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Nvidia’s Project Shield Gets Android Focus At PAX East


The PAX demo focused on Android games.

Tomb Raider: Nvidia Beta Drivers Give Lara Croft A Boost

NVIDIA Square Logo 140x

Playing Tomb Raider on PC with an Nvidia GPU? Then these new beta drivers are right up your alley. Nvidia…

Corsair Vengeance Extreme: “World’s Fastest” DDR3 Memory for $750

Corsair Vengeance Extreme Thumbnail

If DDR3-2400 memory isn’t up to snuff, then Corsair has a new enthusiast RAM kit for you. If your PC…

Xi3 “PISTON” Steam Box: $999 Pre-Order, Hardware Speculation Galore

Xi3 Piston 140x

UPDATE: Valve’s Doug Lombardi to Eurogamer: We have nothing to do with the Xi3 Piston. Full story here. Remember the…

Six Invaluable Online PC Building Tools

PC Hardware Pile 140x

A healthy chunk of the Game Front readership has some level of PC building experience, be it upgrading pre-built machines…

Asus Announces SFF-Friendly GTX 670 DirectCU Mini

GTX 670 DirectCU Mini Top 140x

With all this Steambox talk, there’s more chatter than ever when it comes to Small Form-Factor (SFF) PC gaming. Sure,…

How to Build a PS4-Like Gaming PC for $600 (or Bust)

PS4 Logo Thumbnail 140x

This build will get you as close to a Playstation 4 in a PC tower as you can currently get.

AMD Teams Up with Crystal Dynamics on TressFX Tech


How often do you think about hair in a video game? Half the time your avatar is wearing a military…

[UPDATE] PlayStation 4 Hardware Explained: x86 APU and GDDR5 Memory

large_Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 3.09.16 PM (2)THUMB

UPDATE: Sony Computer Entertainment International has released a PDF with additional hardware info. SCEI has confirmed that the PS4 has an eight-core…

It’s Official: Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan

Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan 140x

The wraps are off, and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan is now out in the hands of reviewers. A few of…

NVIDIA Reveals “Supercomputer GPU” GTX Titan



Digital Storm Announces Bolt Titan Edition; Slim and Powerful


Includes the new NVIDIA GTX Titan.

Nvidia GeForce Titan Seen by WCCF, Listed on Proshop for $1,300


Hardware site WCCF found a now-removed listing for the upcoming Nvidia GeForce Titan on Proshop, and scored exclusive photos of…

Origin PC Launches Xfire-Powered Nexus Support Client


Remember Xfire? I can’t tell you the last time I booted up the gaming-focused chat client – Steam and Battlelog…

Nvidia Releases New 313.95 Beta Drivers Ahead of Crysis 3 Beta


The Crysis 3 open beta starts tomorrow, and Nvidia has some fresh new drivers to go along with it. Posted…

Intel is Leaving the Motherboard Business


Intel just announced that it will exit the consumer motherboard business after the next major CPU release, and all of…

NVIDIA Shield Early Prototype Pic Leaked (GameFaux Exclusive)


Somehow manages to look even more geeky.

Game Front’s Best of CES 2013


Our favorites gadgets from tech’s biggest show.

Spending Quality Time with the Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield Thumbnail

We go hands on with NVIDIA’s newest device.

Eyes-on with the Razer and NVIDIA Booths at CES 2013


All the eye-candy, none of the crowds.

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Now’s Not the Time to Invest in a Blu-ray Player


If you’re looking to pick up a Blu-ray player, right now isn’t the greatest time to pick one up. No,…

18% of HDTV Purchases Due to Gaming


The continued success and expansion of the high definition television market can thank the videogame industry for at least 18%…

Urinal Game Banned in Belgium

This past summer, a line of urinal-based games began cropping up in Europe, where you were required to pee on…

Rumor: Motion Sensing Controllers Coming to Xbox 360

We’ve heard rumblings of such a possibility in the past, although with time all of the previous rumors were proven…

Microsoft Outright Denies Integrated HD DVD in 360

The keynote tonight from Bill Gates is bound to have some sort of big announcement, but Microsoft has emphatically denied…

Paramount Denies That It Will Drop HD DVD

Yesterday I brought word that Paramount had a purported clause in its contract with HD DVD that would allow it…

CES 2008: Bill Gates Sees Xbox 360 as “Most Reliable Videogame Box”

The BBC recently had a chance to sit down and chat with Bill Gates at CES and was kind enough…

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Price Dropped Again

The Xbox 360’s HD DVD add-on has been dropped in price again; this time around it’s a substantial $50 drop…

Microsoft Talking About Blu-ray with Sony

It seemed inevitable since the death of HD DVD, but as Jonathan alluded to yesterday, Microsoft is apparently in talks…

Now’s Not the Time to Invest in a Blu-ray Player

If you’re looking to pick up a Blu-ray player, right now isn’t the greatest time to pick one up. No,…

Xbox 360 RROD Fiasco Caused by Cheap Chip Design

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the “Red Ring of Death” problems that have plagued millions of Xbox 360s and…

Finally: All New Music Game Peripherals Will Be Compatible With All Titles

Let’s face it: the music game genre is so muddled with peripherals now that it’s hard to keep straight just…

Guitar Hero III: DigitalLife Best Game

DigitalLife, Ziff Davis Media’s leading consumer electronics and digital lifestyle event, announced the winners of the Best of Show awards….

Fire Up MSI's New Gaming Laptop

MSI has officially unveiled its new gaming notebook. The GX600 features MSI’s exclusive Turbo Drive Engine (TDE) technology for optimal…

Of Mice and Men: Real Men Don’t Need Uber Gaming Mice

Joel Durham Jr., consumate mouse tester for Extreme Tech, claims that he can frag you using a two button ball…

Mass Effect: Popular Mechanics’ Number One Game to Buy

Popular Mechanics has chosen Mass Effect as its number one pick for game gear to buy for the holidays. The…

Leaked 'Smash Bros Brawl' Sales Figures from Japan

  Seems like there is a ton of “leaked” information on Super Smash Bros. Brawl floating around this week –…

Nyko's Zero Wireless PS3 Controller Goes on Sale – Now With Rumble!

Some people have complained that the PS3 wireless controllers did not have rumble, others could care less about holding a…

Still Looking For a Wii? Costco's Got a Stash.

How to use your Nintendo Wii Remote as a PC Mouse


Waggle your Wiimote to point and click in Windows!

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