Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • A Personal Contract
  • The King of Chinatown
  • Terminus
  • Run For Your Life
  • Hunter & Hunted
  • Rosewood
  • Welcome to Hope
  • Birdie’s Gift
  • Shaving Lenny
  • End of the Road
  • Dexter Industries
  • Death Factory
  • Fight Night
  • Skurky’s Law
  • Operation: Sledgehammer
  • One of a Kind
  • Blackwater Park
  • Countdown
  • Epilogue: Absolution
  • Attack of the Saints

    1. Crawl forward to bust through the burning debris ahead and stand up in the destroyed motel room, then turn right to shimmy sideways between the hole in the wall and exit out the other end to reach the next area on your left.
    2. Collect the iron and your suit off the ground in front of you, then continue forward to look over the railing that surrounds the parking lot and activate Eagle Vision to spot the indicated targets below.
    3. Move left to enter the cooler in the corner of the balcony area and wait inside until the two male enemies ahead have passed in front of you, then watch Jennifer Paxton pass by next and emerge from your hiding spot to sneak up behind her.
    4. Follow Paxton across the landing until she comes to a momentary stop, then choke her out with the garret and drag the body back into cooler you were previously hiding inside.
    5. Turn around from the cooler to move down the walkway ahead on your left and activate the next checkpoint, then descend the staircase in front of you and use the railing at the bottom as cover to keep an eye on the enemies in the parking lot.
    6. Change cover quickly to move along the flower beds on the right and cross behind the enemies in the parking lot, then collect the rat poison in the corner ahead and turn left to approach the burning car in front of the wall outside.
    7. Move through the opening in the right corner of the wall to reach the miniature golf course and use your silenced pistol to kill the guard on the left with a quick headshot, then take the enemies disguise and proceed forward along the rightmost wall.
    8. Follow the golf greens forward to roll between the cover on the left and evade detection, then wait for the guards standing in front of tiki pole to walk away and remain ducked down as you pursue them into the next area ahead.
    9. Activate Eagle Vision to locate your next target in the distance and wait behind the cover until the two guards nearby split up, then follow the one that crosses the bamboo bridge ahead and reach the tiki bar on the other side.
    10. Approach the blender to poison the coffee and use your disguise to cross the next bridge behind you without being noticed by Heather McCarthy as she passes by, then take cover to watch her drink the coffee and die.
    11. Make a right between the two burning torches across the from the previous bridge and pick the lock on the door below to enter the motel, then pick up the hula girl and move through the doorway on your left to reach the front desk area.
    12. Use the front desk as cover to hide behind the two enemies above and toss the hula girl past them to distract the guard, then wait for him to walk away and pop up to choke out Dijana.
    13. Stay hidden behind the front desk after killing Dijana to avoid detection and move through the next door on your right, then cross the room to exit into the outside area ahead and take cover behind the trunk of yellow car.
    14. Move right behind the L-shaped cement wall and take cover behind the far end to watch the three enemies stand in front of the dead bodies on the ground ahead until they split up, then use your disguise to disguise to cross between them and approach the gas pumps.
    15. Use the gasoline pump on the right to cause a fuel leak, then turn back around to return to your previous hiding place behind the cement wall and equip a pistol.
    16. Aim your pistol at the gas pump you sabotaged to shoot it and cause an explosion that kills Agnija, then move between the tiki torches on the right to pick the lock on the next door and exit the motel area.
    17. Take cover behind the tires to watch the enemies in the street ahead until they eventually walk away, then cross to the other side of the street approach the hood of the truck in front of the telephone pole and activate the car alarm to cause a distraction.
    18. Turn around to enter the cornfield and move left through it to approach the next house in the clearing ahead, then hide behind the piece of machinery on two wheels and wait for Candy to come towards you.
    19. Wait until Candy is directly beside you and press the indicated button to eliminate her quietly, then hide the body in the cornfield and activate Eagle Vision to locate the enemies that patrol the surrounding stalks.
    20. Use Eagle Vision to approach the next target and navigate around the patrolling enemies, then approach Jaqueline Moorhead from behind in the cornfield and a garrett to choke her to death.
    21. Enter the brick farm house in the last cornfield and climb the ladder in the corner towards the from of the building, then turn right at the top to pick up a brick and look down over nearby the railing to spot the target below.
    22. Wait for the nun to approach the tractor below, then toss a brick beneath the pallet suspended from the crane to draw her into the desired location.
    23. Shoot the chain to drop the pallet’s contents on the Lasandra Dixont and crush her to death, then move back down the ladder to exit the brick building and approach the command post indicated on your map to complete this mission.
    24. Achievement/Trophy Unlocked: The Killing Fields (Bronze): Eliminate the Saints.

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    7 Comments on Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough


    On November 26, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Anyone noticed the chemtrails when you kill Lenny in the desert?


    On November 30, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Hitman absolution is boss


    On March 22, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    If you can’t beat the range, there’s another way.

    1. Go to the back of the store where the duck shooting range is. As you move into this room, look at the back right and you will see a vent on the floor. Crawl through.

    2. Take cover behind the mahogany chest to the left and wait for the store owner to come in.

    3. Sneak up, subdue him, and he will drop a notebook which gives you a combination to the safe. Go the safe, open, get the key.

    4. Go back to the store via the vent, go to the Silverballers, and open the case!

    Agent 47

    On April 29, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Why in the hell do you have someone doing a walkthrough that has no freakin idea what the hell he’s doing??? WTMF


    On June 28, 2013 at 5:11 am

    thanks for posting this walk-through…however, you’re clearly playing “normal” difficulty, because that first fuse you point out (bottom of stairs by shelf)…isn’t there on “hard” level.


    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On June 28, 2013 at 11:53 am


    Are you looking at the text or video walkthrough? Which mission do you need some help with?

    Thanks for the kind words, hopefully I can clear up this issue for you.


    On March 4, 2014 at 5:14 am

    This JAMES guy has no idea what is he doing + he doesn’t keep his F*****g mouth shut for a second….