Ho, Ho, Ho! Guild Wars 2 Gearing Up For Wintersday

One word: Toypocalypse!

Young, freckle-faced Mike Sharkey dreamed of such a day. For Guild Wars 2 players, that day is coming soon. The Toypocalypse is one of the events in Tyria’s second annual holiday celebration, Wintersday, and ArenaNet announced today that the festivities will kick off on December 10.

Snowball fights, platform challenges, rewards, and haywire toy hunts are all planned. For you Grinch types out there who have no interest in the festivities, Wintersday will bring something for you, too. ArenaNet’s latest Guild Wars 2 balance update, focused on improving traits and trait lines, is also set for launch on December 10.

Wintersday is a six-week event, so you’ll be able to get in on the merry-making through mid-January. Get a peek at what’s to come in the trailer below:

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6 Comments on Ho, Ho, Ho! Guild Wars 2 Gearing Up For Wintersday


On December 4, 2013 at 8:54 am

Ho Ho Ho,,,,,, who cares. I’ll be attending the original GW’s Christmas, but not that piece of garbage. I know, I know, there are those who actually like 2 and good for them, but it Christmas in the older part of town for me.


On December 4, 2013 at 9:10 am

Ho Ho Ho…. thousands of players care, seems you asked.

Hope you enjoy your very lonely and empty recycled Wintersday thedog, GW1 is a ghosttown these days. GW2 on the other hand is extremely busy and quite packed with players.

I really do not see what you have against GW2, it is far superior to GW1 in almost every way, each to their own I guess.


On December 4, 2013 at 11:36 am

@ Aedelric – I don’t know man. I like GW2 a lot, but I don’t know if I can say it’s better than GW1 in every way. I would say it is, at best, on par in most places. These living story updates are great but what the community wants is a proper expansion. We want to go back to Cantha and Elona and Anet is sounding like they have no plans for that in the near future. We want new classes, new weapons. Instead what we’re getting is a living story revolving around a sub-par villain and recycled holiday events. So in this instance, I can understand thedog’s frustration here.


On December 4, 2013 at 11:56 am

You are right AxΣtwin, GW2 is in dire need of a real expansion, the living story though fun does not come close to what a decent expansion pack provides. Perhaps next year, who knows.

I am not convinced that GW1 is better than GW2 when it comes down to it. Perhaps because no one has ever really tried to make a good case for it.

GW1 has no z axis so no jumping or swimming, instanced gameplay with no large player groups, no dynamic events, no massive world vs world vs world combat, no super adventure box, not as visually appealing as GW2, no regular updates or free content. The only advantage I see in GW1 is that PvP has a greater choice in skills and you have on occasion a better and more compelling story, but that alone does not make the whole game superior.

Do not get me wrong I love GW1, but better than GW2? I do not think so, unless I am missing something obvious that GW1 has over 2?


On December 5, 2013 at 8:18 am

@Aedelric That’s where you are wrong. Tons of people have not liked 2 and have actually gone back to one. Yes, more people probably play 2, but trust me, it wont be empty, not by a long shot.
My reason for leaving 2 is simple. They want to cram you with someone whether you want to or not. I prefer solo, which is one reason I was so po’d they took the hero system out. Everything is designed to get you to join up with others. Don’t want it. Don’t have the patience to play with others. Tried it and want to punch my monitor with the stupid cr-p going on. Youth may have it’s benefits, but intelligence and patience isn’t one of them.( Ok cant totally say that, so it just seems it’s the ones I meet.).
My friends don’t play 2. They liked 1 better, and like me, didn’t like what they did to 2. I bear no ill will to those who liked 2, but when they say how much better it is than 1, well I just don’t see it. Go to some of other forums. You will see hundreds of neg comments about 2 and how for many different reasons people aren’t liking it.
A games quality is in the eyes of the player, and like thousands of others, we don’t see 2 being superior in any way, in fact we find it inferior in most. Plus is seemed really stale to me. Same event going on over and over and over. Anyway that’s just my opinion. Enjoy your Christmas in 2, and in this life as well.


On December 5, 2013 at 2:09 pm

So your main problem with Guild Wars 2 is that it is a fully fledged MMO rather than an instanced party game.

I am not entirely against you, I occasionally play solo on my online games, but in Guild Wars 2 I have never felt the need to run with a party to do anything. Yes people are also in the world with me, but most of the time they might as well be nameless NPC’s, it really does not take away from the solo experience.

You know as well as I do intelligence and patience is not tied to age. You obviously just do not like the gameplay type, you can play it solo but that would not remove players from the world. Even then it would defeat the purpose as cooperative gaming is the core basis of massive -multiplayer- online games, GW2 simply is not a single player game.

I admit I miss the hero system but in the same way I also enjoy not having to micromanage a group of heroes and suffer the idiocy of AI parking my healer in lava or my warrior pulling excessive groups to me.

I doubt we will ever agree on this, you are upset GW2 was not the game you wanted it to be and you want to complain because you care about the franchise. It may not have been the game you were anticipating and wanted but that does not make it a bad game. GW2 is a truly great game in its own right, it is different but what it does do it does well, especially the coperative gameplay, which is the one thing lost on you.

I will most definitely enjoy my Winterday and I might even log on to GW1 for a while for the sake of nostalgia. At the end of the day we are all GW fans here, enjoy your Christmas thedog and AxΣtwin.