I Am Alive Walkthrough

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Coming to the Playstation Network this week, I Am Alive has been one of the most divisive games released this year. No matter what your opinion is, the game itself is a unique departure from other survival games. In this long-awaited title from Ubisoft, play as a man travelling back to his home after an unknown apocalypse ends civilization. Scavenge for weapons, health packs, and more while climbing dangerous locations or using your bow and arrow to take down bullies.

Instead of intense action, the game focuses on psychological combat; find the leader of the group, take him out, and the rest might give up. You can even use your gun to threaten opponents, just make sure you don’t let them know you’ve run out of bullets.

Our walkthrough will help you stay alive in this deadly world where you’ll be punished harshly for failure. Find your family, let them know you’re still alive. For more I Am Alive info, check out our achievements, trophies, and cheats.

I Am Alive

Episode 1: Return

  1. Head down the road and to the left.
  2. Jump over the gap in the road and then begin climbing the pillar to your right.
  3. Climb up the pillar and begin heading crossing the beam at the top. Use Extreme Effort to get up on the beam.
  4. Head across the beam and drop down to the road below/
  5. Head down the road and use the small beams to make it to the arch support tower on your left.
  6. Begin climbing the arch supprt tower, making sure to stop a refill your stamina along the way. Look for the handle bars to now which way to ascend.
  7. At the top of the tower, use your water bottle in your inventory and then find the cable pole at the end of the platform. Slide all the way down to the road below.
  8. Jump to and climb across the bars of the overturned truck in the road and make your way to the ladder on the hanging fire truck at the end of the bridge.
  9. Descend the ladder and make your way over the gaps in the bridge’s griders.
  10. Head to the left to the road and find the 2 small pillars to the left of the police car. Cross the river via the 2 pillars and turn right, then left, entering the sewer.
  11. Make your way through the sewer, avoiding confrontations with the sewer dwellers.
  12. At the end of the hall, climb the rubble to your right and climb up to the street.
  13. Using your map, head down the street to your left, make a right at the ambulance, climb the chainlink fence, and head to the locked gate.
  14. Pull up your empty gun and force the machete guy into the hole behind him. Pick up his machete and open the locked gate with it.
  15. Head through the gate and surprise kill the first dude. Then, intimidate and surprise hit the 2nd guy.
  16. Kill the other 2 guys that show up ot your right and follow the path through the fence hole to find some painkillers.
  17. Head right down the road to the locked fence and pry it open.
  18. Grab the first aid kit in the big hole in the road and then head left down the road.
  19. Head down the alley and head right down the road. Cross the pipe over the gap and take a left into your apartment.
  20. Find and read the letter on the fireplace mantle.
  21. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 1: Return
  22. Episode 2: Home

  1. Head outside and find the little crying girl, Mei.
  2. Follow her to the left and over the chainlink fence.
  3. Follow the road to the right, crossing the gaps via pipe and then leaping over the gap in the road.
  4. Head down the alley to your right and hop the chainlink fence on your left at the end of the alley.
  5. Kill the 3 bad guys.
  6. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 2: Home

Episode 3: Shelter

  1. After the cut scene, pry open the gate behind and climb the fence to your right. And head down the street towards the mall.
  2. Once inside, head left and find the staircase. At the top of the stairs, head left and go into the room to your right with the Piton inside of it. Grab the piton
  3. Jump onto the climbing wall in front of you and start climb the walls. Use the piton as a temporary relief spot to replenish your stamina.
  4. Head up and to the right, through the plastic, towards the lit item.
  5. Head to the elevator shaft and drop down to help the survivor if you can and grab the painkillers behind the gate if you want. Climb the elevator shaft and move across to the top floor.
  6. In the infirmary room, find the jerrycan and the food can and head back and to the right, slide down the rubble to the food can. Keep going through the path marked with 5’s and take a left to find the inhaler.
  7. Head back across the bridge and start climbing the handle bars on the pillar at the start of the bridge.
  8. Climb, slide across and then head back toward the lookout point marl=ked on your map. Look through the telescope once you’re there.
  9. Install the lit item to your left.
  10. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 3: Shelter

Episode 4: Dust

  1. Head forwards and slide down the broken road to your left. Once down there, climb the pipe on the wall across from you and slide down the next 2 roads to your right.
  2. Walk through the dust to your right and climb the pipe on the beam to get out of the dust.
  3. Follow the train tracks to your right and head to the far left corner.
  4. Slide down one of the white pipes on the side and head towards the construction site marked on your map. Climb the lit white pipe up to the lit landing.
  5. Climb the scaffolding, slide down the wall and climb across the pipe to your left.
  6. Head forwards and then take the stairs up to your left. Slide down the wall to your left and roll to your left to grab a hold of the pipe at the bottom of the wall.
  7. Follow the pipe around and climb up the handle bars on the opposite wall. Once at the top, climb up to your left and over the wooden boards. Follow the sounds of the voices down and to your left.
  8. Get past the 3 guys and open the lit door.
  9. Climb up the wire bars to your right and make your way over the wooden boards in front of you. Slide down the small wall and take care of the 4 dudes who attack you. Make your way around the room to the staircase, take it upstairs and the open the lit door.
  10. Shoot the middle of the 3 guys first, then kill the other 2 with your machete and then open the lit door in the room.
  11. Go forwards and find the generator in the little red alcove. Now you must find 2 Jerrycans.
  12. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 4: Dust

Episode 5: Skyscraper

  1. Head left and climb the pipe to go inside the building.
  2. Slide own the wall and follow the handle bars and pipe to your right to the middle section of the pipe’s length. Climb up onto the next standing space and climb the vertical pipe to your right. Then, follow the ledge and pipes around to your left, jump across the gap and grab the painkillers.
  3. Head across the narrow walkway and make your way around the left side of the wall to the 1st Jerrycan and then make your way back to the narrow walkway.
  4. Now, climb down the vertical pipes in front of you. Slide down all the pipes and grab all the items in front of you, including the 2nd Jerrycan.
  5. Make you way out of the building and activate the generator.
  6. Go left and drop down out of the lift. Follow the poles all the way up and to the lit area on your left. Use the pitons you collected in the building if you need to.
  7. Head left and use the handle bars and pipes to cross to the right. Once the pipe breaks, slide to your left, grabbing the pipe at the bottom. Make your way right on the pipe and up and to the left with the handle bars. Use a Piton half way through.
  8. Head up to the ledge with the pipe and go to the left. Drop down to get the extra Piton and then repeat the process of getting back to the ledge abouve you where you just were.
  9. Head up to the ledge with the pipe and make your way right. Drop down again and grab the pipe on the left.
  10. Climb the scaffolding poles by making your way up and to the right, then to the left and then back to the right towards the medicine crate. Leap on to the crate from the metal bars.
  11. Use the grappling hook to swing over to the platform in front of you.
  12. Walk to the next edge and use the loop that is up and to your left to swing across to the next platform on your left.
  13. Find the next hook loop down the platform and swing over to the handle bars on the pillar to your right. After climbing the pillar, swing over to the platform to your giht with th 2nd loop.
  14. After the earthquake, slide down the wall and pick up the piton back and to your right. Then drop down the ledge at the end of the path and use the pipes to go down to the platform with the red stripe on ot below you.
  15. Use the pipes and your roll move to get to the next red striped platform on your left.
  16. Using the same techniques, navigate to your right a bit and then down the middle to the red striped platform at the bottom of the wall.
  17. At the end of the platform, grappling hook over to the handle bars and drop down to the red striped platform from the red pipe.
  18. Help the man trapped under the rubble down and to your right with a first aid kit if you can and then hop back up and follow the red stripes to pillar with shiny metal bars. Follow the pillar around and keep dropping down until you get to the bottom and make your way to the lit area.
  19. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 5: Skyscraper

Episode 6: Mei

  1. Use the pipes to drop down to to street level. Through the dust, head left until you find and climb the white pipe that you used to get down from the train tracks earlier. If you reach the big pit, it will be on your left.
  2. Climb on top of the train car to your right and grappling hook over to the next track.
  3. Follow the track and beams all the way down. Grapling hook over to the next ledge and then climb the pipe to your right.
  4. Follow the big pipe to your left and hop up onto the next ledge.
  5. Kill the guy to your right and then head up and over the wooden boards behind you.
  6. When you enter the camp, wait to surprise kill the guy with the gun to your right. Use the bullets you have to kill the gun guy to your left and the machete guy to your left and the struggle kill the 4th guy to your right.
  7. Make your way past the camp to the lit area.
  8. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 6: Mei

Episode 7: Mei – Part 2

  1. Head out of the room through the plastic and head left. Grapling hook over to the next platform across from you.
  2. Follow the path around and to the right until you reach the camp fire.
  3. Drop down or the edge and find the pipe to your left. Slide down the pipe and drop down on to the ground. Follow the path to the lit area.
  4. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 7: Mei – Part 2

Episode 8: Line 4

  1. Head out of the room through the plastic and head left. Grapling hook over to the next platform across from you.
  2. Follow the path around and to the right until you reach the camp fire.
  3. Drop down or the edge and find the pipe to your left. Slide down the pipe and drop down on to the ground. Follow the path to the lit area.
  4. Head down the escalator and turn right.
  5. Surprise kill the guy who approaches you with the machete. Then, shoot the guy with the gun on your right. Pick up his bullet and kill one of the remaining guys and then struggle kill the final enemy.
  6. Head down the escalators behind the fire and rescue the couple by killing the aggressive dude.
  7. Head left. open the gate and head down the escalators.
  8. Go all the way down to your right and find the room with the 2 guys in it. Kill both of them without using your gun and then shoot the padlock on the gate behind them to rescue the people from the cannibals.
  9. Leave the room and head down the subway tunnel to your right. Grab the meat from the guys in front of the fire and keep following the track.
  10. Crouch and go through the end of the tunnel. Grab the piton to your right.
  11. Drop over the ledge and begin climb down the side of the wall. Using the pipe and the rocks, head down and to your left, towards the can of food on top of the subway car. Head down the subway car.
  12. Use the rocks on the wall to head all the way over to your right along the wall. Use a lomp jump to clear the big gap and drop down to the floor below.
  13. Head right and then stop at the skeleton trapped under the rock. Climb the metal bars over the skeleton up, long jump to your right and then contiue up to the ledge above you.
  14. Find the metal bars on your left and climb then up. Continue climbing up using the wall rocks.
  15. Begin climbing left and make a long jump across the big gap, towards the subway cars. Climb around until you can pull yourself into the first subway car.
  16. Walk down the subway cars and drop down into the last one. Climb down then climb left and slide all the way down the pole. Drop down and then climb into the subway car at the bottom.
  17. Head down the subway car and into the tunnel. Find the bullet and the retry that are down and to your right in the tunnel.
  18. Turn around and head down to your right to the locked gate. Shoot the padlock off and open the gate.
  19. Grab the items, exit the room and head left down the tunnel.
  20. There are a few ways to kill the 3 guys that you encounter. First, shoot the guy with the gun to your right. Then, you can use his bullet to kill the 2nd guy and struggle kill the 3rd guy. Or you can intimidate them with the gun and push them into the pit behind them.
  21. Head down the tunnel, drop into the hole and drop down further into the subway.
  22. Surprise kill the 1st guy with a gun that approaches you. Then, shoot the other guy with a guy. You can intimidate the others and strike them down.
  23. Head down the tunnel to your left. At the end, turn right and then left to find the woman who needs food. Help her if you can.
  24. Turn around and follow the walkway to your left, through the opening. Head up the stairs and follow them up until you see the doorway to walk through.
  25. At the cars, turn right and then find the lit elevator to your left and enter it.
  26. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 8: Line 4

Episode 9: Henry’s

  1. Pick up the hunter’s bow on the table behind you and practice shooting a couple of times.
  2. Talk to Henry and then exit the apartment into the lit elevator.
  3. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 9: Henry’s

Episode 10: Radio Haventon

  1. Head down the hallway and turn right. Follow the path, through the plastic until you are outside.
  2. Turn left and head towards and through the gate. Head right and then turn left. Run down the street until you hit a gap. Cross it with the pipe at your feet.
  3. Keep heading straight until you see wood boards leading up on your right and stairs leading down on your left.
  4. Go up the wooden boards, up the ladder and get out of the dust. Hand the survivor some cigarettes if you have them.
  5. Grab the water bottle behind the stairs and then head up the stairs and find the woman handcuffed to the bench.
  6. Dispatch the 3 guys however you see fit and then shoot the handcuffs off the woman’s hands.
  7. Drop over the ledge across from the woman and slide down the pipe to your left, back into the dust.
  8. Turn right and follow your map towards the transmitter, through the dust. Turn slightly to your right and the broken train tracks and climb the pipe ahead of you to safety.
  9. Enter the building and walk forwards, into the lit area.
  10. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 10: Radio Haventon

Episode 11: Radio Haventon – Part 2

  1. Head left on to the wrecked ship. Kill the 3 guys that approach you.
  2. Head into the ship and find the painkillers in the 1st room to your left. Then, head down the hall, kill the guy who attacks you and grab the first aid kit that he drops.
  3. Leave the room and take a quick right. Take another right and a left out of the door. Turn to the left and follor the staircase down into the ship.
  4. Turn left and follow the corridor down and to the left. Keep following it till you see the camp fire.
  5. Use your bow and your gun to take out the 2 gun guys and then struggle kill the 3rd. go throught the door to the left of the cowering survivors.
  6. Climb the ladder down and to your left. Use precision aiming to shoot an arrow into the armored guy’s face. Turn around and grab the retry behind you.
  7. Walk past the dead, formerly armored guy and head up the stairs. Follow the walkway around to the left and enter the open door on your left.
  8. Shoot the gun guy and then kill the machete guy.
  9. leave the room and continue down to your left. Find the sign to your left marked “Quarantine” and climbt eh ledge past it. Help the survivor inside if your have rehydration salts and then exit back to the deck of the ship.
  10. Go up the staircase in front of you. Climb the ladder next to the tall center smoke stack for a bullet. Then make your way the the control room, up the stairs at the end of the ship to find the transmitter.
  11. Head down the stairs in the control room. Be careful: 2 machete guys will pop out and attck you. Kill them and head past them to the next set of stairs and take them down.
  12. Kill the next 2 guys that pop out and attck you and keep heading through the ship
  13. Outside, find the bright white anchor chain and climb down it. Take the items that the old man gives you and head back into the ship.
  14. Use your bow and then your gun to take care of the next 2 guys on the outside deck of the ship. Keep heading right towards the way you came in.
  15. Head down the staircase and turn back to the ladder you climb in here with and go down it.
  16. Head through the corridors and out of the ship the way you came in, towards the open front deck of the ship.
  17. As you approach, know that there are 5 guys waiting for you. Take care of them as such. Have your bow out and ready to shoot the first long distance guy you see. Then, pull out your pistol and intimidate everyone away so you can retrieve your arrow and strike the one guy cowering on his knees in the back of his head. Shoot the other 2 machete guys and then use precision aiming to shoo the body armor guy in the face.
  18. Walk over the plank, into the building and over to the lit area on your left.
  19. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 11: Radio Haventon – Part 2

Episode 12: Below

  1. Walk towards the ledge next to the bonfire and walk out on the American flag pole.
  2. Leap across to the pipe, climb up onto the top of the beam and walk across it.
  3. leap across to the next pipe on the side if the building in front of you, climb up it and lift yourself on to the roof.
  4. Find the battery behind the roof vents on your right and then make your way to the other side of the roof.
  5. Drop down over the ledge and grab the water bottle underneath the staircase. Head over to the next rooftop and give the 2 old survivors a bottle of wine if you have it.
  6. Turn around and find the ladder that is in front of all the barbed wire. Climb it and go around to the side of the building.
  7. Slide down the side of the building, head straight towards Henry’s place. Remember to take a left at the gate and then a right, through the plastic, and into the building.
  8. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 12: Below

Episode 13: Henry’s – Part 2

  1. Walk into the lit elevator behind you to your left.
  2. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 13: Henry’s – Part 2

Episode 14: Strangers

  1. Head outside, through the plastic. Shoot the gun guy on the left and then struggle kill the guy on the left.
  2. Walk towards the exit and then shoot the guy with the gas mask. Now you have a gas mask.
  3. Head out the gate to the right, turn left down the road and find the pipe that leads you across the gap. Take a right and follow your map down the road to the hotel. Halfway through the trip, you’ll need to climb the pipe up to the traintracks and then grappling hook across the gap from the top of the subway car. (It is marked by the white arrows on your map). After coming back down from the traintracks, follow the map and cross the gap with the pipe going across the middle of it.
  4. Walk down into and across the pit and find the entrance of the hotel at the lit area up and to your left.
  5. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 14: Strangers

Episode 15: Blue Hotel

  1. Head down the hallway and turn left at the tarp like entrance way. Head up the stairs and turn right into the room with the bad guys.
  2. Wait for the gun guy to approach you and quick kill him. Shoot the other 2 machete guys and then precision aim an arrow into the body armored guy’s face. Find the First Aid Kit around the other side of the room and tehn head back to the entrance of the hotel.
  3. Find the doorway covered with the white tarp. Go inside and give the woman with the broken ankle a first aid kit. She tells you that Mei’s Mother is on the 4th floor of the hotel.
  4. Head towards the room that had the 4 bad guys in it that you just killed. Head up the stairs on your right.
  5. Open the gate and follow the hallway to the next room.
  6. Kill the gun guy with an arrow close range because he won’t notice you and you can pick up the arrow quickly. Shoot the machete guy and precision aim an arrow into the body armored guy’s face.
  7. Head around the room to the casino cashier’s cash and open the gate on the left side of it to enter.
  8. Keep heading down the hallway until you reach the bonfire in the middle of the room.
  9. To your left is a locked gate. Behind it are is an adrenaline syringe, oral rehydration salts and painkillers. Grab them if you want to spend a bullet on the lock.
  10. Head back out on kill the machete guy that runs up to you and walk past him to the stairs and go up to the 4th floor.
  11. Find the first door on your left and grab the retry. Exit the room.
  12. Go right, then left and left again and you find an opening with some attackers coming at you.
  13. There are 5 guys that attack you. Surprise kill the guy that approaches you and then instantly grab up your gun and intimidate the other 4 guys away from you. As soon as they are far away enough, bring up your bow and arrow one of them and then bring up your gun again, intimidate them away and grab your arrow. Reapeat this process until there is just one guy left and then just struggle kill him. Note: If you intimidate them for too long, they will think you have no bullets and they will attack you. You will need at least 1 bullet for the next room.
  14. Follow the hallway down and to the left. You will see a room with a woman on a bed and 2 men with guns.
  15. Arrow one gun guy before they notice you and then shoot the other with your gun. To your left there will be another machete guy who will be easy to kill any way you please.
  16. Grab all the items in the room and then go to Mei’s Mother.
  17. Keep following Mei’s Mother for a very long and boring time until you get to the 2nd floor. She will ask you to see if its safe then a bunch of guys will come after you.
  18. Shoot the gun guy that approaches you and shoot 1st body armored guy in the head. Intimidate the 3rd guy away with your gun and grab the extra bullet. Use your bow on the 3rd guy and then grab it and use it to shoot the 2nd body armored buy in the face. Struggle kill the last guy.
  19. Follow Mei’s Mom on a another boring walk down the stairs to the next floor. She takes forever.
  20. When she FINALLY leads you to the B1 level of the hotel, follow her left to the lit area. You’d think that a woman who had been repeatedly raped in a place would want to leave that place as FAST as possible. Yeesh.LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 15: Blue Hotel
  21. Episode 16: Line 2

  1. Head forwards, hop over the turnstiles and turn left. Open the gate and find the 3 bad guys.
  2. Surprise kill the gun guy who approaches you and then take care of the other 2 guys however you see fit.
  3. Continue left through the subway and find the door on your right. Follow the corridor until you get to another opening and then turn left and head all the way down until you reach an opening for a tunnel on your right.
  4. Continue through the tunnel, and across the walkways to your left. In the next room you will find a staircase that you should go up.
  5. Follow it all the way up, enter Henry’s parkinggarage and then find the lit elevatoracross the parking lot.
  6. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 16: Line 2

Episode 17: Reunion

  1. Turn around and enter the lit elevator. Man, this was a tough Episode, right?LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 17: Reunion
  2. Episode 18: Morning

  1. Head right out of Henry’s apartment and go down that same path you hav 3 times already in this game.
  2. In front of the high rise, you will see a wooden plank that goes across the gap marked on your map. Cross it and climb the pipe to your left up to the traintracks.
  3. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 18: Morning

Episode 19: Fireworks

  1. Use the handlebars and pipes to climb inside the building. Crouch down and go [past the rubble and further inside.
  2. when the camera angle changes, jump up and climb through the opening in the ceiling.
  3. Grab the ledge above you to your right. Then, grab the pipe and jump of to you other pipe to the left to get to the next ledge.
  4. Climb up to the next level. Grab the pipes up and to your left and use them to cross over to the next landing. Walk to the tarp and drop down.
  5. Head forwards and jump the gap. Drop down and head forwards through another tarp.
  6. Grab the pipes to your right and then slide down the vertical pipe to drop down to the floor below you.
  7. Drop down again and find your self in an more open area. Grab the pipe ahead of you and begin going right. Drop down and use the tiles and vents sticking out of the wall to go down and to the right. Long jump across the 3 vent gaps and make it to the other side.
  8. Go across the beam and then jump onto the wall across from you with the vents on it. Climb up and to the right to get to the red bars. Climb up the red bars and grab the landing above you and pull your self up.
  9. Head right and grab the bullet and piton on the outside landing. Head back inside and through the dark tarp.
  10. Use the red pipes above and behind you to climb up and to the left to get to the next landing. Kepp climbing up until you get to the lit area outside on the roof.
  11. Find the beams that are on the next building in fron of you in the right corner and begin climbing them. Follow the horizontal beam around the building to your left and long jump across the gap. Keep following it around until you get to the next vertical red pipe that you must climb.
  12. grab the bullet on the beam and then turn around and grappling hook the loop above you. Swing over to the red bars and climb up them.
  13. Grab the piton on your left. Then, grab the red pipe below you and go right. Long jump across the gap and then pull yourself up on to the landing.
  14. Climb up the red pipe to your right. Follow them left, long jump across the gap and make it to the landing with the painting as a floor.
  15. Walk forwards into the clearing and drop down on to the ledge. Climb the beams up to the next floor and climb in.
  16. Go forwards and jump over the table into the next room. Shoot the 2 gun guys and then struggle kill the 3rd guy.
  17. Keep following the floor left until you get to a hallway with a staircase in it. Go up the staircase and head through the next floor.
  18. Keep following the room to the left and go into the broken elevator that the old people are sitting in front of.
  19. Jump to the wooden board to your left and then climb the beams up. Follow the walls around to your left to the opening to the next floor.
  20. Go towards the opening and grab the piton to your right. Go into the opening and the drop over the ledge.
  21. Make your way up and to the left towards the inhaler next to the dead body.
  22. From this ledge, drop down twice and make your way up and to the left, across of the breaking pipes, to the top floor and climb in.
  23. Walk forwards into the opening and set off the fireworks.
  24. Walk past the fireworks and start sliding down the side of the building. Then, drop over the ledge and slide down the beams to the next ledge with the food can on it.
  25. Walk all the way down the ledge to your left and drop over. Follow all the handle bars all the way down to the lit area.
  26. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 19: Fireworks

Episode 20: Perilous Streets

  1. Walk forwards and Kill the 3 bad guys. They are easy: Just one body armor guy and 2 machete guys.
  2. Head left and then around to the right, towards Henry’s apartment. In front of the building there will be a 4 guys. Surprise kill the gun guy, and then shoot both the body armor guys in the head and struggle kill the machete guy. You can make a pit stop at Henry’s place to replenish stamina.
  3. Continue heading towards the pier on the map and walk through the lit area.
  4. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 20: Perilous Streets

Episode 21: The Pier

  1. Climb the red pillar to your right and climb around it to the other side of the barbed wire.
  2. Pick up the arrow and first aid kit to your left and climb the dumpster to the right of the target range and climb up onto the roof. Drop down left, help the victim with a first aid kit if you have one and make your way back towards the entrance.
  3. Head right, past the merry go round. Kill the 3 guys you encounter.
  4. Head left, towards the middle of the carnival and kill the 2 bad guys you find there.Head up the ramp to the roof tops and and kill the bad guys up there. make your way further into the pier area until your find and open area with a bunch of bad guys.
  5. Always start by finding the guys holding the guns and killing them with arrows or bullets first. Collecting their bullets will be helpful. Dispatch all of the bad guys until the guy with the body armor and helmet is the only one left. Shoot him in the legs to kill him.
  6. Find Henry’s wheelchair in the far right corner of the carnival and follow the stairs next to it up. Open the gate to find Mei sitting on the bench.
  7. Follow the rooftops until you get to the alley that you found the victim in earlier in this episode. Drop down and then jump onto the wall with metal bars across from you and climb them up to a ladder. Climb the ladder up to Mei’s Mother.
  8. For some reason, it will only let you walk, not run. So take a really long time and walk all the way down to the end of the pier to find the boat. It’ll take a pretty long time.
  9. The final cutscene ends with who we assume is Julie crying after watching all the footage on her dead husband’s camcorder. Horray! You finished the game!
  10. LEVEL COMPLETE: Episode 21: The Pier

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2 Comments on I Am Alive Walkthrough


On September 17, 2012 at 7:59 pm

Good game play, Nice story but ENDING


On October 1, 2013 at 8:08 pm

hi, can anyone tell how to cut that chainlink fence in episode 2 , its just getng me annoyed to keep trying it with knife , is there any other option !!!