Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • A Personal Contract
  • The King of Chinatown
  • Terminus
  • Run For Your Life
  • Hunter & Hunted
  • Rosewood
  • Welcome to Hope
  • Birdie’s Gift
  • Shaving Lenny
  • End of the Road
  • Dexter Industries
  • Death Factory
  • Fight Night
  • Attack of the Saints
  • Skurky’s Law
  • Operation: Sledgehammer
  • One of a Kind
  • Blackwater Park
  • Countdown
  • Epilogue: Absolution
  • Run for Your Life

    1. Move through the doorway ahead on the right and navigate between the furniture on your left in the next room, then climb out the open window to reach the outside ledge and move around the corner of the building beside you.
    2. Keep moving across the ledge to jump across the next small gap and climb up the red ladder at the end, then stay crouched down as you descend the next set of steps at the top and take cover behind the air conditioning unit below.
    3. Use your instincts to locate the cops through the surrounding smoke and approach the nearest one in front of you to subdue him from behind, then drag the body behind the air unit and take the policeman’s disguise.
    4. Continue forward across the rooftop and use your disguise to slip past the remaining police officers ahead, then move through the open doorway at the end and approach the red light in the back right corner of the room.
    5. Break the indicated door open to activate a cut scene and enter the library, then climb down from the ledge you’re on and move left across the balcony below.
    6. Stay duck down behind the railing as you move across the balcony to reach the opposite side of the room and turn right, then wait for the nearest officer below to walk away and climb down over the ledge to land on the first floor.
    7. Turn around to approach the officer guarding the corridor ahead from behind and subdue him, then drag the body into the nearby crate in the corner and move to the other side of the bookshelf beside you.
    8. Follow the nearby red carpet forward through the next open doorway and stay ducked down as you move around the left side of the tables ahead, then approach the checkpoint located at the opposite end of the room to use it and turn back around to activate your instinct.
    9. Make a right up the steps beside you to grab the ledge above and pull yourself onto the second floor, then turn right again to pass through the open doorway around the next corner and continue forward across the library.
    10. Activate your instincts to track the guards at the top of the steps around the corner and take cover behind one of the small tables or couches ahead, then wait until some of the police have walked away and use the disguise you are wearing to slip past them unnoticed.
    11. Move through the next open doorway ahead on the left and ascend the stairs in the corner to make a right at the top, then circle around to the opposite side of the room blocked by wooden debris and climb up onto the ledge above.
    12. Head forward at the top to approach the metal beam on the right and walk across it slowly to reach the other side of the room, then turn left to move through the indicated exit door in the corner and activate a short cut scene that puts you outside.
    13. Hang off the ledge in front of you to drop down into the alley below and move forward down the next staircase ahead, then pass through the door at the bottom to enter the next building and stay crouched behind the birdcages on the right to avoid the police helicopter outside.
    14. Watch the helicopter’s spotlight scan the area ahead and wait for it to move to the opposite corner of the building, then cross the room and hide behind the next stack of birdcages closest to you.
    15. Wait for the spotlight to move past you towards the right and head left to continue across the room littered with birdcages, then move through the set of red double doors at the end to activate a short cut scene and jump the gap between buildings.
    16. Approach the open doorway in the right corner ahead and take cover to hide from the cop that eventually enters, then sneak up from behind to subdue him and take the police uniform if necessary.
    17. Drag the body back through the room to avoid it being spotted by the helicopter’s searchlight, then approach the upper left corner of the area by the ventilation fans and crawl through the duct below on your right.
    18. Move along the far left side of the roof to take cover between the chimneys ahead and avoid the helicopter’s spotlight, then ascend the wooden ramp to reach the next area above and hide behind the air conditioning unit at the top.
    19. Wait for the two cops having a conversation to split up and for the one remaining to turn his back, then move behind the next air conditioning unit ahead and stay hidden until the coast is clear again.
    20. Continue across the rooftop to reach the entryway decorated with Christmas lights and break down the indicated door to enter the hippy den, then make a left around the corner ahead and use your instincts to locate the civilians in the next room.
    21. After the hippies approach the windows, move around behind them to use the small bookcases as cover and make a right into the room at the end to pass through the hole in the wall.
    22. Move forward through the hallway ahead to spot the cops in the greenhouse on the left and stay ducked down behind the wall to pass by them, then turn the corner ahead and use your disguise to navigate through the marijuana plants without being noticed.
    23. Exit the room through the next hole in the wall ahead and activate the checkpoint in the kitchen, then turn around to take the right corner in front of you and listen to cops’ conversation that take place in the adjacent room.
    24. Wait for the conversing cops to leave the area, then enter the next room around the corner to slowly follow behind them and pass through the blue bead curtain in the corner to reach the bedroom.
    25. Pass through the next beaded curtain to enter the next hallway ahead and make a left to reach the room containing multiple bathtubs, then use the surrounding cover to sneak up behind the cop in this area and subdue him.
    26. Dump the cop’s body in one of the square tubs of water and approach the radio beneath the cardboard sign advertising mud baths, then turn it on to cause a distraction and exit the bathtub room before the rest of the police arrive.
    27. Return to the outside hallway and approach the neon green sign hanging from the ceiling to move through the door beside you, then subdue the hippy inside and move towards the record player in this room.
    28. Insert the tape that starts the music and light show to draw the cops into the room, then exit into the hallway outside through the door on your left and make a right to call down the elevator.
    29. Wait for the elevator’s arrival to activate a cut scene, then exit the car to move through the door on your left and take cover to hide from the cop coming up the steps ahead.
    30. Subdue the cop as he comes towards you and hide his body in the nearby crate, then descend the steps in the corner to reach the lobby below and wait for the SWAT team in the next room ahead to leave the area.
    31. Exit the building through the next set of glass doors ahead on the left and use your disguise to slip past the cop guarding the metal walkway, then enter the crowd of people on the right and stand still if you need to hide quickly.
    32. Move across the train platform and use the crowd as cover to avoid being spotted by patrolling police officers, then climb the staircase at the end and use your disguise to slip past the pair of cops above.
    33. Turn the next corner ahead to move through the first door on the right and enter the control room to subdue the operator inside, then hide the body in the nearby crate and approach the left side of the control panel to activate the train signal.
    34. Exit the control room through the previous door to make a right into the surrounding crowd and stand still when necessary to hide from the police, then turn the next corner ahead to descend the steps and reach platform B below to wait for the train to arrive.
    35. Stand still amongst the crowd to hide from the cops until the train pulls into the station and approach one of the open doors, then use your disguise to slip past the cops and board the car to complete this mission.
    36. Achievement/Trophy Unlocked: Catch a Ride (Bronze): Enter the train in the train station.

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    7 Comments on Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough


    On November 26, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Anyone noticed the chemtrails when you kill Lenny in the desert?


    On November 30, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Hitman absolution is boss


    On March 22, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    If you can’t beat the range, there’s another way.

    1. Go to the back of the store where the duck shooting range is. As you move into this room, look at the back right and you will see a vent on the floor. Crawl through.

    2. Take cover behind the mahogany chest to the left and wait for the store owner to come in.

    3. Sneak up, subdue him, and he will drop a notebook which gives you a combination to the safe. Go the safe, open, get the key.

    4. Go back to the store via the vent, go to the Silverballers, and open the case!

    Agent 47

    On April 29, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Why in the hell do you have someone doing a walkthrough that has no freakin idea what the hell he’s doing??? WTMF


    On June 28, 2013 at 5:11 am

    thanks for posting this walk-through…however, you’re clearly playing “normal” difficulty, because that first fuse you point out (bottom of stairs by shelf)…isn’t there on “hard” level.


    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On June 28, 2013 at 11:53 am


    Are you looking at the text or video walkthrough? Which mission do you need some help with?

    Thanks for the kind words, hopefully I can clear up this issue for you.


    On March 4, 2014 at 5:14 am

    This JAMES guy has no idea what is he doing + he doesn’t keep his F*****g mouth shut for a second….