Hydrophobia Walkthrough

The world of Hydrophobia is fraught with peril, and we’re here to help you survive it. Taking control of systems engineer Kate Wilson, players will attempt to navigate the massive Queen of the World, a luxury ocean liner the size of a small city. When the ship is sabotaged by terrorists, water pours in from all sides, making escape all but impossible.

Designer Dark Energy Digital is justifiably proud of their game engine, which showcases water-rendering technology that goes above and beyond anything heretofore offered in gaming. Depending on how you manipulate your environment, the torrents of H2O will be either your all or your enemy.

Survival horror games (like Hydrophobia) are notoriously tricky and unforgiving, so there’s no shame in consulting a walkthrough for those particularly frustrating passages of play. Check back on release day for a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough.

Table of Contents

Exit The Apartment

  1. You wake up in Kate’s apartment. Follow the yellow checkpoint marker, to a computer around the corner, where you will collect the MAVI. You can access the MAVI by pressing Down on the D-Pad.
  2. Pick up the Classical Engineering book that is flashing on the desk to your right. Proceed forward into another cutscene.
  3. Before you exit the apartment, pick up all of the flashing items. They include the weighted wrist bands, sleeping pills, a certificate of achievement, climber’s choice hand grips and Roy the Donkey. Who knows, maybe Roy will come in handy?
  4. MEDAL: Introspective — Find all the objects in Kate’s apartment.


  1. Use the Y button to jump and keep jumping to the next pipe above Kate. The flashing pipes above you are the correct ones.
  2. Drop down to the pipe below you with the B button. Note: the correct pipe will flash.
  3. Climb up into the corridor with the Y button and proceed into a cutscene.
  4. Check your surroundings using the map by pressing the Back button. In this menu, you can also access the Database with the A button, which will show you your completed and current objectives.
  5. Check the malfunctioning door to your right.
  6. MEDAL: Systems Engineer — After escaping the elevator shaft, examine the malfunctioning door.

Find Plaza Security

  1. Turn around and Proceed forward through the corridor and open the door.
  2. Access your flashlight by pressing Up on the D-Pad and proceed 10m upstairs to the Central Station Access door.
  3. Turn around and proceed up the staircase to the door on your left and open it.

Download the MAVI Hack Module

  1. Run forward 25m to the center console to download the MAVI hack module.
  2. After the cutscene, go 7m to the console next to the dead guy and press X. Then proceed back towards the door you came in.
  3. After the next cutscene, go towards the yellow checkpoint marker.
  4. Once it tells you to find another way around, go around the fire to the left where there is an opening.

Hack Door Access Circuits

  1. Run and jump to the beam across the ledge opening.
  2. Climb right across the beam.
  3. Jump back off the beam and proceed 6m to the checkpoint marker.
  4. Press X to start the hack. The MAVI will pop up on the screen. Once it does, you will have 20 seconds to sync up your white amplitude line with the red wave length line to perform the hack. To do so, push the Left Stick up or down for the amplitude and the Right Stick right or left for the wave length until they are synced up and hold until the hack is complete. Do the same for the second one.
  5. Note: While doing the hack, the controller will vibrate once you’ve matched the wave length correctly.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: Tinker – Completed a hack.
  7. After the hack, turn around and pick up the document on the floor, then proceed back the way you came across the beam.
  8. Pick up the Queen of the World Replica and the document to your right before exiting the room through the door you came in.
  9. MEDAL: Item – Find an object outside of Kate’s apartment.

Access Security Control

  1. Jump over the rail and head down the staircase.
  2. Run all the way down the corridor to the door and open it.
  3. Run across the flooding room to the closing door.
  4. Once the door closes, swim 24m to the security panel and press X.
  5. Swim back to the door that just closed and open it.
  6. In the next room, go to your right and open the elevator shaft.
  7. Grab the ladder with X and climb the pipes by leaning towards the correct/flashing pipes with the Left Stick and jumping/climbing them with Y.
  8. When you’ve gone up and around to the door, open it and climb through.
  9. Go to the dead body on the floor to your right and take the document off his corpse. Then check the door behind the body.
  10. MEDAL: Systems Engineer 2 – Inspect the encrypted door in security control before finding the frequency key.
  11. Turn around and proceed 22m to Chief Billingham behind the glass door.
  12. Go back in the elevator shaft and climb up the shaft to the next door, open it and climb through.
  13. Walk around the room to the dead body and take the document off his corpse.
  14. Go back down the elevator shaft to the room with the Chief trapped in it.
  15. Go to the ladder to the left of the Chief and climb it.
  16. After the explosion, jump across the gap and grab the pipe above you.
  17. Go right across the pipe, jump the gap and keep going right.
  18. At the end of the pipe, drop down to the ledge below, climb up onto the catwalk and open the door.
  19. Walk around to the ladder, climb down and get the document in between the center console and on the floor.
  20. Go back up the ladder and open the door to the left of the ladder.
  21. Go in and take the frequency key from the dead body.

Download MAVI S.I.T.E. Scan Module

  1. Exit the room and a cutscene will begin, showing you all of the uses of the Cipher Scan which makes use of the MAVI.
  2. Bring up the MAVI and follow the yellow directional ciphers to the encrypted door on the floor below you.
  3. Add the cipher by centering the MAVI on it and pressing X.
  4. MEDAL:   Ciphers – Crack the Malthusian frequency key to discover the first cipher in security control.
  5. Decrypt the encrypted door and enter.
  6. Turn to your left and grab the pipe above you.
  7. Climb across but be careful not to get burned alive by the fire shooting out of the pipe above you.
  8. Once you’re across, drop down and open the door behind you.
  9. Go down the staircase, open the door and keep walking until you see a cutscene of someone being murdered. Fun times!
  10. Use your stealth walking ability by clicking the Left stick, walk down the corridor to the encrypted security office door.
  11. Decrypt the door, enter and walk 5m to the console in front of you. Press X to obtain the SITE Scan Module.
  12. MEDAL: Encounter – Survive the encounter with the Malthusian in security control.

Rescue Chief Billingham

  1. A timer of 45 seconds will start, which is how much time you will have to get back to the Chief.
  2. Exit the room back through the corridor.
  3. Go back across the pipe with the fire spout and back into the room with the Chief.
  4. Bring up the MAVI and use the SITE scan to open up the door across the room that the Chief is trapped in. NOTE: The door will be the green door in the SITE scan on your MAVI.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: My Hero – Saved Chief Billingham
  6. MEDAL: Firefighter – Extinguish the flames in security control.

Hack Security Code

  1. Go to the right and open the door to the room with the Chief in it.
  2. Grab the Commanders Cut cigars to your right, the Character Profile: Chief Chris Billingham to your right and the document on the desk behind the Chief.
  3. Proceed 9m to the console and press X to begin the hack.
  4. After the hack, exit the room and head left to the door that had the dead body in front of it and led to the fire spout pipe.

Access Shuttle Plaza

  1. After another explosion, walk across the beam, using the Left stick to walk forwards by pressing Up and balancing by moving Left or Right.
  2. Open the door and run down the staircase to open the door to your right.
  3. Keep running left and open the door in front of you.
  4. When you become submerged in water, press Y to come up for air and press B to come back under water.
  5. Swim into the next room and veer left to open the next door.
  6. Keep swimming straight and opening door until to get to the room with the staircase.
  7. Swim up and around the staircase until you surface.
  8. Walk forwards to the Central Station Access door, open it and enter.
  9. Turn around and open the door to the staircase.
  10. Swim back down the staircase and open the door.
  11. Swim 30m to the elevator shaft door and enter the elevator shaft.
  12. Hold Y and surface 53m above you.
  13. Climb the pipes to your left and open the door 6m above you.


Access the Cycloconverters

  1. After a story cutscene, another cutscene will begin showing you two different way to use you gun. Tap the Right Bumper to draw your gun, tap the Right Trigger to lightly shoot something and hold down the Right Trigger for a more powerful shot. Press A for cover behind walls to protect yourself.
  2. Hide behind a corner and charge up a shot. Aim for a barrel next to the Malthusian in the corridor and blow it up.
  3. MEDAL: Justice – Kill your first Malthusian.
  4. MEDAL: Resourcefullness – Kill a Malthusian by exploding a barrel.
  5. MEDAL: Bad Dream – Kill a Malthusian with an explosion while they are unconscious.
  6. Continue down the corridor and open the Engine Room Access Door.
  7. A cutscene will begin showing you how to Exploit Gas Leaks. You can use you’re environment by shooting leaky gas tanks or sparking control panels on the walls. just aim and press the Right trigger.
  8. Around the corner to the right is a Malthusian. Hide behind the last wall, wait until his is near you and zap him by shooting the sparking control panel on the wall.
  9. Search the dead Malthusian’s body for a frequency key.
  10. Turn around and go back to the previous hallway.
  11. Shoot the Malthusian until he i laying face down and keep shooting him so he doesn’t get back up.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: Drowned – Drown a Malthusian
  13. Follow the yellow directional ciphers around the corner.
  14. Search the dead body for two documents.
  15. Enter the door to the flooded elevator shaft.
  16. Swim down to next next lowest elevator door and open it.
  17. Swim to the right and all the way down to the end of the corridor.
  18. Pull out your MAVI and add the cipher.
  19. Swim back down the corridor and open the door.
  20. Surface to the top of the elevator shaft. NOTE: Don’t forget to use all your swimming skills like the 180 turn-around and holding A for fast swimming.
  21. MEDAL: Deep Breath – Retrieve the cipher to gain access to the cycloconvertors in one breath.
  22. Open the door at the top of the elevator shaft and proceed to the door that says Cycloconverter A.
  23. Press X to decrypt the code and enter the door.
  24. Kill the two Malthusians in the corridor down to the right by shooting and exploding the door on the left side of the corridor.
  25. ACHIEVEMENT: Kill two Malthusians with a timed chain attack.
  26. Go down to the vent that is on the left at the end of the corridor.
  27. Climb into the vent, follow it all the way down to the second right turn and climb out at the end.
  28. MEDAL: Gain access to the cycloconverters.

Download MAVI CCTV Hijack Module

  1. Proceed towards the checkpoint until a power surge explosion happens. DO NOT go near the explosion because you will get electrocuted.
  2. Go towards the console 1m in front of you and download the MAVI CCTV hijack module by pressing X.

Access local CCTV Network

  1. Turn around and go to the security camera 7m behind you.
  2. Access your MAVI and access the CCTV feed by aim at the security camera and pressing X.
  3. Cycle through the feeds until you get to a cut scene of Malthusians murdering innocent people with a shotgun. Fun times!

Flood the Cycloconverters

  1. Access the CCTV feed again and cycle through to the feed with the malthusians.
  2. Aim at the door to the left and zoom the camera in with the Right trigger.
  3. Press X to open the door and flood the cycloconverters.
  4. MEDAL: Heorism – Rescue grimley in the cycloconverters
  5. MEDAL: Valour – Rescue both Billingham and Grimley.

Access Maintenance Corridors

  1. Enter the office next to the previously power surged door.
  2. Grab the document off of the desk and shoot the window to gain access to the hallway on your right.
  3. A cutscene will begin showing you how to use Electrified cables to kill Malthusians. Just aim and shoot the cable with the Right trigger when a Malthusian is underneath it.
  4. After the cutscene Click the Left trigger and go into stealth mode.
  5. Kill the Malthusians at the end of the stairs by shooting the blue gas canisters on your on the walls and the electrified cables.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: Vengeance – Killed 5 Mathusians with fire or electricity.
  7. MEDAL: Mega Combo – Score 7000+ points in one combo.
  8. Shooting the blue canister on the wall at the next staircase down to kill the next two Malthusians.
  9. Take a left at the bottom of the staircase and enter the door that says Cycloconverter B.

Disable Secondary cycloconvertors

  1. Enter the Corridor and Enter the door marked Cycloconverter B on the left at the end.
  2. Follow the corridor all the way down to the next door that says Cycloconverter B at the end on the left.
  3. Again, follow the corridor to the Cycloconvertoer B door and enter it.
  4. When you enter this next room, there will be Malthusians all over the top platform. Use the green tanks on the walls and gas cans on the platforms to kill them or take cover and let them come to you, shoot the various gas cans around the top to knock them down and then keep shooting them until they drown.
  5. Proceed up the winding stairs to the yellow checkpoint marker 25m above you.
  6. There is one more Malthusian in the doorway to the checkpoint marker. Use the near by gas can to kill him.
  7. Run by the fire, climb the obstacles and hack the console to destroy the cycloconverters.
  8. MEDAL: Fighter – Destroy the Cycloconverters

Reroute the Gas Lines

  1. Exit the console room and enter the big, main room again.
  2. There will a Malthusian shooting at you from across the room on your left. Shoot the green canister on the wall that is leaking gas to kill him quickly.
  3. Grab the frequency key of his dead body. He will be glowing green to indicate that he has it on his body.
  4. Turn on your MAVI and you will see what looks like a red smudge in the corner of the room. It’s a document, so grab it.
  5. Look around with the MAVI until you find the yellow directional arrows until it leads you to the cipher, then add the cipher.
  6. Head back down the stairs, open the door on your left and enter.
  7. Walk through the hallway until you reach the security office door on your right.
  8. Decrypt the door, enter the room, and approach the emergency valve shut-off, which is 7m in front of you.
  9. Press X to reroute the gas lines and exit the security room.

Access Maintenance Corridors

  1. Go back into Cycloconverter B room and go across the room to the Cycloconverter A door and advance through the corridor.
  2. In the next hallway, there will be a Malthusian. Kill him and continue down the corridor to the next Cyclonverter A door.
  3. Continue through the next hallway to the next Cycloconverter A door.
  4. In the next room, kill the Malthusian in the middle of the room and continue through the open door behind him.
  5. Go up one flight of stairs to your right, open the door marked VFD Facility Access, and enter.
  6. Wait for each flame burst in the hallway to die down and then cross the platform and open the door in front of you.

Access the Fuel Controls

  1. To find a water source, access the CCTV feed from the security camera using your MAVI and look around until you find the door to open. It will be marked with a yellow checkpoint marker 26m away.
  2. MEDAL: Fire Fighter 2 – Use CCTV to remotely open the door and extinguish the flames in the maintenance corridor after the Cycloconverters.
  3. Dive into the water in the middle of the walkway and swim down and to the right.
  4. Floating at the top of the corridor will be a dead body. Grab the frequency key off of it.
  5. Surface and mount the ladder. Collect the document and the cipher on the walls using the MAVI.

Disable Fuel Supply

  1. Decrypt the door to your right, take a left, jump over the water and exit through the door marked Cycloconverter A.
  2. Continue down the corridor towards the checkpoint marker 28m in front of you. Be careful with the flame spouts.
  3. Decrypt the door and enter.
  4. Mount the ladder and go down into the corridor.
  5. Take a left and you’ll see the checkpoint marker on the fuel valve 10m away.
  6. Press X to disable the fuel valve.

Access the VFD Facility

  1. Swim towards the flood.
  2. Swimming down the corridor, press Y to get over some pipes and press B to get under some hanging metal.
  3. Take a right at the end of the corridor, mount the ladder and climb up into the room where you found the last cipher.
  4. Go in the next corridor and take a left into the door marked Engine Room Access.
  5. Grab the document off the wall with the MAVI and exit.
  6. Take a right all the way at the end of the corridor to a vent on your left and enter the vent.
  7. Go left and then left again through the corridor.
  8. Pick up the gel rounds in the vent.
  9. A cutscene will begin explaining how to change ammo. To change ammo, press and Hold Right on the D-Pad and use the Right stick to point at the ammo you want to select and then release all the buttons.
  10. After the cutscene, proceed forward and exit the vent.
  11. Grab the document off of the dead body in front of you and proceed into the next room with caution.

Disable the VFD Units

  1. Take out the Malthusians with the sticky rounds or the gas cans floating around.
  2. Scan the room with the MAVI for a document on the wall and grab it.
  3. Proceed to the door marked maintenance and enter.
  4. Go to the console 7m away and hack it.

Exit the VFD Facility

  1. Kill the Malthusians in the room as you exit and grab the frequency key off of one of them.
  2. After the room floods, surface near the door marked Maintenance.
  3. Climb up on the rail across from Maintenance and walk across the platform.
  4. Use the MAVI to scan for the cipher and add it by pressing X.
  5. Go back across the platform you’re on and decrypt the door.

Access CCTV and Drain the Water

  1. When it the door jams, access the security camera behind it with the MAVI.
  2. Cycle through the feeds until you find the door. Unlock it by aiming at it and pressing X.
  3. Jump back downstairs into the water and swim towards the door marked Loading Bay.
  4. Decrypt the door and enter the corridor.

Disable Secondary VFD Units

  1. Kill the Malthusian directly to your right once you enter.
  2. Head past the dead Malthusian towards the door marked Loading and Storage Depot
  3. After the cutscene, go to the right of the Loading and Storage Depot door and climb the ladder on the side of it.
  4. When you’re on top, climb the black pipes in front of you on the right.
  5. When you get to the top pipe, climb across it to the end, drop down with B and climb in.
  6. Turn around and use the MAVI to open the vent across from you.
  7. Run and jump off the platform onto the beam in the middle of the ceiling.
  8. Climb around the beam until you are lined up with the vent on the wall.
  9. Jump backwards towards the vent and climb in.
  10. Walk down the vent and take a right to the end of the vent.
  11. Drop down from the vent and grab the gel rounds and frequency key form the dead guy on the stairs.
  12. Proceed 15m the console and hack it.
  13. MEDAL: Battle Joined – Destroy the VFDs to take the fight to the Malthusians
  14. Shoot the leaking wall to fill the room with water.
  15. MEDAL: Breach – Shoot the breach in VFD 2 to flood the room and escape.
  16. Once the water is high enough, climb back into the vent.
  17. Go back through the vent to the room with the Loading and Storage Depot.
  18. Access the MAVI and climb back up to the room with the cipher by following the directional markers.
  19. Add the cipher, exit the room and down into the Loading and Storage Depot room.
  20. Decrypt the Loading and Storage Depot door and enter.

Extinguish Gas Jets

  1. Once you enter the room, turn to your left and climb on top of the vending machine.
  2. Continue climbing up until you reach the top red bar.
  3. On this top red bar, climb left and then up on the blue bar and then the black pipe.
  4. Keep climbing left until you reach a grate all the way to the left, then drop down on to a catwalk.
  5. Follow the catwalk 12m to the shut off valve and press X.
  6. Jump down to the ground floor and exit through the Holding Area door.

Drain the Holding Area 1/2

  1. Dive under water and turn around.
  2. Swim down and to the left 32m to Valve A and press X to turn it.

Drain the Holding Area 2/2

  1. Swim back to where you started in the Holding Area and surface for air.
  2. Dive back down and to the left (the opposite of Valve A). NOTE: There are signs that read Valve B on the walls.
  3. Swim through the bubbles and take a sharp left towards Valve B.
  4. Shoot the glass to break it and then press X to turn Valve B.
  5. MEDAL: Draining – Drain the water from the flooded loading bay area.

Access Loading Bay

  1. Shoot the leaking wall by the Purification tanks’ door, back in the main room.
  2. Climb up onto the chain-link platform on your left.
  3. Then begin climbing the yellow pipes on the wall to your right.
  4. At the last yellow pipe, climb left and climb to the red pipe.
  5. Jump across to the other red pipe to your right and up to the red pipe above it.
  6. Cross back over the higher red pipe on the left and climb left.
  7. Jump up to the yellow pipe above you.
  8. Jump backwards to the yellow pipe behind you.
  9. Swing back and forth back holding Up and Down on the Left stick.
  10. Press Y at the peak of your forward swing to jump to the next yellow pipe.
  11. Do it once more to get to the platform and proceed through the Loading Bay 1 door.
  12. Go through the next Loading Bay 1 door on your left.
  13. There will immediately be Malthusians on your right. Kill them and grab the gel rounds.
  14. When you enter the next, bigger room, there will again be a Malthusian on your right. Kill him and take his gel rounds.

Remove the Obstruction

  1. Go down stairs to the checkpoint marker 21m away and shoot the leaking wall.
  2. Once it explodes, head back up the platform you came down and kill the two Malthusians waiting for you on the catwalk.

Access Loading Bay A303

  1. Proceed towards the control room door and enter the corridor.
  2. In this corridor, you’ll find a wall-mounted console. Hack it.
  3. Enter the control room and grab the frequency key on the desk, the semi-automatic rounds off the dead body on the floor and the energy rounds in the corner of the room.
  4. As soon as you exit, there will be three Malthusians on your right. Dispatch them however you see fit.
  5. Next, scan the room with MAVI for directional arrows for the cipher.
  6. Head left toward the up arrow and begin climbing.
  7. Climb around the wall and hop on the neon blue catwalk.
  8. Grab the red pipe and climb around to the yellow catwalk.
  9. Turn to your left, scan for the cipher and add it.
  10. Proceed towards the elevator shaft, across the catwalk 38m away.
  11. Kill the two Malthusians guarding the exit and proceed towards the door.
  12. Decrypt the door and enter.

Free the Security Officers

  1. Drop down to the floor and search underwater for the open door behind you.
  2. Go through the door and swim towards the left.
  3. Then take your first two right turns and swim through the bubbles to the next open door.
  4. Now, swim through more bubbles and boxes to the next open door.
  5. As soon as you swim into a room with a big, yellow-railed staircase, surface for air.
  6. Climb the stairs, take the document off the wall with MAVI, and grab the semi rounds off the dead body.
  7. Turn to your right and go through the restricted access door, then the Loading Bay 3 door.
  8. Kill the Malthusian to your right by shooting the big yellow canister on the wall and kill the Malthusian across the way by shooting the fire extinguisher on the right side of the pillar he is cowering behind.
  9. Jump onto the moving platform in the middle and cross to the other side of the room. Head towards the corner of the upper level of the room and find a console.
  10. Go to the console and press X.
  11. MEDAL: Reinforcements – Free Billingham’s men in the loading bay area.
  12. Exit the room and help the freed men kill the Malthusians across the way.
  13. Grab the frequency key off of one of the dead Malthusians.
  14. Use the MAVI and follow the directional arrows to the underwater cypher.
  15. Decrypt the door in the corner right next to the door marked Stairwell aceess.
  16. AVATAR AWARDS UNLOCKED: Female Queen of the World T-Shirt, Male Queen of the World T-Shirt and MAVI.
  17. MEDAL: Combos – Get a total of 20 combos in one play through.



Return to the Cycloconverters

  1. Run down the hall to the Cycloconverters A door and enter.
  2. Be careful of explosions as you kill the Malthusian in the hallway and grab the energy rounds off of him.
  3. Exit through the Cycloconverters A door on your right.
  4. Shoot the tops of the cables in front of the exit and wait for the electricity to die down before you exit.
  5. Kill the two underwater Malthusians. Don’t forget to surface for air.
  6. Go down the hallway, take a right and exit through the door marked Cycloconverter A
  7. MEDAL: Cycloconverters return – Get back to the cycloconverters after leaving the loading bay.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: Honour – Collect 50% of the medals.

Re-Route the Gas Jets

  1. Use the floating gas cans to kill the two underwater Malthusians.
  2. Shoot the tops of the electrified cables above the platform in the corner.
  3. Proceed 30m to the console and hack it.

Return to the Shuttle Plaza Access

  1. Go underwater 21m and go through the door marked Cycloconverter B
  2. Swim through the corridor to the door marked Cycloconverter B
  3. Again, swim through all the bubbles and boxes in the corridor to the door marked Cycloconverter B.
  4. Take care of the Malthusians and head towards the checkpoint marker 21m away.
  5. MEDAL: Humanitarian – Headshot a Malthusian while they are on fire or being electrocuted.
  6. After the explosion, head right 18m to the console and hack it.
  7. Kill the Malthusians and head to the door 17m away.
  8. Kill the Malthusian in the corridor and head down and to the right to the door marked Cycloconverter A.
  9. Shoot the glass, enter the next corridor and head to your right to the elevator shaft door 22m away.

Access the Shuttle Plaza

  1. Swim down to the second elevator door down and open it.
  2. Swim to your right and enter the door marked shuttle access.
  3. Surface for water and enter the door marked Central Access Station.
  4. Decrypt the elevator and enter.
  5. MEDAL: Nemesis – Discover who is behind the Malthusian attack.
  6. Exit the elevator.
  7. MEDAL: Destination – Reach the shuttle plaza.

Access the Shuttle Station

  1. Kill the two Malthusians and head up the stairs.
  2. Kill the 11 Malthusians up there. They come out from all directions and in waves so be prepared. Grab gel rounds whenever you can off the bodies during the fight.
  3. MEDAL: Gravity – Launch 2 Malthusians over the side of the shuttle plaza.
  4. Go around the checkpoint to the media kiosk, where you pick up some rapid rounds.
  5. Walk around to the side of the middle structure and begin climbing the rubble to get to the ladder.
  6. Mount and climb the ladder.
  7. Climb on to the broken beam and begin to climb it diagonally to the left.
  8. Climb across the beam until you see an open vent behind you.
  9. Jump backwards into the open vent and climb in.
  10. MEDAL: Climber – Climb to the shuttle station from the plaza.
  11. Walk down the vent and open the door.
  12. Continue down this long vent and go through the door at the end.

Rescue Scoot

  1. Kill the Malthusian on the ground floor and grab his gel rounds.
  2. Enter the security room and kill the Malthusian around the corner to the right.
  3. Head 26m upstairs to the console and hack it.
  4. Kill the Malthusian guard that pops up right next to you and head downstairs towards the checkpoint.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: Survivor – Completed the game.


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7 Comments on Hydrophobia Walkthrough


On October 3, 2010 at 12:11 am

I think the game is glitching out on me. It will not let me open the A door for the Access Maintenance Corridors part. Very annoying.


On February 9, 2011 at 2:12 pm

This game was very good it ended on a cliff hanger so i hope there is going to be a sequel


On May 22, 2011 at 7:56 am

I bought the game yesterday and I just finished it . . . :(
Anyway, this game is very awesome and there is so much action than I thought, the graphics are amazing and I don’t understand why gamers didn’t gave a good grade.

I highly recommend this game to anybody !


On June 9, 2011 at 5:16 am

I am playing games for nearly 15 years. It is breath taking and fantastic. thanks again


On October 26, 2011 at 5:14 pm

I accidentally restarted the game on Easy level, and lost my checkpoint near the end of Act 3. Is there a way to get back to my original checkpoint, or do i have to do Act 3 all over again?


On December 5, 2011 at 6:59 pm

why does my PS3 version take out the saving scoot part and why does it end when she uses the antivirus?


On December 10, 2011 at 6:52 am

Quite possibly one of the worst games i have played. Good ideas, and the water effects are well done, but the controls, voice acting, story etc all amount to a really poor game. And to top it all off, someone has submitted what could well be the worst walkthrough guide to a game ever too. Not sure if this changed between x-box, PC and PSN versions, but parts of this walkthrough have absolutely no relation to the game im currently playing.