Hybrid Game Guide

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Tutorial: Combat Skills

  1. Use your directional buttons to look around. Be sure to keep your awareness sharp by looking up to spot enemies.
  2. In close range combat, you will have to use blindfire in this game. You can test it out in the tutorial on the soldier ducking behind the cover to the right of you.
  3. In order to take out enemies at a distance, you will have to aim down the sights. Learning how to alternative between doing this and using blind fire is key in becoming versatile offensively.
  4. There are certain walls you can vault over by using the directional buttons. In some cases, you can only vault over a wall from one side. Other times, however (like in the game’s tutorial), you can go back and forth. Knowing your surroundings and what movement options you have is critical in a combat situation.
  5. When taking cover, you can look around and lock on to another cover. Using your fire pack, initiate flight mode after locking on to the cover.
  6. During flight mode, there are a number of options available to you. Offensively, you will be able to aim and fire much like you do on the ground (although it may take some time to get used to the controls).
  7. Defensively, you have options available to you during flight mode as well. Activating your speed boost will increase your chances of dodging, as will swaying side to side using the direction buttons.
  8. You are allowed to have an ability in this game. For the purposes of the tutorial, you will be able to use your controller to aim and throw the grenade. When aiming, try to position the center of the window just a little above the target for optimum accuracy and blast radius.
  9. Take note that all abilities in this game have a cooldown. This means that once you use them, it will take some time for you to be able to use them again. Keep that in mind and only use your abilities strategically.
  10. In Hybrid, taking out a number of enemies in a row will get you started on a kill streak. The higher the streak, the better your rewards.
  11. Upon killing your first enemy you will get a DR24 stalker droid. Kill 3 enemies in a row and you will be awarded with the Warbringer. If you can manage 5 in a row, the lethal Preyon will be available for you to use.

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