Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar – Announcement Teaser Trailer

I’m looking forward to playing Hegemony Rome; The Rise of Caesar. A sequel to Hegemony Gold, which focused on famous campaigns from Ancient Greece, Rise of Caesar apparently aims to play through the entirety of the Gallic Wars, a 5 years long campaign in which Caesar expanded Roman control over most of what is now France and bits of what is now Germany. When it was over, the Senate suddenly noticed they never actually authorized him to embark on that conquest and he was recalled to Rome to stand trial for his flagrant law breaking. Instead, he marched his army south, sparking a civil war and ultimately defeating Pompey and setting himself up as the boss of Rome. Then he was assassinated, and Rome was forevermore at peace and the Republic was saved!

Anyway, here’s the trailer, which doesn’t really tell you much about the game itself.

Now the tagline in this trailer is “He arrived a general, but he returned an emperor,” but that’s not especially accurate. Here, allow me to put on my nerd hat.

It’s true that Caesar was hailed as Imperator – the Latin root of our word ‘Emperor’. That was a natural consequence of being a successful general and being hailed ‘Imperator’ by one’s troops was a prerequisite to apply to the Senate to receive a triumph. Dozens of Roman generals during the history of the republic achieved the same title and subsequently got to have their own parades, and it wasn’t originally a title for head of state.

Julius Caesar was never called Imperator as a function of his job as head of state. He was declared Dictator for life, and constantly allowed to stand for Consul, and died still observing, at least superficially, the actual functions of the Roman Republic. The term Imperator became associated with the governance of Rome after the final republican civil war, when Gaius Octavian, AKA Augustus, shrewdly consolidated all important government offices unto himself. He also got a law passed that only the ‘First Citizen’, Augustus’ official title BTW, or his duly selected representative, could be considered to have Imperium or be proclaimed Imperator.

Every subsequent First Citizen grabbed the title Imperator for themselves, making the term synonymous with ruling the state and eventually the official title for their job. And now I’ve bored you to death, and must make my leave.

Download the Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar – Announcement Teaser Trailer.

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