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Omek Demonstrates New Motion Tracking Tech


System recognizes multi-player gestures and allows developers to adapt them for gameplay.

NZXT Turns Empty Bay into USB Bunker


Device adds extra USB ports while securing your devices.

The N-Control Avenger Parasitic Controller Add-on Threatens to Help your “Performance”


Because we all need 13 extra fingers to win.

Sceptre Launches New Line of Performance LCDs


Sceptre’s new offerings include ginormous LED LCDs, new ultra-slims models and performance displays.

Sony Shows Prototype 3D Visor Thing at CES

visor thumb

Strap this thing to your face for maximum dimensions of fun!

Razer Switchblade Could Redefine Playing MMOs On the Go


Seriously, this could be the coolest piece of gaming hardware of 2011, and it’s only January 6.

Commodore 64 Reborn


Few classic home computers have the nostalgic gaming creds of the Commodore 64.

How to Fix the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death


Microsoft’s quality control done homebrew – here’s a guide to fixing the classic overheating issue on older Xbox 360 consoles.

OnLive Microadapter Console Available December 2, 2010


Cloud gaming service offers a small piece of hardware to users of its service

LevelUp’s Rock Band Ottoman Available Now


If you’re looking for an orderly way to store your plastic band you might be interested in LevelUp’s offering.

How to Fix Wii Disk Read Errors


Does your Wii click or grind when you insert a game disk? This how to will help fix that issue, as well as telling you how to clean your game disks properly to avoid disk read errors.

Microsoft’s Kinect Review


Is it really groundbreaking or just a wallet-breaking add on to Microsoft’s system?

Win a Thrustmaster F1 Wireless Ferrari F60 Limited Edition Gamepad


Come on in and win yourself a F1 Wireless Ferrari F60 Limited Edition Gamepad.

Rock Band 3 Squier Guitar Available March 1


Full size, electric guitar controller with real strings coming soon for Rock Band 3 Pros.

SplitFish FragFx Shark Review


Hybrid wireless game controller/mouse offers interesting options for PC and PS3 alike.

Word is the PSP2 Will Be UMD-Free and Super Powerful

No, thank you

So says “sources.”

Is This the Playstation Phone? (PIC)


Engadget has the scoop.

3D Mark 11 Trailers Shows Off The Future of Graphics


The video testing tool from Futuremark gets a new version and a flashy video to go with.

How to Clean Your PS3


The PS3 is a wonderful shiny black console that sucks in dirt and debris like a vacuum. Learn how to keep it looking and running new and shiny.

How to Clean an Xbox 360


A clean console is a happy console, use this walkthrough to freshen up your 360 and remove dirt that can cause failures.

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ORIGIN Announces Big O PC/Xbox 360 Hybrid System


Uber Powerful system with impressive specs and an integrated Xbox 360 ready for custom orders.

Splitfish Dual SFX Evolution PS3/PC Controller Review

splitfish SFX-Evo-2

A unique PS3/PC controller that takes a little getting used to.

DVD-Enabled Wii Delayed But Still Coming

A long while back, Nintendo announced that there was going to be a DVD-playing version of the Wii which would…

Want Another Lightgun? Buy Another Bundle

Apart from being an absolute disaster to set up, Time Crisis 4 doesn’t sport the most readily-available multiplayer. The game’s…

Retailer Selling Its Supply of Wiis Through eBay

In what’s arguably a worse practice than forcing bundles upon the consumer, Ars Technica has the story on a chain…

New Line Follows Suit, Abandons HD DVD for Blu-ray

The bad news continues to pile on for Toshiba and HD DVD, as Warner Bros.’ sister company, New Line, has…

Blue and Black DS Lite Apparently in the Works

Have you been holding out on buying a DS because you demanded that the system contain both the colors blue…

Nail in the Coffin? Wal-Mart Going Blu-ray Exclusive

HD DVD has taken shot after shot after shot after shot, and we haven’t even covered every single incident. This…

One Piece PSP Skype Headset Coming in April

With the release of the PSP Headset Kit for Skype next month, you’ll no longer need two peripherals in order…

Analyst Examines the Cost of 360's 120GB HDD

If you aren’t a sucker as much as I am, you’ve probably held off on purchasing the 120GB hard drive…

Rumor: Nvidia Pressured Ubisoft Into Removing DX10.1 from Assassin's Creed

The Nvidia-branded Assassin’s Creed has had some trouble running its DX10.1 features on Nvidia cards, while ATI cards seemed to…

No Plans to Cut the PS3 Price — in Asia, At Least

Take this with a grain of salt as to its relevance in Europe and North America, but Sony CFO Nobuyuki…

Cooler Master Unveils New Gaming Chassis HAF 922

Cooler Master is introducing its latest mid tower chassis, the HAF 922. This tower is aimed directly at gamers with…

GC: Microsoft Prices Halo 3 Xbox 360 for Europe (Halo 3 Not Included)

Microsoft has revealed the price for the special edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 for Europe. The console will retail for…

Intel to Discontinue Pentium D Processors

Intel is shaking things up. First came the news that they are rebranding their processors and now, according to a…

Hardware Review: Logitech G9 Mouse

PC peripheral giant Logitech has released a new mouse, the Logitech G9. The G9 is a 3200 dpi corded USB…

Hottest Gaming Experience Ever with LavaGlow Wireless for PS3

DreamGEAR is set to give you the hottest gaming experience ever with its new LavaGlow Wireless PS3 controllers. The LavaGlow…

AMD: Spider Gaming Platform

AMD has announced the launch of its new Spider desktop gaming platform. Spider features three pronged approach to a high…

Rockband Wii "Special Edition" Premiers June 22

Harmonix has confirmed the release date for Rockband Wii “Special Edition.” Gamers will be able to pick it up June…

Word is the PSP2 Will Be UMD-Free and Super Powerful

No, thank you

So says “sources.”

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