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Hardware Review: Feenix Nascita Mouse and Dimora Mousepad


Promising quality and customer service.

Video: Valve’s Steam Machine Gets A Proper Teardown

Steam Machine Teardown 140x

Corey Nelson has turned his YouTube page into a nice little hub for all things SteamOS and Steam Machines. Along…

Oculus VR Just Raised $75 Million In Funding

Oculus VR Logo 140x

Oculus VR, the company behind the Rift VR headset that’s been at the forefront of PC gamer’s minds for over…

Valve’s Free SteamOS Arrives Tomorrow

Valve Tux Linux 140x

Valve is shipping Steam Machine beta hardware to 300 lucky Steam users, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait…

Win New PC Gear in Our ROCCAT Holiday Giveaway!


This contest is closed. Thanks to all who entered! The holidays are upon us, and that means it’s time for…

Liquid-Cooled Digital Storm PC Is The Bane of Steam Machines

Digital Storm Steam Machine 140x

When Crysis 3 is…ashes, you have its permission to GET PUMPED.

Windows 8.2 Might Have A Legit Start Menu, Metro Apps In Desktop Mode

Windows 8 Logo Black 140x

The next major Windows 8 update might be the best version of the OS so far, if new rumors are…

Valve Software & HSA Foundation Join The Linux Foundation

Valve Tux Linux 140x

Valve Software officially joined The Linux Foundation today, as did the parallel computing justice league known as the HSA Foundation….

GeForce Experience 1.8: New ShadowPlay, Optimal Settings

Nvidia Logo 140x 12-2013

Nvidia is pushing out an update for its GeForce Experience suite, and some tweaks for ShadowPlay, audio capture, and game…

Rebellion Hops On AMD Mantle Express Train To Metal

rebellion logo 140x

Rebellion Software is the latest PC game developer to adopt AMD’s new close-to-metal Mantle API. Mantle will be used on…

Xbox One Teardown (Kinda) Keeps Replaceable HDD Train Rolling

iFixit Xbox One Teardown 140x

iFixit recent;y gave the Xbox One it’s tried and true teardown treatment. Along with showing off the One’s optical drive,…

Sony Is Probably Losing Money On Every PS4, But Not Much


  IHS revealed its PS4 teardown today, and the firm says each PlayStation 4 costs Sony about $381 to build….

Help Valve Test Steam’s In-Home Streaming Service


Valve has launched a beta community group for Steam’s in-home streaming service, and it’s looking for testers to try out…

Free Game Alert: Win One Of 1,000 Battlefield 4 Keys

AMD Logo Fancy 140x

Free Battlefield 4? Free Battlefield 4.

Game Front’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide


Table of Contents Intro Games Gaming Peripherals PC Components PlayStation 4 Xbox One Toys and Gifts for Gamers Have a…

Oculus: Next-Gen Consoles “Too Limited For What We’re Planning”

Oculus VR Logo Alt 140x

Oculus VR has no plans to bring its Rift VR headset to next-gen consoles, according to TechRadar. During an interview…

AMD TressFX 2.0 Will Render Grass & Fur, Too

AMD Logo Fancy 140x

AMD is actively working on TressFX 2.0, and it’s saying the tech could be used for more than just Ms….

Video: Watch Wired & Sony Disassemble A PS4


Sony and Wired expose the guts of the PS4.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Review: The $700 780-Titan Middleman Cometh

Nvidia GTX 780 Ti 140x

Nvidia unleashes its new $700 mini-Titan.

Three More Developers Hop On AMD’s Mantle Bandwagon

AMD Logo Fancy 140x

Metal-level programming madness!

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60GB Xbox 360 Coming in August

No longer a rumor, it looks like Microsoft will be releasing a higher-end Xbox 360 than the current Pro SKU…

Sony Shrinking Blu-Ray Player – Possible PS3 Cost Reduction?

A smaller, and less expensive Blu-ray player has been developed by Sony and Nichia and are expecting the new laser…

ION Drum Rocker Premium Drum Set for Xbox 360 is $300

Yesterday, news of the limited edition ION drum set for Rock Band 2 surfaced due to an article in the…

How to Build a PS4-Like Gaming PC for $600 (or Bust)

PS4 Logo Thumbnail 140x

This build will get you as close to a Playstation 4 in a PC tower as you can currently get.

Stealth Encryption Chip Will End Piracy

Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell is confident that the end to software piracy is in sight. He made this prediction at…

Don’t Fear the Reaper – New Guitar Hero Controller


Very demonic looking artwork adorns the new wireless PS2 controller from React, which should make everyone’s inner Rock God spring…

DirectX 10 Hardware Obsolete, but 10.1 Is of no Concern

You have to love updates, but apparently not all the time. For instance, right now, the gamers who just threw…

Stupid Rumor of the Day: Sega Considering a Dreamcast 2

In what I can only refer to as “stupid” (although “idiotic,” “moronic,” and some other less polite terms work), rumors…

Behold: The Blue PSP Madden 09 Entertainment Pack

It might not be a golden PSP, but blue isn’t half bad. Over on PlayStation.Blog, Sony has announced the Madden…

Xbox One Will Only Support LIVE in Certain Countries At Launch


Microsoft: moving at one fail an hour since 2013.

Introducing the Nintendo TS?


One industrious poster on the NeoGaf forums, calling himself “Shogmaster,” has put up these artist renderings of how he thinks…

God of War PSP Bundle Includes Red System in June

Another PSP Entertainment Pack is headed our way, this time sporting a God of War title and a deep red…

Editorial: Why The Sega Saturn Is Not The Worst Console Ever

Skimming through random game articles is a daily routine for me. I came across an article titled ‘Why the Saturn…

A Closer Look At NVIDIA’s Geforce GTX 680


It’s awesome.

Monster Cables Not Such a Good Deal

This news won’t come as a surprise to any of our more technical savvy readers, but it’s certainly an important…

Which 22-inch LCD Monitor to Take Home

Not all of our readers are PC gamers, but bet all of them are reading this article on a PC….

How to Fix the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death


Microsoft’s quality control done homebrew – here’s a guide to fixing the classic overheating issue on older Xbox 360 consoles.

GeForce 9800 GX2 Nudies & Specs

According to an inside source close to [H], multi-gpu configurations will lead NVIDIA’s yet to be announced GeForce 9000 series…

How to Backup Your PS3 Hard Drive and Save Games


Want more Playstation 3 how-to’s and guides? Download the Game Front walkthroughs app for free and enjoy daily video guide…

Arsenal Football Club Videogame Controllers and Accessories Coming from Mad Catz


Mad Catz has announced that it has scored a license agreement to put out a line of Arsenal Football Club…

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