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How-To Guide

We have tried to make GameFront as user-friendly as possible, but here are a few hints to help get you started. We've just taken the first step for GameFront, once again the site is open to the entire world to upload and share files for the first time in many years.

Our aim is to enable the community to upload and share community creations so we can begin re-building the GameFront archive. We took this approach because we could not sit by idly and watch GameFront (formerly FileFront and FileLeach) once a behemoth of the gaming world, slowly fade into obscurity. Openness and preserving history are ideologies we value greatly at DBolical.

All games, mods and companies on the site have a profile, complete with linked news, files, images and videos. We do this so that you know what works with what, and hopefully with time as our database grows, finding the files to take your gaming experience to the next level will be easy.

Finally, some links to follow. For the latest and most popular files head to the files section . Look out for the add link anywhere you see it to share files, games, mods, companies, engines, etc you are working on. Participate in the forums, join the community discussion.

Like Wikipedia, everything is editable and all site functionality is open to you. If you have made a great file, game or mod we will showcase your contribution. Get the most out of GameFront by contributing and we will put your work in front of thousands, which includes many editors, streamers and youtubers on the hunt for something new.