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Playstation 4: Yes to Used Games, No to Always-On DRM


Sony scores a crushing victory in the ongoing console wars.

An Evening With iam8bit: Custom Consoles, Retro Renditions & Art

iam8bit Entertainment System 140x

Awesome video game-inspired art within!

In Pictures: Logitech’s Innovation Center in Switzerland

Logitech EPFL

Logitech was kind enough to invite Game Front to check out it’s “Daniel Borel Innovation Center” in Lausanne, Switerland. The…

EA CTO: XB1/PS4 ‘Generation Ahead of PC,’ Mark Rein Calls ‘Bullshit’

Crysis 3 Face Thumb

Earlier today, EA CTO Rajat Taneja took to his LinkedIn page to wax poetic about console hardware (Develop Online reported…

NVIDIA GTX 780 Review: GK110 on a Diet

Nvidia GTX 780 Thumb

Three months ago, Nvidia added the GTX Titan to its lineup. For $1,000, you could buy the first gaming-focused video…

Xbox One: Let’s Talk Hardware

Xbox One Hardware 140x

During the Xbox Reveal livestream today, Microsoft confirmed most of the Xbox One’s hardware specifications. The Xbox One has an…

Nvidia Shield Pre-Order Links Live, Bundled With Two Games

Nvidia Shield Thumbnail

  As reported by Game Front last week, the Nvidia Shield is available for pre-order to the general public today….

Nvidia Shield is $349, Public Pre-Orders Start May 20

Nvidia Shield Boxing Thumb

We know the price of the Nvidia Shield, as well as when you can start pre-ordering it — if you can get over the sticker shock.

Hardware Review: Digital Storm Bolt

Digital Storm Bolt 140x

What do you visualize when you think of a gaming PC? Most of us picture a desktop, roughly the same…

Stinky Footboard Passes Kickstarter Goal, Set for June Launch


Starting in June, the Stinky Footboard will be available for PC gamer feet the world ’round. SteLuLu Technologies, the company…

Rumor: Intel’s “Haswell E” gets DDR4 Support in 2014.

Intel Logo 140x

Another week, another Intel/AMD CPU rumor. Posted last week, the most recent CPU-related AMD rumor is all about the short-term…

Rumor Mill: Is AMD Releasing a 5 GHz FX CPU?

AMD FX Logo 140x

UPDATE: We reached out to AMD, and received a tried and true “AMD will not comment on speculation or rumors,” response….

SteLuLu Kicks Off Stinky Footboard Crowdfunding

Stinky Footboard 140x

Remember the PC foot controller we played with during PAX East last month? Now’s your chance to help the company…

Find All Of Game Front’s PAX East Coverage Here


Conveniently aggregated for your convenience.

Creative Labs Z Series Soundcards: Striving for Perfection


Creative Labs unveils new sound cards to take on Asus.

Plantronics Pushes Mobile Gaming Audio with BackBeat GO


Plantronics has a new set of wireless headphones that’ll compliment your PS Vita.

PAX East: Cooler Master and the New Keyboard Duo


Amongst a sea of CM Storm HAF and Scout cases, Cooler Master has two new keyboards at PAX that will…

PAX East: MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming Mobo Coming in April


MSI’s latest gaming motherboard is a crowd-pleaser.

Foot-On with the Stelulu Stinky Footboard


It may have a silly name, but we found it fancy.

Logitech’s G Series Revamp: Sleek, Reasonably Priced


The peripherals colossus showed off their latest, and we were on the scene.

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Nyko Releasing a PlayStation 3 Controller Charger

To compensate for the lack of any official charge kit for the Sixaxis, Nyko will be releasing the Charge Base…

GDC 08: John Schappert Talks Indie Games, HD DVD, and More

John Schappert was Microsoft’s main man at GDC this past week as he presented Microsoft’s keynote. Eurogamer had a chance…

DirectX Creator Sees PCs as Gaming Platform of the Future

The back-and-forth among industry professionals over the future of PCs and consoles as gaming platforms continued recently when ExtremeTech spoke…

Shane Kim Says First to 100M Wins

Some people got the vibe from Microsoft that they were declaring victory with their ten million sold in the U.S….

The Trials and Tribulations of Replacing a 60GB PS3

I’m lucky enough to own a 60GB PlayStation 3. If you aren’t privvy to the SKU setup of the PS3s,…

Microsoft: There Are "Cautionary Tales" to be Learned From PSP

The Zune has a long way to go before it can really challenge the iPod. It’s not yet profitable, but…

Rumor: Xbox 360 Price Drop is Real, 60GB to Replace 20GB SKU

Last week, we reported on a purported K-Mart circular ad that showed a price drop on the Xbox 360 Premium,…

Rumor: Real Xbox 360 Price Cut Coming in September

Analyst Todd Greenwald recently called for a “real” Xbox 360 price cut following the price reduction of the 20GB Xbox…

Pentagon: Soldiers of the Near Future will Use High Tech Contacts with "Videogame" Readouts

DARPA, the Pentagon’s blue sky science and technology division, see a future in which soldiers will see an information augmented…

OCZ Brings Do-It-Yourself Notebooks to Gamers

OCZ Technology Group has unveiled its pioneering Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Gaming Notebook Program. The program will allow gamers users to purchase…

Activision to Replace GH3 Discs for the Wii

  Last month, William informed readers of an issue with Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Wii. Some…

Will HD VMD Give Blu-ray A Run For Its Money?

Just as we all thought the format war was over, it appears that HD VMD may actually become a viable…

More Hardware Coverage is Coming to Game Front and We Need Your Feedback


If you’re reading this, chances are you really dig being part of the PC Gaming Master Race. Game Front has…

Hardware Review: Digital Storm Bolt

Digital Storm Bolt 140x

What do you visualize when you think of a gaming PC? Most of us picture a desktop, roughly the same…

RAM, Consoles, And You: Much Ado About Nothing

RAM Pile 140x

We break down just how important those RAM numbers are in the next-generation consoles, as well as in your everyday PC gaming builds.

RAGE Creative Director Matt Hooper Works at Oculus VR Now, Too

Matt Hooper 140x

UPDATE: We’ve received an official statement from Oculus VR on the hiring of Matt Hooper: ““We are thrilled to have…

AMD Reveals R9, R7 GPU Lines, Start at $89

AMD Radeon R7 260X 140x

AMD’s next generation of GPUs are just around the corner. Along with providing the hardware for the next-gen Sony and…

Valve Unveils Steam Controller, Half-Life Fans Trolled Again


It isn’t a new game, but it is a gamepad unlike any we’ve seen before.

Get Yer Tron Controllers Here


You know what looks killer? Tron: Legacy. I’m not really a fan of the  original film, but the new one,…

Nyko Goes Elite With New Intercooler Ex and Charge Station 360


Hot and bothered over your Xbox 360 Elite? Nyko has the answer for you. Nyko Technologies(R), a premier peripherals manufacturer,…

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