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Hardware: Are The Next-Gen Consoles Already Disappointing?

PS4 Xbox One Combo 140x

There’s been ample talk about the forthcoming next-gen console hardware, specifically about how each console will handle launch window titles….

Yes, You Can Use DualShock 4 Controllers With Your PC

Playstation DualShock 4 Blue 140x

The PS4 is still some weeks away, but the DualShock 4 controller is already out in the wild and available…

COD Ghosts: Native 1080p on PS4, Scaled 1080p on Xbox One


Infinity Ward has confirmed that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One will handle Call of Duty: Ghosts a bit differently….

BF4 Pro Tip: Turn Off Antialiasing Post In-Game

battlefield 4 thumb

  The intrepid folks over at HardOCP have been poring over Battlefield 4 since the game launched earlier this week….

Nvidia Drops GTX 780 & 770 Prices, Pegs $780 Ti At $699

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti 140x

Nvidia has given the new GTX 780 Ti an official price and launch date, while dropping the price on two…

Hardware Review: Wicked Audio Reverb Headphones


Inexpensive, but not cheap.

Hardware Review: ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Keyboard


ROCCAT’s new line of keyboards takes another step forward.

AMD Has Returned To Profitability

AMD Logo Black 140x

AMD can officially make it rain again.

Nvidia Reveals GTX 780 Ti, Gamestream Adds Console Mode

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti 140x

Another day, another new video card.

Nvidia Announces GameWorks Program, New Holiday Bundles


AMD and it’s new R-Series cards have been hogging the GPU spotlight as of late, but Nvidia is countering with…

First Official AMD R9 290X Benchmarks Appear

AMD R9 290X White 140x

If you’re wondering how AMD’s forthcoming R9 290X GPU fairs against Nvidia’s GTX 780, wonder no more. Well, wonder a…

Unity Engine Update Adds iOS Game Controller Support

Unity Engine Logo 140x

Unity is the go-to engine option for mobile developers the world over, and its latest update promises robust support for…

Former Valve Engineers Kickstart castAR Augmented Reality Hardware

Technical Illusions Logo 140x

Remember the hardware engineers that Valve bid adieu to earlier this year? One of them has a new home, a…

PS Vita 2000 Embraces Micro USB For Charging

PS Vita 2000 Shuhei Yoshida Micro USB 140x


Video: The Steam Controller In Action

Steam Controller 140x

Valve has released a video of the new, shiny, fancy Steam Controller in action. Several games are demoed in the…

AMD R9 290X Pre-Order Pages Are Popping Up

AMD Radeon R9 290X 140x

AMD’s “new” cards are out in the open (Game Front will have some review coverage up in the coming days),…

Three GeForce GPUs See Price Cut Ahead Of AMD R-Series Launch

Nvidia GTX 660 140x

New cards form AMD means Nvidia GPUs get a price cut.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Gets Dedicated Servers & Minimum PC Specs

COD_Ghosts_Good_Boy 140x

The latest in the COD franchise will have dedicated servers on all platforms.

Origin PC CEO Responds to AMD GPU Controversy


Yesterday, Game Front reported that Origin PC would no longer be offering AMD GPUs in its PC products. In the…

Origin PC Stops Offering PCs With AMD GPUs

Origin PC Logo 140x

Origin will no longer offer AMD GPUs in any of its gaming PCs.

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Zboard Standard, Age of Conan Review

Ideazon’s Zboard standard, gaming and Age of Conan models get a thorough review from MMORPG. While the verdict on the…

Xbox Ultimate Will Crush All You Puny Mortals!

Yes, I believe someone over at may have been hitting the eggnog (or booze, if you will) a little…

How to Clean Your PS3


The PS3 is a wonderful shiny black console that sucks in dirt and debris like a vacuum. Learn how to keep it looking and running new and shiny.

Xbox 360 Premium: Red Ring of Death 10% of All Warranties

SquareTrade, an electronics warranty company, has released more information from a statement earlier this month that lists a failure percentage…

Report Shows Annual PC Hardware Sales Doubling Console Sales


The PC Gaming Alliance release a report showing PC gaming hardware sales more than double those of all consoles combined in 2009.

SCEE Founder Claims Near Zero PS3 Failure Rate

“I am immortal! I have inside me blood of kings! I have no rival…” Well, that immortal part might be…

Xbox One: Let’s Talk Hardware

Xbox One Hardware 140x

During the Xbox Reveal livestream today, Microsoft confirmed most of the Xbox One’s hardware specifications. The Xbox One has an…

Warner Bros. Goes Blu-ray Exclusive

In a huge blow to the HD DVD camp in the ongoing high definition DVD battle, Warner Bros. today announced…

Blu-ray vs. Digital Download: Why Blu-ray is the Future

The war between the two high definition formats, Blu-ray and HD DVD, seems to have come to a bloody end….

$6 Million Home Theater and Only One Gaming System?

Have you ever wondered what your ultimate home theater system might look like? I know I have, and it includes…

Michael Bay: HD-DVD Conspiracy Theorist

If you believe what Michael Bay says, then Microsoft is the puppeteer in a stalemate it doesn’t want anyone to…

December Hardware NPDs: DS Pushes Nearly 2.5M, Everyone’s a Winner

If you’re in the videogame console manufacturing business, you had a good holiday – regardless of what company you work…

Computer Mouse Facing Extinction

Within five years, computer industry experts believe the mouse will be extinct due to obsolescence. This common PC peripheral is…

DirectX11 Announced… and it's Backward Compatible

Microsoft has news of DirectX11 official with an announcement at the Gamefest 2008 developer conference in Seattle. Like DirectX 10,…

Bill Gates to Announce "Something" at CES Next Week

  Supposedly, Bill Gates is going to make an “important announcement” regarding the Xbox 360 at next week’s CES show…

Sony Pushes PlayStation Home into Fall, Extends Beta Testing


Sony has announced two things this morning. One is that PS3 users will have wait on PlayStation Home for just…

Nintendo Offers Free Wii-mote Jackets

After several incidents earlier this year involving several TVs being destroyed by wayward Wii-motes, Nintendo has decided to take some…

IDAPT i2+ Universal Charger Giveaway


Win yourself a new IDAPT i2+ charger in this comment contest.

Denis Dyack Calls Unified Platform “Inevitable”

Denis Dyack has always been a very vocal proponent of having a single console to build games for. EA recently…

Xbox 360 Failure Rates at 16% According to SquareTrade

Estimates for the failure rate of Xbox 360 systems have been all over the map, from Microsoft’s 3% to as…

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