We tried to make our story interesting and complicated, maybe in opposition to Hard Reset’s aggressive and straightforward game style. You can always skip the cutscenes if you want to start dispatching enemies sooner, but we hope all those players who enjoy sci-fi and cyberpunk may find our story involving.

GF: Hard Reset is Flying Wild Hog’s first game, and it’s built on a proprietary engine. How much did building your own engine help your design process, and do you expect to use this engine in future titles?

MS: Our engine programmers and designers are working together – literally together – so any new feature request is implemented almost immediately. Also there’s a very flat structure in our studio and virtually no bureaucracy so if you want something added to the editor you just go to person responsible and talk to him. It’s very efficient and fast. And it works! We are very satisfied with our engine, so it’s very probable we will use it in future titles.

GF: One feature our readers love to see in games is mod tools. Whether it’s to create mods, maps, levels, or skins, they like to get in there and make their own stuff. Is this something that you plan to offer with Hard Reset?

MS: We didn’t create our engine with the idea that someone from outside our studio will use it so soon, but we are so pleased with its qualities that it is possible. We will have some surprises for players after Hard Reset’s release in September. Stay tuned.

GF: As we mentioned, Hard Reset is your first game as a studio. However, many of the team members are game industry veterans. Can you tell us some of the games the people on your team have previously worked on?

MS: Painkiller and Bulletstorm, PC version of Gears Of War from People Can Fly, both Witchers from CD-Projekt, Sniper and many other titles from City Interactive and some even Dragon Age: Origins or Blur :)

GF: As a fairly new studio, I’m sure you’ve had some growing pains. What are some of the bigger challenges you’ve overcome in making Hard Reset so far?

MS: To finish the game :) . The easiest thing is to start making a game but to finish it is a totally different thing. Still after those two years I must admit, that all things went smoother than I expected. It’s all about an experienced team – and ours is built of great individuals, who really love to make games. Really, I cannot recall any serious problems.

GF: Has a solid release date been set for Hard Reset? If so, when can we expect it? Will it be a digital release only, or will we see it in stores as well? What sort of price point do you see the game releasing at?

MS: The release date is set and it will be announced very soon. As you know, Hard Reset will be released on Steam in September. Hard Reset will hit the shelves in some countries right after Steam release, in others a little later. Our studio is independent and we try to do things our way, and this works for pricing too. We aren’t a corporation, that spends great amounts of money on PR and marketing, forcing the players to pay more for the games, since the producers need all those fancy suits and media hype.

It’s not the producers or publishers who make the games – it’s the artists, animators , programmers and other team members. Games are too expensive because of too many obsolete go-betweens! We know that all those people that literally make the game get just a tiny little share of the money that the game earns. So Steam and digital distribution is the most important – with no greedy middlemen between our studio and the gamers – the price will surprise you! It will be announced very soon, along with a release date.

GF: Once Hard Reset is released, what’s next for Flying Wild Hog?

MS: We are currently working on one new project not related to Hard Reset and that’s all I can say.

GF: How do you see the current PC gaming market in general? Is this an exciting time to be a PC developer?

MS: It depends on what you as a developer aim to achieve. We don’t want to create mainstream games, because those are boring. We made a game for all those, who are tired with all the generic anti-terrorist shooters. So it’s not the question of being a PC developer in general, but rather being a developer who isn’t afraid of doing something creative. And this is always exciting. Concerning the PC gaming market I believe there is still a lot of space for creativity and independent projects, also due to growing differences between the sheer power of current PC hardware and the consoles.

GF: Speaking of platforms, this is where we ask the obligatory question: Any chance you’ll ever port Hard Reset to consoles?

MS: We aren’t thinking about it right now, but it’s rather unlikely.

We’d like to thank Mr. Szustak for taking the time to talk with us and for telling us a little more about Hard Reset. While we still don’t have a firm release date for the game, we know it’s coming in September, which is right around the corner. As soon as the final release date is set, we’ll let know. Until then, we’ll leave you with a final quote from Michal Szustak:

I hope you will enjoy our game. PC gaming isn’t dead yet!

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