Hard Reset Walkthrough

Old-school is the name of the game with Hard Reset, a new first-person shooter, with the emphasis on shooter. Unlock a variety of special weapons and crazy after-effects to help smash the incoming hordes of robot monstrosities. Like Serious Sam before it, Hard Reset is all about circle-strafing your way to success while blasting swarms of enemies with just the right weapons. It may not be complex, but it’s a lot of fun, and it’s surprisingly difficult. That’s why the game gurus of Game Front are here to help with our extensive walkthrough.

Check back later for updates after release for more coverage on Hard Reset.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Objective 1: Get to the Breach

  1. Head forward and deal with the machines ahead. Use the electrified kiosks to take them out quickly and save ammo.
  2. Hang a left and continue down the hall. Shoot the explosive barrel next to the wall to find a secret area.
  3. Before going up the stairs, turn right and grab some extra N.A.N.O.. Go back, walk up a level, and follow the path through a narrow hallway.
  4. A big machine leaps down by the bridge. Lure him back a bit and shoot the kiosk to fry him. Keep firing your weapon while he’s getting charged, it’ll take more than a jolt to do him in.
  5. Secret Area: Head straight forward and shoot the car at the end of the platform to destroy the wall.
  6. Open the walls to the side by blasting explosive barrels sitting in the corner. You can destroy several walls to grab extra ammo, health, and N.A.N.O..
  7. Blow up the wall to the left to find the generator control panel. Switch it off, then head to the red barrier and disable it.
  8. Cross the bridge and turn right. Blast the door above the car open using the explosives mounted on the ceiling, then back away.
  9. A few machines attack. Lure them to the kiosk and use it to fry them.
  10. Secret area: Hug the building and get rid of the next few walls using ceiling explosives. Take the stairs to your right, then cut right to grab some N.A.N.O..
  11. Go back down the stairs and turn right. Head to the end of the hall and take the stairs there.
  12. Get rid of the machines, then shoot the power source for the barrier up and to the left.
  13. Do some shopping at the HX-10 upgrade machine, then disable the barrier and continue across the bridge. Turn the wheel to turn off the flame jets.
  14. A car crashes in the area below, opening the way for a slew of ‘bots. Lure them back to the cars, barrels, and electrified kiosks to help you deal with them. The shotgun and rocket launcher are very useful here. Comb the area afterwards for ammo, health, and N.A.N.O..
  15. Just to the side of where you entered, an energy barrier blocks a hallway. Disable it, dash through the jets in side, and turn the wheel to disable them.
  16. Follow the catwalk around and climb over the rubble to complete the mission.

Chapter 2

Objective 2: Plant the First Tracking Device

  1. Turn right and circle around the catwalks, taking out machines as you go. Try to save the barrels for the enemies.
  2. Open the door using the small panel on the left. Enter and use the second panel to open the gate.
  3. Secret area: Just ahead there’s some explosives mounted on the ceiling. Shoot them and enter the room it opens.
  4. Go forward and follow the hall to the left. In the open area, take out the machines there and use the HX-10 to buy some new weapons.
  5. Disable the energy field and enter the low hallway ahead.
  6. Secret area: Climb over the gate and go to the far wall. Hug it and work your way forward. You’ll see some wooden pallets leaning against the wall. Knock them over to find the secret.
  7. Defeat the robots and head to the lower area with the B More Cybernetic logo. Turn left and you’ll find a doorway.
  8. Secret area: Inside the doorway, cut right and follow the hall to the end.
  9. Go left from the entrance and find the generator. Plant the tracking device.

Objective 3: Gather New Data

  1. Head back out to the B More logo. Several ‘bots will attack. Use the logo statue as a shield as you circle it and destroy the machines.
  2. Walk up the stairs and turn right. Activate the panel the blue cord attaches to and enter the door.
  3. Follow the hall to the left, using explosives to take out the machines there. Head up the first set of stairs.
  4. Secret area: At the top, turn and hop across the gap to reach more stairs. Clim them to find some items.
  5. Back down in the clearing, fight a few aggressive robots using a mixture of your upgraded weapons and the environment.
  6. Secret area: Climb the small set of stairs to the right and activate the panel there. A lift lowers across the room. Quickly run down and grab the items there.
  7. Hop down and go to the far corner of the room. Download the data from the terminal.

Objective 4: Plant the Last Tracking Device

  1. Return to the main room and fight off the ‘bots that attack. Use the bridge that leads from the hold they blasted in the windows by the far right stairwell to exit.
  2. Go inside, turn left, open the gate and cross the catwalk.
  3. Work your way around and up in the next room. You’ll receive the sub-mission: restore power to activate the elevators.
  4. Climb over the crates and go through the next room. A machine will attack. Use the electrified kiosk and explosives to take care of it. Activate the panel in the room to open the grate.
  5. Ride the elevator down and activate the generator below. Exit to the right and return to the tower.
  6. Activate the elevator and step inside.
  7. Open the bay doors just below the elevator room and enter the area beyond.
  8. A number of machines will attack, both from the catwalk above and from the ground below. Be creative, use the environment to your advantage, and stay on the move to avoid unnecessary damage.
  9. After the battle, activate the panel by the door to lower a lift. Ride it to the upper level.
  10. Enter the doors on the far end and plant the tracking device.

Chapter 3

Objective 5: Track Down and Kill Professor Novak

  1. Secret area: From the starting room, walk around behind the glass and grab the N.A.N.O. canister on the ground.
  2. Exit through the glass door.
  3. Secret area: Turn left just after you exit the main room, then follow the wall until you find a dumpster and car in the corner. Jump from atop the dumpster across the chain link fence.
  4. Head right across the junk to another open area, following the professor’s vehicle. Take out the machines here and search the room for items.
  5. Activate the forklift in the center to clear the way.
  6. Drop down the hole and make two lefts, following the electrical cord along the ground. You’ll receive a new sub-objective: switch off the power in the sewers.
  7. Follow the cord through a series of short rooms. When you see the first explosive barrel, shoot it and step back. One explosion ignites all of the barrels and flame jets here, so stay away while the enemies take care of themselves.
  8. Switch off the power, complete the sub-objective, and return to the electrified room from before.
  9. Fight around and emerge above ground. You’ll receive another sub-mission: restore power to the control panel.
  10. Fight your way around the city, moving in a circular pattern as you gradually climb higher.
  11. Cross the bridge at the top (perpendicular to the rubble bridge marked “girls”) and access the panel to restore power. Sub-objective complete!
  12. Head back to the barrier by the hole in the ground. Deactivate it and go inside.
  13. Climb up the stairs where the huge energy barrier rests. You’ll get a new sub-objective: find a way around the energy barrier.
  14. Head right from the barrier and go through the narrow alleyway.
  15. Activate the parking garage elevator and take it up.
  16. Fight around the parking garage and disable the barrier via the panel at the end. You’ll complete the sub-objective. Drop down the construction scaffolding and head right.
  17. Secret area: Go towards the two empty truck trailers across the area and climb over the barricade to the left. Use the dumpster to cross the chain link fence.
  18. Go to the building with the massive pillars out front and defeat the robots that emerge.

Chapter 4

Objective 6: Get to the Laboratory

  1. Clear the room of enemies, then activate the panel near the center to open the grate.
  2. Go down and head left, then take the second left to get back outdoors.
  3. Climb the crates to scale the fence, then deal with a slew of robots attacking in the next area.
  4. When they’re all defeated, approach the forklift and activate it to clear the way.
  5. Secret area: Turn right just beyond the forklift and you’ll find some N.A.N.O. behind a crate.
  6. Head to the left and shoot the exploding ‘bot in the hallway. Drop down the resulting hole and get ready for a fight!
  7. Mini-boss: Sentry Caul-Dron – This ceiling-mounted baddie has several bright yellow weak spots lining the top of it. Getting to them is a matter of rushing the machine, taking a few shots, and hiding behind the pillars. Avoid the sentry’s line of sight as best you can, especially when you’re close, and use an accurate weapon to pick off the cells one by one. There are several cells at the top of enemy dispensers in the hall behind the sentry, so take them out as well. Keep moving and the battle will be over in no time.
  8. After the battle, turn away from the exit and take out the explosives to break the wall by the fence. Enter the space and activate the panel inside.
  9. Step outside of the fenced-in panel and clim the rubble to the catwalk above.
  10. Wind your way around the trailer park area, keeping an eye out for machines that dart out from dumpsters.
  11. Secret area: Before messing with the forklift by the energy barrier, turn right and climb on top of the trailers. Walk along their tops for extra N.A.N.O. and a secret area.
  12. Secret area: After activating the forklift, take a few steps past it and blow up the explosive barrel. The room inside contains some N.A.N.O..
  13. Take the stairs to the upper level and follow the platform around. Walk down a flight of stairs and loop back around. You’ll see some explosives on the wall with a blue cord attached to it. Destroy!
  14. Secret area: Directly above the explosives you’ll find a room with some N.A.N.O..
  15. Head back down and disable the energy barrier next to the HX-10.
  16. Turn right outside of the fence and go to the next open area.
  17. Secret area: Turn right after entering the new area and enter the small doorway against the wall.
  18. Head right out of the secret area and go through the blue-lit door up ahead.
  19. Lower the forklift and use the crates to cross the fence.
  20. Turn right and activate the big green-lit door.
  21. Go right and climb the steps to the catwalk above. Activate the panel and follow the blue cable down.
  22. Head down the corridor to the power room. Destroy all three generators to disable the red barrier.
  23. Cross the bridge. Go up the stairs to the right.
  24. Secret area: Turn right at the top of the stairs to find some N.A.N.O..
  25. Head straight out from the secret area and destroy the explosives to the left to disable the barrier.
  26. Stand just far enough away from the next barrier so you can shoot through it to disable its power source.
  27. Go forwards and take a left, followed by another left to disable another barrier.
  28. Go back out and exit to the left of the bridge you entered on.
  29. Secret area: Hang a sharp right after defeating the robots ahead to find some N.A.N.O..
  30. Before dropping down to the area that says “Peace Corps”, stand at the top of the stairs for a moment to let the enemies come out. Back up and take them out from relative safety.
  31. Activate the door and head through the hall to complete the chapter.

Chapter 5

Objective 7: Destroy the Atlas

  1. Hop over the crates and continue forward next to the buildings. Circle around and walk the stairs to grab some extra N.A.N.O..
  2. Shoot through the bars to disable the power source feeding the anti-weapon barriers.
  3. Walk down the stairs and activate the forklift on the left.
  4. Defeat the machines, then kill the barriers ahead. Head up the stairs.
  5. Secret area: At the top of the stairs is an energy barrier. Step back and shoot through the door to hit an explosive barrel that will deactivate the wall.
  6. Turn left out of the secret area and head down the stairs at the end.
  7. Fight the robots on the catwalks and continue forward. Hug the right side to gather ammo and health, the left to find some stairs that lead you away.
  8. At the end of the catwalks, activate the panel to overload the generator’s circuits.
  9. Drop down behind the generator and go to the upper left corner of the room below. Step behind the flame jet and hit the explosives on the wall.
  10. A wave of machines attacks. Stay behind the flame and watch them defeat themselves.
  11. Head out, circle around, and go up the stairs.
  12. Keep your distance when fighting the big ‘bot in the next area. He fires a missile spread you can easily avoid.
  13. After the battle, cut right and walk up over the stairs. Disable the energy barrier ahead.
  14. Cross the catwalks and head to the floor below.
  15. Secret area: When facing the energy barrier in this room, go southeast and circle around the crates. You’ll find some N.A.N.O..
  16. Head up the stairs with the broken barrier and turn right. Open the gate at the end.
  17. Follow the blue cable and open the gate at the end.
  18. Turn the power off to the cable, open the gate, and follow the cable, cutting left and going down the steps to the area below.
  19. Defeat the missile-launching ‘bots by circling the plaza, picking up ammo and pelting them with your strongest weapons.
  20. Boss battle: Atlas – Tall, strong, shiny, and surprisingly mobile, Atlas doesn’t pull his punches when it comes to battle. Fortunately his weak spots are as big as he is. Across the machine’s body you’ll see orange armor, usually around the joints and across his chest. Use a directed weapon, preferrably a railgun or something similar (the RPG is far too slow, though), to target and fire at the armor until it breaks off. Once the armor is gone, fire away at Atlas until he kneels down. Energy fires from the pillars nearby, charging the machine up for a final attack. Now, his whole body is a target, and since he isn’t going anywhere, slow missiles from your launcher will do him in without much trouble. Stay behind the pillars to avoid his blasts!

Chapter 6

Objective 8: Disable the Generators Powering the Railway

  1. Follow the rail and turn left to go up a set of stairs.
  2. Walk down the hall a bit until a machine crashes through the wall. Get out of his way by stepping aside. He’ll crash through the grates. Go up the stairs there when he’s gone.
  3. Unlock the door and check out the constructor climbing the glass bridge. Continue through the opposite door.
  4. Fight a series of ‘bots in the foyer, then head up the stairs and make a u-turn to cross the platform.
  5. Activate the panel in the corner room, then follow the blue cable to the opened door.
  6. Equip a heavy gun and continue through the tunnel. There are several close-range fights ahead, to fire early and fire fast to stay safe.
  7. Out in the open air, fight a few robots and make your way to the locked door. Activate the panel and enter.
  8. Fight your way to the northwest corner of the train room and activate the panel there.
  9. Head to the northeast corner and activate that panel. Defeat the enemies that appear.
  10. Go up the stairs to the right and climb across the catwalk. Activate the panel there and cross the bridge that appears.
  11. Enter the generator room and disable the generators one by one. Objective complete!

Objective 9: Reach the Next Station Using the Railway

  1. Head through the door marked as an exit and go up the stairs.
  2. Back out in the open air, cross the fallen girder to the building below.
  3. Defeat several big mechs on top of the building. Use the biggest weapons you’ve got, these guys pack a punch.
  4. Head to the northeast corner of the building and drop down to continue.
  5. Follow the lines of cables through the next area and unlock the door on the other side.
  6. Run through the next series of corridors with a good, non-explosive weapon equipped. Lots of close-quarters combat, so aim for the head.
  7. Secret area: At the bottom of the stairs just past the office, turn left and go down the hall. You’ll find some N.A.N.O. sitting on the ground.
  8. Turn back and go down the other end of the hall to the open area.
  9. Before dropping off the platform to the floor below, take out the explosive barrels. They’ll cause you trouble in a few seconds.
  10. Drop down and deal with a mini-swarm of ‘bots. Exit to the northwest when you’re through.
  11. Go down several floors via the stairwell and use the panel to open an emergency door leading to the railway tracks.
  12. Follow the blue cable to the exit. Hop across the rails, being careful to avoid both trains and the electrified tracks.
  13. With the power down, you can now run along the rails. Follow the tunnel and complete the mission.

Chapter 7

Objective 10-12: Get to the Hospital, Reboot the Power, Find the Labs

  1. Secret area: Head down the stairs instead of up just ahead of the starting point.
  2. Secret area: Turn right at the top of the stairs, going in the opposite direction as the running machine.
  3. Follow the catwalk paths through the next few rooms. Not many enemies to contend with, so take it easy and admire the scenery.
  4. Go through the malfunctioning door and descend the stairs.
  5. When you reach the subway tunnel, pick off a few of the bigger ‘bots to the left, then jump into the fray when the little guys start to attack.
  6. Make your way left, down the tube.
  7. Activate the forklift at the end and climb over the wall.
  8. Open the huge door at the end and enter the hospital.
  9. Stick to the sides of the arena to avoid leaping machines, then find the exit door in the northeast corner of the room.
  10. Head through the office halls to find a panel above. Activate it to complete the objective.
  11. Head back down to the main room and take the stairwell to the left.
  12. Take the broken lift at the end of the u-turn.
  13. Head down the hall and fight some ‘bots in the lab rooms.

Objective 13: Obtain all of the AI Matrices

  1. The first matrix is in the second room on the left.
  2. The second matrix is directly across the hall from the first.
  3. A machine busts through the wall. Take it out, then hop through the crater.
  4. Secret area: Go to the far left side of the hall and enter the room there. You’ll find some N.A.N.O. in the corner.
  5. Head back down the hall and defeat the machines inside the lab. Grenades work well. Once you do, the door opens. Head inside.
  6. In the open air, leap across the catwalks quickly, as a few of them fall once you step on them.
  7. Secret area: Inside the building, go down a few flights of stairs instead of up.
  8. Head back up and enter the green-lit door above.
  9. Go down the hall and enter the door on the right to grab another AI matrix.
  10. The final matrix is across the hall from the previous one.

Objective 14: Find Your Way to the Landing Pad

  1. AI matrices in hand, it’s time to get out. Go through the hole in the wall and do some more window hopping to reach the elevator.
  2. Hit the button and watch the cutscene.
  3. Secret area: When you reach open air, defeat the nearby ‘bots and cut right. Walk along the narrow ledge to reach some N.A.N.O..
  4. Walk across the pipes and jump to the rubble. Keep moving through the busted hallways and open the broken door ahead.
  5. Secret area: When the machines start to attack, take a quick right and go all the way to the end. You’ll find some ammo and N.A.N.O..
  6. Go back to the mail, tilted hallway and walk up the door ramp.
  7. Defeat the far away enemies to unlock the next door. The smartgun works wonders here.
  8. Circle through the small outdoor area and defeat the ‘bots inside to unlock the next door.
  9. Hit the elevator button and continue upwards.
  10. Collect any ammo/health you need. Find the panel in the upper left quadrant and activate it to lower the stairs to the landing pad.
  11. Boss battle: Constructor – Remember the big crawler you saw in the glass bridge before? Time to fight it! The pattern is easy to learn, but the battle will be difficult. At first, the constructor will fire lasers at you. Stay on the run, sprinting when you can, moving in a jagged pattern as opposed to a straight line, and note the location of health packs. Next, waves of robots will attack. Take them out as quickly as you can. After they’re gone, the robot fires up its laser this time, only now the weak points are visible. Just like the Atlas, you’ll see glowing orange armor on this beast. This time it’s on its legs, so fire away with a good, sturdy weapon to send them crumbling. When the first bit falls off, the crawler crashes to the ground. A new wave of machines attacks, and as soon as you defeat them, the crawler is back. Repeat the pattern until Mr. Constructor bites it.

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3 Comments on Hard Reset Walkthrough


On September 15, 2011 at 8:37 pm

objective 3 –> Secret area: Climb the small set of stairs to the right and activate the panel there. A lift lowers across the room. Quickly run down and grab the items there.

i’d like to see it


On September 17, 2011 at 10:02 am


It’s possible, I’ve done it. Position yourself as far away as you can from the panel, then quickly turn around and RUN down the stairs (don’t sprint yet). When you reach the bottom of the stairs SPRINT then JUMP onto the platform. You should manage to hop onto the platform just as it ascends.
You might need a couple of tries.

Great walktrough Mitro(? Can’t hear your name very well in the beginning of the videos, English is not my mother language though, might be why ;) )
I came to this site after struggling in level 3, having not upgraded the shotgun at all but fully maxed the equivalant energy weapon. I got the shotgun, watched some of ur videos and hard mode became alot easier. Currently at chapter 7. Keep up the good work man!


On May 5, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Videos removed by the user?

Text walkthroughs are better, as I can alt+tab easily if i get stuck (I hate videos), and it is even worse when the videos are taken down. You may as well delete the whole page.