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$349 Xbox One Bundle Only Available Until Jan. 3

Xbox One Bundle

Microsoft is giving gamers a final chance to purchase the Xbox One at discounted holiday prices. While the 2014’s shopping…

GameFront’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: PC Components


Table of Contents If you’ve got a PC gamer on your shopping list, you can’t go wrong with some shiny…

GameFront’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Gaming Peripherals


Table of Contents You’ve got your PC all set up, and you’re ready to game. How do you make the…

Digital Storm Bolt II Review: Good Things in a Small Package


The Digital Storm Bolt II aims to combine phenomenal computing power with an itty-bitty living space, and hits its mark…

ASUS G550JK Laptop Review – Thin, Lightweight Gaming


Gaming laptops aren’t for everyone, but the ASUS G550JK offers features that almost any gamer will appreciate. As soon as…

Gamdias EROS v2 Headset Review: Reasonably Priced Comfort


Gamdias isn’t a household name in gaming, but if you’re in the market for a new gaming headset, you might…

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Mouse Review – Aiming at FPS Gamers


Logitech’s newest gaming mouse is taking aim at a core chunk of the PC market – FPS gamers. Every new…

15 Battlestations You Wish Were Yours


If you’re a pc gamer, chances are you’re into building your own rig. We like customizing everything about our systems….

Gigabyte Shows Their New GPU Cooling Kit


Gigabyte has been touring Europe showing off their very first, originally designed, closed-loop water cooling kit for graphics cards. Closed-loop…

20 Awesome PC Case Mods (Gallery)


If there is one thing I love about PC gaming, it’s the gamers who have the talent and patience to…

Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset Review: Great Sound, Poor Mic


Kingston’s latest entry into the headset market, the HyperX Cloud, is a great choice for gaming, but not so much…

Astro A38 Headset Impressions


Astro’s A38 headset uses Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate gaming on the go. Astro is a name that people have long…

Feenix Autore Mechanical Keyboard Review


Great keyboard; not so great price.

NPD: US Spent $15.39 Billion on Gaming in 2013


After two years of declines, the gaming industry went back on the upswing in 2013, according to market research firm…

Oculus VR Is Co-Publishing EVE: Valkyrie With CCP


Oculus VR, the crazy kids behind that virtual reality headset everyone’s been talking about, is getting into the game publishing…

John Carmack Left id Software Due To VR Disagreements

quakecon carmack thumb

USA Today posted a terrific feature on John Carmack and id Software yesterday, and it reveals a few details on…

Titanfall’s Minimum PC Requirements Are Very Official, Very Low


Titans will start falling from the sky in a matter of weeks, and Respawn Entertainment Founder Vince Zampella has let…

Nvidia Marketing Manager Killed In Train Accident (UPDATED)

Phil Scholz LinkedIn 140x

Nvidia Senior Marketing Manager Phil Scholz was struck and killed by a train in San Francisco

Mad Catz Tritton Kama PS4 Headset Now Available For $29.99

Mad Catz Tritton Kama PS4 Headset 140x

Mad Catz has an official PlayStation 4 headset for sale, and it’s coming in at a relatively low price. The…

Nvidia Activates ShadowPlay Twitch Streaming On New GeForce GPUs

Nvidia Logo 140x 12-2013

Nvidia pushed a GeForce Experience update out today, bringing the software to version 1.8.1. The major change over 1.8? You…

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How to Use a PS3 Controller on a PC


UPDATE: Since the introduction of Windows 7, the original set of instructions that appeared on this page no longer work….

Rumor: 40 GB PlayStation 3 Has High Failure Rate is reporting that the new 40 GB PlayStation 3 has a failure rate of 40% – an astonishingly high…

Win a ROCCAT PC Gaming Bundle!


Get your hands on an awesome bundle of ROCCAT gear for your PC!

Win an AOC Aire Black LED Monitor!


Drop a comment and win yourself a shiny new 23″ monitor.

How to Transfer Old Xbox 360 HDD Data To A New Xbox 360 Slim


Moving between old Xbox 360′s and 360 Slims is easy, here’s how!

Win New PC Gear in Our ROCCAT Holiday Giveaway!


This contest is closed. Thanks to all who entered! The holidays are upon us, and that means it’s time for…

How to Fix Wii Disk Read Errors


Does your Wii click or grind when you insert a game disk? This how to will help fix that issue, as well as telling you how to clean your game disks properly to avoid disk read errors.

Guitar Hero III Guitars Having Issues

Some gamers who picked up the new Les Paul guitars when Guitar Hero III was released recently have been complaining…

Nvidia Marketing Manager Killed In Train Accident (UPDATED)

Phil Scholz LinkedIn 140x

Nvidia Senior Marketing Manager Phil Scholz was struck and killed by a train in San Francisco

Not a Rumor: HD-DVD is Officially Dead

For weeks now, we’ve been seeing random reports claiming that HD-DVD was dead, but now it’s practically official. A source…

Gabe Newell: PlayStation 3 a Waste of Time

Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, has not been the biggest proponent of the PlayStation 3. During a recent interview with…

PS2 Rock Band Guitar Works on PS3; No USB Hub for PS3

Some good news and some bad news was spotted by Game|Life in today’s press release about Rock Band going gold….

Greenpeace Declares Video Game Consoles Toxic

“Going Green” is currently “in” and Greenpeace is taking full advantage of the trend by once again assaulting video game…

Win a Thrustmaster F1 Wireless Ferrari F60 Limited Edition Gamepad


Come on in and win yourself a F1 Wireless Ferrari F60 Limited Edition Gamepad.

EA CTO: XB1/PS4 ‘Generation Ahead of PC,’ Mark Rein Calls ‘Bullshit’

Crysis 3 Face Thumb

Earlier today, EA CTO Rajat Taneja took to his LinkedIn page to wax poetic about console hardware (Develop Online reported…

Hardware: Are The Next-Gen Consoles Already Disappointing?

PS4 Xbox One Combo 140x

There’s been ample talk about the forthcoming next-gen console hardware, specifically about how each console will handle launch window titles….

Xbox 360 First System to Hit 10 Million Sold in US This Gen

Ahead of last month’s NPD numbers being released, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 is the first console this…

Dell Unveils Ultimate World of Warcraft Laptop

Dell has announced the XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition notebook PC, a special laptop tailored specifically for WoW fans….

Is DirectX 10 Worth It?

FiringSquad has a great story up regarding DirectX 10, how it stacks up against DirectX 9 currently, and if it’s…

Does the Xbox 360 Arcade System Only Come with Arcade Trials?

There’s really no doubt that the Xbox 360 Arcade exists. We’ve seen pictures. Reports have it that some retailers are…

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